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And Americans call helping their community communism. Stupid.
Japanese people actually respect and don't want to bother others. Since infecting someone with a virus that can kill them can be quite bothersome, it's common sense to wear a mask. It doesn't even need to be mandated. I know, sounds crazy right... using logic to make sure as little people die as possible... fucking sheep.

Thats what Ive realized during this pandemic, Ive found the loophole as a woman. Wear a mask and I dont have to hurry up and put makeup in the morning and no one will know how ugly I am. I never want to go back.

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Yes they started wearing masks in public to protect other people when they are sick after the SARs outbreak in the early 2000s.

Japan is really unique from technology to its people hope to visit it one day.

Also if you where going to be outside in the city a lot that day you would. Shopping, job, or just walking. To help with exhaust smoke from cars and buses.

Thats part of the culture in all oriental countries. Tbh the stark difference between how Oriental countries and America are getting along in relation to COVID really shows how damaging American individualism is.

Honestly idk why people can't get on board with it just for the convenience factor alone. Nevermind if it makes them physically ill to do something for someone else. Women don't feel like doing their makeup? Mask. Men didn't feel like shaving or cut themselves shaving? Mask. Feeling ugly today? MASK.

Sometimes men wear them if they forget to shave.

From what I understand, part of the thing specific to Japan is that they have a focus not just on politeness but on sustainability. Living confined to relatively small islands, they developed a culture of working with the community to keep things clean, not pollute, not overuse their resources, etc. The connection may not be immediately apparent, but it means theyre used to working with the people around them, making small sacrifices to accommodate their neighbors, and putting the good of their community above their immediate convenience. Wearing a mask falls into that type of behavior.

Also, Japan has a culture of respect for its citizens, the usa has a culture of disrespect for itself and the world.

Yep. My state is currently reporting one of the lowest rates of new infections in the US. I also see practically full compliance with mask protocols when I go out. It's not complicated.

My parents live in Smalltown, Trump State. Theyre arguing point for not wearing a mask are laughably and frustratingly stupid. But the President got covid and he turned out fine. Mom...the president had an army of 30 doctors when he got covid...youd be lucky to get a hospital bed. If its my time...its my time. Thats fine if you dont mind dying, Mom...but there are several people who dont want to die. Wearing a mask protects others more than yourself. Wearing a mask infringes on my right to choose! Not when public health is at stake, Dad. You right to choose to be stupid or do stupid things is fine as long as your stupidity does not affect the public health or safety. You can choose to drive drunk, but your right to make a stupid decision is not infringed because it affects public health or safety. I thought I explained that to you when you got your last DUI.

Yeah. Ive never in my life been more embarrassed to be American EDIT: the people downvoting this: you are probably why Im embarrassed to be American lol.

I live in a pretty small town and I am almost numb to the shit talking I get for wearing a mask when I'm out. In the end I don't mind being on the right side of history so I'm not going to stop using common sense.

Can confirm. I wear a mask, and simultaneously have never felt so embarrassed on the international stage (and for more than just covid).

As an American, youve absolutely nailed it. The stupid Americans that think everything will open up quicker while they dont change anything, specifically wearing a mask, are the ones on full stupid display. To the non-Americans: we are not all like this.

Don't worry America. I'm from Europe and we only think that a mere 40-50% of you are stupid. Hope this helps!

Only some of us though. The rest are just utter morons whom weve known for the longest time are morons aka the traditional dumb American (standard racist joes, plenty of karens, anti vaxers is pretty obvious, flat earthers, And the standard idiot who gets easily persuaded by dumb people).

Most just don't care.

Yeah I saw the the icon and I was like I know that guy.

Yeah I was like why is the name erased hes a public figure?

Hes also a poster boy for big seltzer and supposedly has no legs.

Honestly the best political commentator out there -- subscribe to his YouTube channel if you have the chance (Secular Talk). You will not regret it.

Yeah why give people credit for the amazing tweets they come up with lol.

This sub hasnt been about facepalms for a long time.

The "facepalm" isn't the content itself, but rather what the content is referring to. It's not clear to me if that passes the bar for what's allowed here though.

Its kind of a facepalm, seeing how Europe is going back on lockdown as we speak.

Came here to say this, most Americans dont think about the rest of the world ever let alone care about how the US looks to other countries.

