Tuesday 19th of January 2021

"I Didn't Say Your Life Was Not Valuable, I Said it Was Less Valuable". Politics Aside, Have we Scooped so Low in All This And Lost Our Moral Compass?

LET THIS SINK IN: So many people have died in Los Angeles that officials have suspended air-quality rules that limit cremations because current 2x deaths is leading to hospitals, funeral homes & crematoriums exceeding capacity unable to clear backlog of dead bodies.

Psssst... pass it on: nulb COVID LUNG is worse than smokers lung. "Post-COVID lungs look worse than any type of terrible smoker's lung we've ever seen. And they collapse. And they clot off. And the shortness of breath lingers says Dr BKendallMD.

Confirmed cases by state.
Is it me or are far more people struggling with their mental health in this lockdown? Personally speaking I've certainly found it harder than LD1.
We need more COVID19 vaccine from the federal government. Our residents want it right now.
Today, I called on: -countries with bilateral COVID19 vaccine contracts to be transparent on these contracts with COVAX -producers to provide WHO with full data to accelerate approvals -all countries to only use vaccines that meet rigorous intl. standards for safety.

Anti-Covid19 news: Second batch of SputnikV has arrived to Argentina. sputnikvaccine is already produced in 10 countries around the world. Learn more on vaccine.
Help protect your fellow Manitobans from COVID19. Paid positions for the Covid19MB vaccine rollout are now available. Go to and find the right one for you.
.hwworcs want to hear from young people (13 to 19yrs) about the impact of COVID19 on their emotional wellbeing & mentalhealth. Find details of their survey here.
Great to collaborate with DHSCgovuk on their vaccine hesitancy campaign. Watch to find out what it has been like to be a participant in the imperialcollege COVID19 vaccine trial.
Imprisoned lawyer Metin Yucel has passed away in Duzce prison due to COVID19. He has been in prison since October 2016. He was sentenced to 8 years and 9 months in prison under Turkey's anti-terror law.

: Travellers flying into Canada must present proof of a negative laboratory test result for COVID19 conducted within 72 hours of scheduled departure time. Failure to do so will mean an automatic denial to board the flight. For more info.

Vaccines are the shot in the arm we all need literally & figuratively. But the promise of equitable access is at serious risk. 39M doses have now been administered in at least 49 higher-income countries. Just 25 doses have been given in one lowest-income country.

We hope our members will join the 23rd annual Congressional Visits Day, 1519 March. Unlike any previous year, the week-long program is entirely virtual. Your participation will be invaluable as COVID19 continues to impact aerospace & defense. Register.

Strongest statement yet on how the COVID19 vaccine equity agenda is in serious jeopardy due to wealthy government hoarding and big pharma profiteering. Please read DrTedross 3 URGENT action points. 1nulb2nulb3nulb.

Interview with Mountain Valley MD CEO Dennis Hancock. MUST WATCH!!!!!!! Monutain Valley MD mountainvmd $MVMD (CSE) $MVMDF.
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As BlueMonday draws to a close make sure you check in on friends, family, colleagues. Whether working from home, as new contributor Shamhavi from Goa describes here, or just living alone, everyone needs to be heard.

Of over-80s in the Western Isles.
Update on COVID19 situation in Punjab.
Misinformation has been swirling around about the COVID19 pandemic. In a world of conspiracy theories and deliberate misinformation, nurses are obliged more than ever to seek facts and evidence to inform their practice. Read CNA's open letter to nurses.

Will the closure of flight corridors be enough while we wait for more vaccinations?- U.S. Ohio researchers discover two new COVID-19 variants.
2) All that white on the X-ray is scarring. You dont want it. Many have COVID lung even if asymptomatic. How common is severe chest X-rays? 100% of time if symptomatic 70-80% of time if asymptomatic.
A year ago, COVID19 emerged & sparked a pandemic. Life-saving vaccines have been developed. What happens next is up to us. If we don't ACTogether, the is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure & the price will be paid with lives & livelihoods in the poorest countries.

