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Milkshakes, Pizza, Sharks. Tacos. Is This New, Sexual Consent Campaign For 8-year-olds? Perhaps it is? And The Old School Professor-like Voice-over. - Confusing indeed. . .

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Milkshakes, pizza, sharks. tacos. Is this new, sexual consent campaign for 8-year-olds? Perhaps it is? And the old school professor-like voice-over. - Confusing indeed. . .
It's hard to imagine what the government was thinking with this video on consent. It misses the mark in nearly every way imaginable.
VIDEO THREAD: Heres one of the bizarre consent videos the Morrison governments using in schools (Ive split it into 3 parts). I genuinely thought this was a prank or satire from a comedy show. What in the actual fuck were they thinking? auspol consent consentvideo 1/3.

NEWS: A Brooklyn art collective called MSCHF is being sued by sports apparel giant, Nike, for adapting its popular Air Max 97 shoes without its consent or authorisation.
With a focus on the perpetrators feelings and maintaining an unhealthy relationship, the new govt-funded high school consent video echoes the arguments of mens rights activists and fundamentalist Christians by.

I have just learned about milkshakes and consent and that women abuse men with milkshakes when the man doesn't give consent and that people have to play pinball in order for that to happen. auspol consent cringeworthy ad.

Why does the girl have to be the one who shoves milkshake in the innocent boys face? Who decided the girl being the one who disrespected the line was the right call?
If you would like to complain about this Hillsong Sunday School nonsense video, follow the links on TheGoodSociety govt webpage to complain. I just did. Link details and my complaint below.
Someone fixed it. Bless.
A video on consent using a beverage analogy has already been made and it is brilliant. -- This is more my cup of tea.
Does the government know there are people with actual expertise in this country they could have consulted with instead of making this hot mess?
This tea version is far better than the pathetic milkshake version the Australian government just served up. Why did it need to be so complicated?
Has ScottyFromMarketing provided a copy of the Consent video to AlanTudge, ChristianPorter, AndrewLaming etc. ? Seems that they need it more than most. Message to the LNPCrimeFamily: DON'T SHARE MILKSHAKES you naughty Fkrs.

FFS - I've seen *that* video and I am so disgusted by it, I barely have words other than: shaming, mocking, condescending, simplistic, so problematic every copy of it needs to be fired into the sun. Did the actors realise they weren't participating in a parody/farce?

What is the point of this? A young woman smearing ice cream on a young man's face has got nothing to do with men not raping women or understanding consent.
THIS is the Aussie consent video you need to watch. Bravo Kailas this is so much better than the Government milkshake thing.
Tea Consent YouTube The only consent video we will ever need! Copyright (c)2015 Emmeline May and Blue Seat Studios.
My Milkshake brings the boys to the yard, so I can rub their faces in malty consent Another Morrison fail...
So THEIR milkshake's DO bring all the boys to the yard!
What genuinely pisses me off is that we can be serious with teenagers about the risks of booze, gambling, drugs and cigs but the minute sex and consent are brought up, adults are like "So we're going to talk about sex/consent using a taco and a milkshake, guys...".

Dear BreakfastNews mjrowland68 theprojecttv Lisa_Wilkinson, THIS is brilliant!
It seriously would have made good material for a comedy show... So embarrassing that this is what our government chose auspol consent consentvideo 2/3.
Omfg!the Milkshake consent video is the most cringeworthy inducing load of crap Ive ever seen!Heres a hint ScottMorrisonMP-growup & talk to kids in honest realistic language thats ERA appropriate!!I need a cuppa to cleanse myself & never want a milkshake again.

In what universe would such a candy coated communication actually work! It just shirks the seriousness of Consent Whereas, Vic Uni Respect & Responsibility vids do the job.
Utterly brilliant! Well done!
The AUS Govt's "Moving the Line" consent video is absolutely woeful. A wise Govt that actually wanted to initiate positive social change would involve responsible teens (girls and boys) to design this material.

Proof that absolutely no subject matter experts, or indeed teenagers, were consulted in the making of this bizarre video. How could the concept be stuffed up so completely? Consent: enthusiastic yes, or it's a no.

