"confusing Confused Confusion" - Confucius.

Friday 24th of December 2021

"confusing Confused Confusion" - Confucius.

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Where does the achtung come from.
Direct translation from class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/german">german would be fivehundredfiveandfifty. class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/I">I generally find it useful to translate stuff directly so class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/I">I can get class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a feel for the language.

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German words aren't really any longer than English ones. They just don't put any spaces in compound words.

In French it would be Threehundredandfourtimesfiftyplusthreetimestwentyminusfive /s.

Dutch isnt any different either . Vijfhonderdvijfenvijftig.

Five hundred *and* fifty five.

In Finnish, viisisataaviisikymmentaviisi.

Come to hindi, we got "pach so pach pan".

In American it'd be 1820' 10".

The spaces are everything.

Someone translated fivehundredfiftyfive into dutch.

Yea, really not so bad if you break it up into it's individual words.

It's Funfhundertfunfundfunfzig - no '-ste' unless you're counting pieces of sth.

No it's like fivehundretfiftyfith.

For people still confused, he meant 555th.

Probably best to space the 5 5 5 otherwise the specials will get confused.

For all that don't unterstand: umfahren means drive around something as well as drive something/someone over.

My German ass can't stop laughing at this.

At least we pronounce it differently. If you are talking about to run over somebody or something you emphasize the first syllable "um". If you want to say "drive around" you will emphasize "fahren".

I mean, English has off which means the opposite of itself. If something is off, it isn't on, but if the alarm goes off, it turned on.

Never thought of that! Thanks.

Detour or ... (pls help).

And inflammable and flammable are the same thing!

In english - *sanction* can mean to punish someone for something but also to allow something. No different pronunciation, the opposite meaning just depending on the sentence.

English has these too, called autoantonyms. Inflammable, oversight, sanction theres many!

And english is better? "I *had* a *hat* on my *head*", three different words, completely different meanings, written differently, sound the same.

Quatre-Vingt-Dix-Neuf (99 in french).

Yeah this is just dumb. German has lots of difficult aspects, the numbers aren't one of them.

555 in Greek is pentakosia penenta pente lol.

Viisisataaviisikymmentaviisi (555 in Finnish).

Chinese and Japanese laughing in Kou [?] , cries in learning more kanji/hanzi after this.

In german its fivehundredfivefifty, you tell me.

It's like saying 505 and 50 in English.

Let's not start with French... "Four-twenty-fifteen" to say 95...

Wtf happened here.

And in Polish it's "piecset piecdziesiat piec" if anyone's interested.

Afrikaans: screw your ij Vyfhonderdvyfenvyftig.

I like how our languages are similar to the level that for a German Dutch sounds drunk. (No offense).

I always see you guys as our little brother who is just learning to speak. It's understandable but not quite there yet.


Just proves why theres that joke of Dutch being drunk German lol.

Another proof that Dutch is just weird mix of English and German.

Oh man french numbers... 99 is quatre-vingt-dix-neuf (4*20 19)... just wow.


If you really want to hurt yourself, learn Finnish.

The best thing about Suomi/finish is that if you have some finish text and you read every letter you see to the best of your abilities, a finish person would probably understand you. They don't use silent letters and wierd spelling. Or so I'm told, im not from Finland but i have a finish person (fin?) in the family.

Korean: obaegosibo Swedish: Femhundrafemtiofem What I'm learning is that eastern asian language are superior at keeping long numbers short.

Our Kansas, comrade!

Well as your western neighbor we don't have a choice :-(. It is mandatory in some schools.

Ahahahaha gotchu fam. Ich kann deine Schmerzen verstehen.

To be fair it's not as bad as russian.

Really, as french-speaking Belgian, German has been my favorite language to learn. I actually found it relatively easy to learn, contrary to popular perception. Yes the grammar is pretty comprehensive ad complex, but compared to the clusterfuck of English and its pronunciation and writing or French and its backwards rules and swathes of exceptions, it's actually a refreshing change of pace. I love the richness of the grammatical tools and structures available in German. There's sometimes thoughts and conceptsthat I find easier to accurately express in German than even my native language. Many words are interesting and quite beautiful in their meaning. No wonder to me that German has always been considered a poets' language. Disclaimer : I've barely spoken German for the past few years and my level has significantly degraded, and I was never as good as I am with English either, so bear in mind I'm not speaking with a deep knowledge of German.

Ach komm. So schwer ist das doch nicht. Das kriegen sogar Amis hin.

Ohne "ste" am Ende.

I got so confused I wrote it wrong.

Du hast den.

Du hast mich.

555, easy.

]fynf 'hu:n de:rt 'fynf u:nd 'fynf zig] I don't know how accurate this is because I just tried to do this out of my head and I don' t know how to typ some symbols necessary for this... but i hope it still helps.

Funf hundert funf und funf ssig Pronounce the u's as oo; foonf It's only really confusing because they wrote it all smashed together. Numbers on German are actually a lot easier than they sound. Just keep in mind they count 55 as five and fifty.

This is just the long form of ADHS.


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Afrikaans: vyfhonderd vyf-en-vyftig. Same same but different.

This gotta be finish!

Nomnomnom my tram?

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