These vaccines are downright dangerous and should be banned immediately! Many have died and nearly 3% of participants have had life changing side effects and or severe allergic reactions!
How would MLK Jr. judge global roll-out of COVID19 vaccines? We think he might say: ]Inequity] anywhere is a threat to ]everyone] everywhere. He did say, We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality... Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

There will be enough COVID19 vaccine for everyone. But right now, we must work together as one global family to prioritize those most at risk of severe disease and death, in all countries.
What understanding brother did I said wrong, it's Godimedia and BJP agenda just spread hate to win and now they spreading hate and lies to save themselves. What was the emergency they passed FARMBILLS in special session in Covid19 and now running from Parliament session.

Today, the TorontoSign will be lit pink to celebrate the first vaccine administered at the City's COVID19 immunization clinic.
"True as of 14 January, but we dont know for certain that getting the vaccine was what caused these peoples deaths." CorelationIsNotCausation but deaths following Covid19 vaccination are being studied.

U.S. COVID19 cases surpass 24 million, according to Johns Hopkins University.
Someone shared this with me earlier, might be good for anyone whose children are struggling?
The NHS Vaccination programme continues at pace...& we enter Group 4 Kudos to all concerned- especially primary care To ALL with Diabetes? You are at nulb risk of nulbnulb outcomes with COVID19 Biggest determinant? Age When your ask comes (or for your loved one) PLEASE take it.

: President CyrilRamaphosa's 5-year plan to raise R1.2 trillion investment was dealt a blow this week after SABreweries pulled the plug on yet another multi-billion rand capital investment.
A colossal failure at every level of government Nearly one year after the first known US COVID19 case, now 400,000 deaths, we have cases, hospitalizations and deaths at record highs. nulb As an epidemiologist who tried to warn, I feel like the Lorax.

LONG COVID30% of hospital recovered COVID19 patients end up back in hospital in <5 months; up to 12% die of complications. we really need to prepare for LongCovid. Its a mammoth task to follow up w/ these patients, but monitoring needs to be arranged.

RSNA: Liming Xia, MD, PhD, received the ninth Alexander R. Margulis Award during RSNA20 for his ground Radiology research demonstrating that chest CT outperformed lab testing in the diagnosis of COVID19. in RSNA News.

No act of solidarity against anti-Muslim hatred and Islamophobia goes unnoticed; as indeed, no gesture of support is too small; so let us stand together in our words and deeds.
A CDCgov study in CDCMMWR suggests that the new B117 coronavirus variant may lead to more COVID19 deaths Here I cover for Forbes why & how this variant may affect COVID19Vaccine effectiveness.
- Good Morning Toronto, GTA. Happy Friday & Happy Croissant Day! Our physical office may be temporarily closed due to COVID19, but we carry-on strong virtually! Our company's 11:00am FridaySocial --nulb tradition continues all day today, "zooming" virtually!

Dr. MLK Jr.s teachings are central to much of harvard_trotters work. Tune in on Jan 28 to the latest episode of Avant Guardian podcast to hear Professor CornellWBrooks speak on justice and mass incarceration in COVID19.

Super Army Soldiers in Challenging tanks have arrived in Scotland to assist local authorities enforce mask wearing and SocialDistancing at coronavirus test centres.
When maths teacher ask the class to give an example of inverse proportion.COVID19 coronavirus Me.
More than 40,000 people in Florida who received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine are overdue for their second dose. Although this is 5% of the 900k who have gotten it, not all are due for 2nd dose yet. Im worried this % will grow.

I am in a situation of extreme poverty, I would also be a waiter Italy24 News English italy italia art artist music italianart.
This is not about vaccinating people it's about taking liberty's who gives him the right to over look other people who are more at risk why his family members.
Wow 1.84% of CDNs have tested positive for COVID19 over 10 months. 2.57% of those who tested positive died with CV19. In other words the survival rate is 97.43% & for this weve destroyed our economy for generations & turned our democracy into a totalitarian state?

