Monday 8th of June 2020

Even in a Pandemic, Proof Reading imperative.

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35 New Yorkers died of Coronavirus yesterday. This is a record low since this crisis began.
.realDonaldTrump likely never believed there should've been coronavirus shutdown directives. Sweden didn't shutdown and their health care system was not overrun. But this time Trump listened to the "experts." He should have listened to himself. It's better when Trump is Trump.

"Corona is like your wife. Initially, you try to control it, then you realise that you can not! then you learn to live with it".? ? ?
6 charts that show what employers and employees really think about remote working.
Do you think taxpayers should provide Coronavirus emergency cash payment to illegal aliens residing here in violation of law?
Singing Frans's song Title : inkumbulo ???????????? SingingFransSong Ambitiouze_Ent FamilyTree.
/Coronavirus. Mayor Bowser Appinted Corrupt Obama official SUSAN RICE leads "Reopen DC" which means nation's capital won't fully reopen any time soon.
New fresh evidence of China's coronavirus cover-up: Scientists KNEW it was lethal & 'clearly contagious' before officials told the world about 'mystery' outbreak Fresh evidence of the shocking cover-up were found in censored media reports from.

Former FDA commissioner sees a lot of risk of 2nd coronavirus wave.
Telangana stands at 23,388 tests while other averaging 4.5 to 5 lakh tests. Today TG CM office sealed as 1 employee tested positive. Will we start testing now atleast? 7 ppl went for tests in a known diagnostic center & all tested positive yesterday. Do we need help?

's coronavirus death toll has reached 48,800 across 324 cities. Officials have acknowledged 3,117 cases in one day, a near-record since the beginning of the outbreak.
COVID-19: Updates for Canada.
Wonder why wonderful work by SonuSood is being given Political colour. I am sure AUThackeray OfficeofUT can use the goodwill earned by the superstar to inspire more philanthropy. Everyone needs to work together against coronavirus.

Here are 5 important questions we need to ask when we talk about the future of governments post coronavirus.
Health Ministry publishes New Drugs and Clinical Trials (Amendment) Rules.
RW RW_UNP slams Govt. on COVID-19 outbreak management Daily FT.
Principal Director General of Press Information Bureau K.S. Dhatwalia has tested positive for COVID19 and admitted to AIIMS, sources said on June 7.
Latest: The Hellenic government extended lockdown in its island and mainland migrant camps until June 21, while France is set to approve a new rescue package on Wednesday as the country braces for worst recession since WWII.

Join us for the second webinar in our Coronavirus series exploring the impact of the coronavirus on ports and supply chains. On Wednesday 10 June we will be assessing how we can improve ship-shore relations in the post COVID-19 era. Register Free.

Has recorded over 10,000 COVID19 cases in last 24 hours. March 8: 8 cases April 8: 773 cases May 8: 3,390 cases June 8: 10,000 cases.
Ontario reports 415 new COVID-19 cases but 223 are thanks to a reporting delay.
0 new cases and 0 active cases of coronavirus in NZ. What a phenomenal effort in the fight against.
This is how TamilNadu is fighting coronavirus . In words. Not enough action.
Oriley Waterless Hand Sanitizer 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Based Instant Germ Protection Sanitizing Gel Rinse-free Palm Cleaner Handrub (4 x 50ml) Rs.100/.
?The 21 Covid-19 patients reported yesterday are arrivals from Kuwait, Qatar, Bangladesh & the UK - DG Gov't Information Department lka.
Go Back to Work or Stay Home????? Some governments didn't able to decide how to face it. Your greatest challenge may be striking a comfortable balance between work and family.
Has forced many victims of domestic violence to be locked in with their abusers. drpunamkrishan explains how we can help victims during lockdown.
Example,China is stealing your intelligence about vaccine of.
Get rid of leadership in many corrupt law enforcement. and hire someone with integrity.
-- Global death toll from the virus reaches 400,000 -- Japanese PM Abe's approval rate sinks 11 points to 38% in June Follow our live updates on the coronavirus here.
To maintain any degree of credibility with the U.S. and the world, the WHO and Communist Party of China need to take responsibility for their extensive mismanagement of coronavirus, I told China's state-run tv this week (beginning at 14:58).

MASKS ARE UNHEALTHY!! ? Where are Dr. Fauci & Dr. Birx now? Masks will be the reason why people become increasingly sick WE WILL NOT COMPLY.
Conservative podcaster JeffTheGK launched the Freedom First Network this week, and I was honored to join them as their first guest. We discussed the state of the coronavirus pandemic, constitutional liberties, the '20 elections, and other topics.

Fact check: Disposable masks should always be worn colored-side-out.
I don't know the authenticity of this pic bt still if it is happening its very heinous.
Ordered destruction of coronavirus samples, misled the world about its transmissibility, permitted infected Wuhan citizens to travel to the U.S., and then refused entry to China by CDCgov specialists, I told China's state-sponsored tv yesterday.

CBSE postponed exams 2020 10 years later cbse coronavirus postponedcbse CBSE:.
Doctors keep discovering new ways the coronavirus attacks the body.
Voluntary contributions comprise roughly 75 percent of WHO funding. That's great, right? Actually, as I told ajsteelshow, it raises major concerns and questions, including regarding conflicts of interest. I discussed the coronavirus and more with him.

Back from ICU visiting a young man with COVID19. I believe in leading by example and to lead you must serve. Integrity, compassion, and selflessness is what Congress needs more of. Please get out and vote June 9th! ?? GA07 Gapol coronavirus ALLIN COVID?19.