Actually, in fact, many seem to delight in "rebelling" against the norm, like some "badass" 2nd grader who struts down to the principal's office after slapping his teacher on the ass. We delight in our immature machismo.

It is *completely* conditional. When Obama was president, right-wingers, Trump included, cried that the world was laughing at us. Now, when the world is *literally* laughing at Trump and the state of our country under him, suddenly they don't care what the world thinks.

Coincidentally that set of Americans is the same set that doesn't like masks.

That's the thing though, I don't particularly care about how any stranger sees me.

I mean, I don't really care what the citizens of other countries think about America. If anything I just see it kind of weird how much they fixate on us.

Honestly, I dont really care how the rest of the world sees us. What I do care about is people not getting sick and dying. So I wear a mask.

I'm an American who thinks about the rest of the world, and outside of Japan/a few other countries (NZ), I don't see a lot of success in their efforts either. I think we all look like idiots, so excuse me if I don't feel particularly idiotic in the company of Brits or Swedes.

> people keep more distance I see you've never been on the Keikyu or JR lines during rush hour... Joking aside I completely agree with everything you said.

>Then theres previous exposure to similar viruses, which helps build up immunity, and diet. Could you expand on this? I haven't heard about this before.

In addition to this. they weren't testing as much as they probably should. don't take Japans numbers at fave value! also lots of big question marks about people reporting and calling in sick due to some cultural problems. I 100% agree with masks and distance > no masks Edit: Data apparently shows 70% of people stayed home as much as possible. Also there's reasonable doubt that the official numbers are accurate. I don't mean Japan secretly has millions of unreported deaths, but the government did not handle this well and it shouldn't necessarily be a good example without a bit more critical depth.

Also... Japan currently has 1730 corona virus deaths. That tweet hasn't been true since July.

This is a PEN.

Japanese people dont keep more distance... most of the population lives in the cities and is extremely crowded especially on public transportation. Also what the fuck? Don't shake hands? They definitely do.

I know this is perhaps a bit of a sin to say on Reddit, but do you think geography could be playing a role? It looks like all the countries in that part of the world, with a wide range policies, have had it relative easy with coronavirus. Meanwhile, Europe also has a wide range of policies and are all doing pretty badly. At this point I'm begging to think that Asian countries bragging about beating Coronavirus is akin to Europe bragging about beating Zika virus. (I know they spread in very different ways, but hopefully you get the point!) I don't feel like it is climate related though as too many countries are doing well, from China down to Australia and New Zealand. I don't know, but I feel like there is something to it more than just us stupid and them clever.

I'm going to presume the biggest factor by far is that they haven't even tested 3 million people yet.

I don't know about the idea that it comes from living in a dense population. It's just a different culture that likes to be clean and respectful of others. That being said, I read that wearing masks in Japan was popularized during the Spanish Flu a century ago.

They also dont hand you money, you put it in a little tray and slide it over.

> a highly dense population Idk, I'd say that applies more to US ;).

Important point. mask-wearing in most of the u.s. is actually very on par with most other countries, we just love to hate each other and polarize everything.

America isn't even the hardest hit western country either But that's none of my business.

Basically no one wear a mask in Sweden, only difference is that we don't have to "refuse" because we are the land of the free and are not forced to.

Not a single mask here in Sweden.

After that dude got stabbed 20 something times in Chicago the other day, skip the bat and go get yourself a gun.

Nah I'm a Dem and there's plenty of dumb shit coming from this side too.

It's actually not. I know plenty of Biden voters who will wear a mask but disregard every other COVID precaution. They're still going out to eat, hanging out in big groups, having parties, etc.

Dude we're on the same boat. Thats why we need to vote that guy out or we'll be responsible for the mess as well.

Seriously. Everybody in this country who is capable of feeling shame (pretty much everybody but Trump supporters) feels plenty of it. These threads always devolve into a bunch of condescending racist dickheads making sweeping generalities about an entire country whose politics they're not involved in or knowledgeable about. If they were, they'd know that Trump lost the popular vote, and that most Americans don't agree with him, his policies, or the way he's "handled" the pandemic.

Arrogant shit like this is why hes going to win again, and you guys are going to have a full on existential crisis.

I think it's a generalization. But where I live people don't seem to care. People who refuse to wear masks are fucking idiots.

King Idiot is the best title for Trump.

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