In the last 24 hours 689 new cases and 60deaths .. despite the 860 new recoveries the national recovery rate is at 62.3% and there is still disregard among many on the severity of this pandemic. .. COVID19 is real.

Lets stop Chinas regime before it spreads another nasty disease. It has been conducting dangerous gain-of-function experiments in the Wuhan lab, and a leak could end civilization as we know it.
In England, the COVID19 mortality rate was more than 2.5 times higher in the most deprived areas than the least deprived in December: Onulb most deprived 391.6 deaths per 100,000 people Onulb least deprived 152.3 deaths per 100,000 people nulb.

If the number of active cases continue to rise, I will reimpose restrictions - President Akufo-Addo.
Dear Twitter Rand Paul is dispensing false information about COVID19 that is going to result in people dying. His false claims that you don't have to wear a mask if you're vaccinated is reckless and stupid. Don't let him use your platform to spread these dangerous lies.

Let this sink in for a moment.
Needs to fix this FAST!!!
Today, Jan. 18, Maryland moved into Phase 1B of our COVID19 vaccination plan. This includes everyone from Phase 1A , as well as individuals in nursing homes and other congregate settings, adults 75 , education and continuity of government. Learn more.

Amidst COVID19 Pandemic, CAF_Online's decision to go ahead with the CHAN tournament in the Occupied SouthernCameroons is genocidal. Japan suspended its hosting of the Olympics to avoid collateral damage. CAF's act is criminal.

Is too busy playing Fascist Mini Trump going after whistleblowers like GeoRebekah to pay attention to Covid19.
Word that ring through time, especially in this time of COVID19, and especially on this.
Government does not understand the perilous financial situation for nurseries, says NAHTnews No funding will be allocated for children not in attendance on Thursday's census day for those nurseries who have had to limit numbers due to.

Massively powerful and moving piece from CliveMyrieBBC about the pressure NHS is under with Covid19 patients ... and a mans plea Don't end up like us, please'.
Job trends for the year 2021 MachineLearning DataScience Python AI 100DaysOfCode IoT flutter Serverless CyberSecurity tech DeepLearning.
The lunacy that is Trump COVID19 TrumpLies The Trump administration bailed out prominent anti-vaccine groups during a pandemic.
Today I shared encouraging data showing we can make a difference if we're determined to stay home & apart from ppl we dont live with for now. We did in the spring & can do it again. The more we StepUpAndStayHome, the more we can reduce COVID19 spread.

This is happening right now in Vado Hondo, Guatemala. 1000s of Hondurans have gathered in a caravan fleeing violence, climate change, covid19 & poverty. Guatemalan Army preparing to violently displace them. Mexico sent buses to help w deportations. US border has gone way south.

Jacinda Ardern Vs Boris Johnson who said what over one year of NZ and Britain living with COVID19 ( Coincidently South Africas took up a position similar to NZ but we do have over 1.2 million people infected and over 30 000 deaths ).

We are crying, we are screaming, but yet nobody hears us. And we dont have months or years. We didnt even have days or weeks. The families of 4,500 LTC residents who have died since March say there is no such thing as a death unrelated to.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany: new mutant - different from B117 - of COVID19 detected in 35 patients. Sequencing in Berlin Charite clinic ongoing.
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50K Google searches 4 Riley June Williams 4h old Harrisburg 7:26 17:09 EST Covid19 DauphinCounty 01/16/2021 New CS 134 14DCSD 14.2% New D 6 14DDD 20.9%.
New Covid19 Testing Rules Create Hurdles for Tourist-Heavy Caribbean Thanks to.
Our thanks to intlclinicaluk for donating 5 pallets of anti- bacterial wipes to Khalsa_Aid ! We will be distributing these wipes to clinics and community hubs. Its great to see businesses supporting.
Vaccination programme -More than 4m carried out so far -On track -Run by NHS Test and Trace -Cost PS22bn -Contacts, results, well below target -Run on private contracts There's a lesson here.
Those who've read about deaths in Norwegian nursing homes among seniors who had recently been vaccinated against Covid19, please read this. Those who haven't yet read about the Norwegian deaths please read it too.