Track India's daily surge in the number of coronavirus cases!
38,903 individuals have been infected with Covid19 in Punjab till 10pm June 7, 2020. 1,813 new coronavirus cases have been detected, 7,694 tests performed while 32 more lives have been lost in last 24 hours. 715 lives in total have been lost while 8,109 people have recovered.

50 COVID-19 patients recover, 21 new cases Daily FT AsiriFernandoLK reports.
This is as real as coronavirus If I haven't woken you up yet, ding ding, the world is not a ball.
The greatest thing we could do to help the CoronaVirus pandemic would be to remove a corrupt Tory government that has directly contributed to 60000 deaths, then opened the country up to further infection whilst having the worst death rate per million world wide.

In India LIVE: Shopping malls, religious places, hotels outside containment zones open from today.
First Jyotirlingam of the country, famous Somnath temple in Gujarat is reopening from today. Devotees are advised to visit Temple after 12th June after online booking.
'to wipe $25trn off the value of fossilfuel reserves': report. Oil & gas and coal sectors need to rethink their strategies as coronavirus increases pace of change, says think-tank Carbon Tracker.
Iranian opposition MEK reporting over 49,800 coronavirus deaths across.
The coronavirus is one polite virus to not infect these people.
GBP/JPY eases from 14-week high amid risk reset.
This is intense, but will probably be overlooked in all the tumult. Scientists say they can prove CoronaVirus was made in a lab.
"Migrant workers coming back to Bengal are quarantined in Jungle." Watch this episode of Unheard Voice of Bengal with Founder.
Sets example with successful programme to contain.
Okay this is the best coronavirus news I've seen. Korean Professional Baseball fills their crowd with stuffed animals.
Is finally set to make a comeback 4 months after it was 'cancelled' due to the coronavirus pandemic as England play hosts to West Indies 8 July. MendraDorjey reports. Read story here.
Burying COVID-19 victims on Peru's hilltop cemetery.
Hospital-based Intravenous VitaminC Treatment for Coronavirus & Related Illnesses Failure to provide intravenous vit C is a grave omission. Do not allow yourself or your loved ones to be deprived of a simple, easy to prepare & administer IV of vit C.

World Health Organization said In a way, nature is sending us a message with COVID19. We have pushed nature into a corner.A coronavirus vaccine is thought to be 12 to 18 months away, while WHO emergencies director.

Traditional Indian wisdom on food and hygiene is the best prescription for food safety, particularly during CoronaVirus Crisis. Sharing my old photo in which I am relishing Pakhala and Saaga. I always prefer simple and nutritious traditional Odia food.

Pandemic kills 749 people in the US in the past 24 hours, bringing the total in the US to 109,791...
Registered record number of coronavirus deaths over the last 24 hours...
With all of the tremendous momentum on the streets with protesting in small towns and big cities, let's not forget that there are 2 million cases of coronavirus, no plan in plan by POTUS and 112,789 people dead. Wear your ? because this pandemic is far from gone!

America is one of the countries most affected by the Corona virus. About one third of the corona patients in the whole world are in America. Here the epidemic is constantly taking frightful form. On Sunday, 18,905 new cases were reported and 373 people died.

What You Really Think

Is this in america? hate to say it but given the reputation of both presidential candidates this may become a regular thing.

I recommend KathyLette for a Queen's Birthday Honour on this tweet alone. Far more deserving than Tony and Bronwyn.



One for you ?

For 66 years i've made it a priority to KEEP MY PUBIC REGION SAFE ... i was never sure, however, what i was keeping it safe from ...

Ouch !

I had to read it 3 times before I found the error? need to have coffee...

*especially* in a pandemic...

And the message applies equally! ?

Avoid touching your...ahem...'face'.

Sure, but they have a point.

How thoughtful but a little creepy.

Yep. 2 metres should do it?

Every [expletive deleted] time.

Please tell me this has been photoshopped...

I saw a bumper sticker on a car which once probably said 'Bad Bitch'. Unfortunately the second 'B' had fallen off and it now said 'Bad itch'. She probably wonders why she doesn't get many dates these days. Should I tell her?

Yep, 'My Friend Fucker' needs to keep the pubic area safe.

Someone had one job....

Oh no! ???

It's funny though ???

Avoid touching your face ?

It should be printed on underwear.

I always follow that rule??

I try my best.

We should all post pictures of our pubic areas to prove they are safe.

Safe pubic spaces absolutely essential ?

Every website I have ever worked on. Quick content check reveals many pubic nuisances.

Its like I always say, the loss of subeditors will be the root cause of the end of civilisation.

Are they encouraging people to put hand sanitizer on their pubic areas? burns.

Photoshop makes wonders....

I try to wash them regularly.

I mean, that is all solid advice to keeping your public spaces safer.

I thought it was an advert for Brazilian Butterfly. ???????

Can't argue with that. I always prefer a safe pubic space.

What have you been up to Dr Jones? ?

Yeah stop swinging ya wobbly bits in me face.

Ballsy move.


To be fair, this is also important.

One job!

Ahh so easy to do. My hubby has extensive experience in both the pubic and pirate sectors. In fact he spent 20 years in pirate sector companies and his CV is awash with pubic sector clients. ???????

Someone else in need of an eye test, maybe? Was it in Durham?


Still good advice though.

Don't believe everything you see on Twitter !

I wonder if Priti typed this.

Pregnancy rates will fall.

Mate i just washed twice today, so i m ok. Thanks for the offer though.

No one has been within 2 meters of mine since 2002...

I've seen this 5 times now, still laugh. ?

But good advice all the same...

'shopped, but funny.

Mine are fine thanks.

It's aimed at people who enjoying having the clap on Thursdays.

Omg ???

One for youb.

Photoshopped. You can see the indent on the reflection of the tower around the 'I'.

This drives me nuts.

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