I can see a rapist watching this and going oh yeah! I should stop if she says no It really shows how out of touch the people running our country are auspol consent consentvideo 3/3.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Its never too early to begin teaching the values of healthy consent and boundaries. This is a list of our top 12 recent picks for children and teens.

If they are old enough to engage in intercourse, they are old enough to engage in serious conversations around consent. Its the adults who need to grow up a bit here.
The teens today aren't idiots, they are smart, they can see right through your BS. Be honest and serious with them about consent for crying out loud.
And this is how the story goes now.[?] [?] SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth is the perfect time to rewrite the story.[?] [?] Thank you, Lunarbaboon.[?].
If we are going to teach kids about consent. How about we be honest with them instead of using absolutely ridiculous euphemisms? Stop treating teenagers as though they are stupid especially when a lot of them would already be engaging in sexual activity.

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The AUS Govt's MovingTheLine consent video looks like a late-1990's Christian educational video on "relationships" set in a cheesy 1950's milk-bar. Syrupy, confused, badly-scripted and poorly-acted. It is woefully idiotic. And, of course, the girl is the perpetrator.

If the Good Society consent videos are anything like the government's empathy training, I can see why Scomo is struggling to make progress in both areas.
Is milkshake the latest distraction?
Why is Scott Morrison enabling a victim blaming narrative in his milkshake ad? Morrison has turned performative trolling into an artform. The Kyle Sandilands of Kirribilli.
And to make the woman the "bad" person...definitely written by the Liberal Party...
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Using tacos and milkshakes in a consent video is just disrespecting the intelligence of teenagers hence they'll be less likely to take it seriously (much like how sex ed in my day was turned into 40 minutes of banana penis jokes).

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The Australian Government appears absolutely clueless on the subject of consent. Was this latest campaign even tested with focus groups? Its trilising and confusing. I prefer Kailas Wilds version!
Interested to hear the target group's opinions on the video & how they might best explain & understand consent. A group not dissimilar to these US teens grappling with the complexities of life.
Struggling to understand what a young woman smearing ice cream on a young man's face has got to do with men not raping women or understanding consent.
According to ScottMorrisonMP's consent video: If her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... Then it's all her fault for having a milkshake that the boys want & will take from her.
I'm getting old. In my day you had to beg a girl for a small taste of her milkshake. Now I hear girls are throwing milkshakes in guys faces, rubbing the milkshake in, then putting toppings all in their faces. We never even knew toppings existed.

Morrison consent video demonstrates this clearly. Morrison has no respect for our intelligence. Insults our intelligence consistently.
What fresh hell is this? Tacos? Milkshakes? Sharks?!! The Australian government must get serious about consent education because this IS serious. Do better.
After watching the video, Im never ordering takeaway again, cause I dont understand any of it ***.
I dont know WTF is going on in the The Good Societys (whatever the fck that is) milkshake consent videos. Childish and ridiculous. Do Libs spike their staffers milkshakes with sedatives or something?
Tell the pain to stop. Pain can't enter your body without permission.
Like, its not perfect, but if you want a cute food related consent video - just watch the damn Consent Tea video. Definitely dont try to make sense of the Milkshake one WTF even is that.
WTF who made this Hillsong ? We dont live in the 50s.

What You Really Think

As if teenage boys will get this absolute rubbish.

What the hell that ad?

At least it's the female moving the line, and not time honoured male moving the line to...touch her butt!!

And the fact that the male is the victim and the female is the one asked to apologise while a man recommends she gets professional help.

Its dead set a parody of creepy Christian youth groups or a Young Lnp mixer!

This looks like a screenshot from an '80s teen comedy. Though the average '80s teen comedy (problematic as many were ...) could probably speak more meaningfully about consent than this travesty.

Consent. It's already been done well.

I feel sorry for the kids starring in it.

I am so embarrassed about all of it.

Yeah, one minute is enough for me Absolute head-scratching rubbish Right up there with "Where the bloody hell are ya?".

True to form of ScottMorrisonMP this is just plain dumb. By the way Scotty ol' chap what happened at Tourism Australia??...I hear there is a leak about to spring.

Shouldn't "The Good Society" be named?  Surely, given the substantial amount of public money they have wasted, the public are entitled to know who they are, which "experts" in the field were consulted and whether they were given that project after a fair and transparent process where a range of stakeholders were asked to pitch their ideas?  

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