Some may know that social distancing ,NOT MASKS OUTSIDE ,with basic hygiene is the method to limit COVID19 . Don't count the backward, Queensland-Indonesian stupidity unnecessary ,GET OUTSIDE IN SUN, keep 2 metres distance. U.V LIGHT IS REAL .SciNate hates COVID19 hates it.

Tomorrow , the people of America will not just be united in states, they will also be united in grief. On 5 March, one year since the first Briton died of Covid19, we will be marking CovidMemorialDay in the UK. Independent Follow.

Join lshtm cgdev 22 Jan to discuss the macroeconomic and health impact of COVID19: the meeting of two communities.
Has implemented additional workplace measures to slow the spread of COVID19. Learn how you can help protect employees.
Necessary but heart reporting from CliveMyrieBBC: the massive underinvestment in the NHS left us wide open to a crisis like COVID19. Johnsons bungling made it a thousand times worse. This has resulted in incalculable misery and intolerable pressure upon NHS staff.

The U.K. covid19 deaths per million make brexit look stupid!
OPEN CLASSROOM WINDOWSGerman Environment Agency (UBA) just unveiled a 4-page guide for ventilation in schools key recommendation is to open windows to air classrooms regularly **every 20 minutes for about 5 minutes** with windows wide open".

LATEST: 35 people are reported to have died with Coronavirus in the past 24 hours in Essex. 10 were from the Borough of Tendring. 484 people have lost their lives having contracted Covid19 in the county in the past week. It takes Essex's pandemic death toll to 3,252.

The Gov't of Rwanda has demonstrated strength & resilience in protecting us from COVID19, it has used all available means to ensure lives & livelihoods are safeguarded. Return to lockdown is a reminder that we shd do our part to protect ourselves, our loved ones & our Country.

What You Really Think

Well done to her for such a level-headed, dignified response I on the other hand would have lost my shit!! -nulb.

Life cannot be valued in any meaningful way. The only thing that can be valued is the cost of sacrifice.

Showing such grace as always.

Words fail me Deborah, how that man can say that is a disgrace, as an ex judge his judgement is narrow minded and shockingly bigoted. He is the type of person that, if the roles were reversed, would claim some divine right to be treated.

How many cases of cancer have been CURED because of your personal messaging on early screening? Thousands? Imagine the value of THAT to those people and to the NHS cost of extended treatment. How many more stage 4rs keep going with your help? You are absolutely magnificent .

Oh dear god forgive him. All life is valuable. No one is less valuable than others. What has this country come to.

I am stunned at his words thank you for speaking up.

The issue of Sumption deciding somebody elses life having less value is VERY different to him volunteering HIS OWN life over that of his grand-children!

Id heard this mentioned ..but still shocked to see it You are an amazing lady and the fact you kept your cool is a massive credit to who you are ...I definitely couldnt of been like you. I feel very humbled.

He never said that. Pls watch the whole prog again and understand the actual context, He said his life vs. his grandkids was "less valuable" . After he discovered you had connected his words to your own life he apologised for misunderstanding!?

Well done Deborah for keeping so composed and telling that vile man that our lives are just as valuable as anyone elses busylivingwithmets xx.

Huge respect for you, keeping your calm while talking to that entitled pompous git. Who is he to say someones life if less valuable The value of something should be determined by those who it belongs. Should be applied to things, not peoples lives.

Less valuable, just fuming.

You did SO WELL to respond to this comment and to keep your composure.

Well said, bowelbabe, just seeing you and your positivity, it's awe inspiring x wish you and your family all the best x.

There is no 'politics aside' to this - this is exactly the politics the right wing has always represented. Rich lives more valuable than poor lives, white lives more valuable than black, straight lives more valuable than LGBTQ etc.

