Saturday 14th of November 2020


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]Here's another supercut]() of Trump calling a 306 electoral vote victory a landslide in 2016. Biden won with 306 this year. Getting Trump out of office is a great, and necessary, first step, but now we need to get corporate money out of politics to start making some progress. I've been tracking ]corporate lobbying]() on my site, and if you ever wonder why a common sense piece of legislation is being hotly contested in congress, look it up and you'll probably see millions of dollars spent trying purchase votes. Look up "net neutrality" and you'll see Comcast spending millions of dollars opposing it. Just a few weeks ago Occidental Petroleum spent $2M lobbying on clean water legislation. These companies are getting a return on their investment and it comes at the expense of the rest of us.

Remember that time trump lost the presidency four times in one week. Typical quadloser.
But losing with dignity means he can't scam his supporters for one last cash out before he leaves office.

What You Really Think

This country is so fucked.

It's actually even worse than being dumb or stupid. Trump knows that certain things are bad or seen as bad since he accuses other people of it but he still does it himself when he can. He knows his crimes and he enjoys it.

This is great. What a piece of hypocratic sh*t. Thank u for recalling this!

He quoted Putin. Wtf!

The original call by AP was premature. There were some errors in the data, wrong reporting percentage, and the outcome wasn't actually known with a high degree of certainty yet. Because of this some media outlets like CBS, NYT didn't call it. And AP didn't want to "uncall" it because that'd look stupid (and Biden would probably win the state anyway). Later on after counting more votes, they were able to finally actually call it.

I still see plenty of trump flags in my backwoods hick town.

Even here in Florida! Im amazed by the fewer amount of truck and yard flags Ive been seeing. Dont get me wrong, theres still a lot but its been getting better.

I don't mind someone waving an American flag around and I never understood why it was ever a controversy. What I do mind are those idiots who wave the American Flag on corner of their Truck then put the Confederate Flag on the other Corner. (Facepalm).

I saw most Trump flags/yard signs go down the few days after the election, but ever since hes been on his 500 tweets a day nonsense again theyve all gone back up.

I haven't noticed a decrease yet. For one the flags really highlight who to avoid.

MAGAism is a new religion. Well still see flags well after trump is dead. There will be statues of trump in bumfuck towns in the south, I guarantee it.

I still see full sized sidewalk parades all down the street and fuckers holding signs and flags on the highway overpasses every day. They're in complete denial.

Well, when some people are publicly suggesting to put said flag bearers on lists, yea...might want to rethink which side youre standing on.

It is fitting in this backwards year that Friday the 13th would bring good luck.

Im sorry but what big update happened today?

It finally happened. I'm tired of winning.

Its terribly sad/frustrating/embarrassing that we have no idea when the current leader of the U.S the highest ranking official...will start to accept reality. Almost every night I go thru the same process with my 5 and 3 yr old daughters when it comes to bedtime. I almost can not fathom this.

I wish we could. But we need to spend a lot of time shitting on him and all his fuckery over the last 4 years so people understand that this shit isn't ok and that it can't happen again.

What other guy?

I dont want people to forget because well, look how bad he was. He needs to be made an example of, but Im worried even if he is, it wont stick. Hell we spent so much time in school learning about the evils of fascism and nazism and look who the hell 70 million people voted for twice.

No. You need to recognize that, after everything that's happened, nearly half of this country still chose to vote for them. Living in ignorance will just lead to a repeat of 2016.

Universal healthcare in America? Doubt. XD.

I can hear this comment.

\*whining FTFY.

As opposed to a corrupt businessman with no business being in politics.

Please, for once and for all, lets have one fucking source for one bit of corruption that Biden has ever been accused of. Just one.

Nobody means that but you.

Maybe in your reality.

How many of the lawsuits have gotten thrown out so far? I used to know but its getting hard to keep up!


Well, Republicans stole two SCOTUS seats from the Democrats and started this back-and-forth bullshit, so if we truly organized election fraud on that large of a scale against an election system that has different and sophisticated systems throughout the 50 states, then we're even. Also, would be pretty impressive if they pulled that off.

Fuck Your Feelings!

Ah...youre one of those. Good luck with that...

Hark, a username most apt!

^ Either failed basic civics in high school, or is willfully ignorant and butthurt about Donnie being a one term impeached loser, literally the lowest bar for a president. I'm gonna go with both.

Doesn't seem you have a working brain, sad!

FYI, soy contains phytoestrogens, which have little to no hormonal effects on humans over even an extended period of time.

]Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (/'baIdn/ BY-dn; born November 20, 1942) is an American politician and the president-elect of the United States.]() Yall are really going to stay in denial until his hand comes off the Bible huh.

] sad coping noises ].

Says the incel.


Your tears. They feed me.

LOL Someones very very sad and is lashing out!

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