Well done for staying calm. No one should have to choose who lives or dies. We all deserve to live as long as we can.

Deborah, if I am ever in a situation like this, I would hope to have even half the grace and eloquence you showed in the face of what was essentially a genocidal mentality.

That bloke is the lowest of the low, of course everyones life is valuable! It's frustrating and upsetting to have to cancel operations especially when It comes to chemo and other treatment, I'm proud to work for the NHS if it wasnt for them my mum wouldn't be in remission now.

Elitism at its worst on show here. While who to vaccinate first is a political hot potato, taking an objective view to minimise overall illness and deaths, regardless of what demographic group therefore needs to go first, would surely be difficult to argue with...

All credit to you bowelbabe for a reasoned and rational response to a shocking assertion by Lord Sumption. You are an inspiration in so many ways! Thank you.

Your an inspiration Debbie... Living with bowel cancer myself but the way you are living with your illness is inspiring x.

Have we lost a moral compass or has this crisis just unmasked the way that some people really think and act every day.

He's an absolute disgrace. I've just lost a loved one to cancer. His life was so valuable to lots of people - unlike this nasty piece of work.

This is about whether we should ask the question - not about the answer. The danger here is what options are suddenly made conscionable and then, how easy we make it for ourselves to execute them. It provides us with the notion of expendability.

From one mother to another, your life is INVALUABLE to your family. So impressed by your dignity and poise yesterday. Stay strong.

Life is beautiful. Always. Misinterpreted Lord Sumption?! I don't think so. A systemic lack of empathy caused by the rigid interpretation of law and science mixed with fear of self. Most probably. Watch here for real life perspective.

Yet we do make value judgements about individuals life worth. We are fortunate compared to our ancestors that life or death decisions are less common then in the past, but resources and medical technology are not yet at a place where we can avoid them altogether.

My Dad always says Always maintain your dignity Perfect example there from.

What a manipulative woman you are. You've twisted Sumptions comments to suit your agenda. He never implied anything or the sort. Hope your lies were worth you getting on the front page of the news.

He is a ghoul.

Lord Sumption is a perfect example of why the judiciary is detached from reality; people like him make important decisions on our lives.

I watched this clip in disgust and as somebody whose had a heart transplant and whose life might also be seen as less valuable this hit a nerve! You kept it together so well and your response was perfect. I am so very sorry he said this to you x.

I watched the full debate yesterday & can't stop reflecting on Lord Sumption's words Posted about this on LinkedIn today - .

As an historian Sumption should know where his eugenicist views lead. Once you start placing relative values on people's lives you've allowed yourself the room to think of groups, sections, classes as being lesser.


How on earth did she keep her cool. What a saint. I am sorry she had to hear that. What a dreadful human he is.

I think this guy has confused value with triage in a crisis.

Fascism, eugenics.

When a teen commits suicide they lose maybe 60 years of life (&the children they may have had never exist). When an older person dies of old age in their 90s they have possibly lost no years of life. I think the Judge means yrs lost instead ofthe value of each precious person?

I presume that he won't be getting vaccinated then because he's over 70 and his life is less valuable than my kids?

Mmm. Bit of a shocker that. Stay strong, we will get through this together.

Why don't you play what he actually said instead of your answer. He was not talking about you. He said his grandchildren and childrens lives were more valuable than his. He put his children first and you're twisting things to get your 15 minutes of fame. Disgusting.

I saw your item on the living room and I have sent you a direct message.

Youre an example to us all. It wasnt just what he said which was appalling but his arrogance in just talking over you like your words and opinion were also less valuable than his.

You showed him up. Im a shielder and have felt this. Its reprehensible. Frightening he was a justice as recently as 2018 we need fresh new leadership urgently!

He continued with her less valuable remarks today.

What a despicable comment. I hate the Daily Mail but its the only paper that covers the story on the front page-condemnation should have been on every front page.

You are amazing.