Monday 29th of June 2020

: Restrictions And Advice Updated. Find All The Details Here: Keep Washing Your Hands, Getting Tested, And Keep Your Distance.

Again, has been ZERO community transmissions from Australias BlackLivesMatter protests. Not one. Now being scapegoated for COVID19Vic spike. Protestors didnt break compact they wore masks. Visit your local Bunnings or Coles if you want to see the opposite.

: Restrictions and advice updated. Find all the details here: Keep washing your hands, getting tested, and keep your distance.
The whole were all in this together is just crap Theres clearly a bunch of selfish arseholes ruining this for everyone else doing the right thing.
Meanwhile - A quarantine centre in india. Fighting corona our way in india. Fear out - happiness in. Dance and music - antibodies up and jumping all over. With the spirits so high - COVID19Vic will be out of the planet soon.

Victoria right now.
Okay, 7NewsMelbourne just blamed Millennials for an increase in COVID19Vic cases rising, that we're not taking it seriously. You fucking what? The people that I see not taking shit seriously are boomers.

What do you think is the likelihood of localised lockdowns in Victoria, and what do you think is the likelihood of a second statewide lockdown? Please vote and retweet!
In other news: COVID19Vic Cases in Byron Bay NSW has had a Sharp Increase in cases in the Last 6 days - going from 13 to 46 ! 33 New Cases in a population of 9,000 !!
People really are this dumb! I sincerely feel for our healthcare workers and so many people just dont give a crap!
Lowlife TimSmithMP and others from LNP in Victoria are the only people gloating about bad COVID19Vic numbers today. Little Tim can't contain his excitement over rising numbers in the last few days. Only conservatives will use a pandemic to score political point.

May I say, yet again, I'm very thankful for DanielAndrewsMP as our Premier. Finding the new cases rapidly, as is happening under his leadership, will help reduce spread! COVID19 COVID19Vic This Lib MPs attacking him can stay right out of my timeline. Ignoramuses.

Please consider supporting local arts by donating to fortyfive downstairs! It's a wonderful not-for-profit gallery and theatre space in Melbourne where my sister works.
Interesting that Andrews Govts in Victoria is being slammed for the Increase in COVID19Vic Cases But Byron Bay NSW has had a Sharp Increase in cases in the Last 6 days - going from 13 to 46 ! 33 New Cases in a population of 9,000 !!

Schools linked to new coronavirus cases to undergo deep cleans: - Queen of Peace Parish Primary School, Altona Meadows - Aitken Hill Primary, Craigieburn - Maribyrnong College - Footscray High School - Port Phillip Specialist School - Al-Taqwa College, Truganina.

My opinion piece on the looming Covid-19 test for Australians: indefinite inconvenience.
Drove past SouthMelbourneMarket today and it was packed - cheek by jowl. Looked like a lot of people who will be claiming it's all Dan Andrews fault in a couple of weeks...
Relentless push to re-open at all costs as fast as possible has led to COVID19Vic 2nd Wave which will now see a longer & deeper economic crisis! LiarFromTheShire short sightedness will be the reason why businesses & people will suffer!

Victorian MP Tim Smith represents the Americanization of Australian politics. His twitter feed look exactly like Donald Trumps. His Party need to sit Mr Smith down and remind him, he's an Australian politician.

Only does things to benefit the wealthy and elite. He dehumanises anyone on government payments & views it as self inflicted. Only reason it has recently gone up is because middle class people need it now.

Is fully to blame for whats happening in Vic! Didnt give States the opportunity to implement Eradication strategies. His still pushing for re-opening with no limitations which just proves he wanted HerdImmunity all along.

When its rich white people getting COVID19Vic its a public health crisis and we are all in it together when its migrant communities getting it Its a racial and religious issue. The racism is so bare and ugly you could choke on it. We wont stand for this bullshit.

Might be an applicable time to post this again...
So far the Aboriginal community of Victoria have been so deadly to prevent the virus into our communities and families but the work still continues by getting tested for COVID19Vic if you have cold or flu like symptoms. Go to VAHS for testing or call the hotline 1800 675 398.

Our public health community engagement teams could be knocking on your door soon if you are located in an area where there have been previous cases of COVID-19. For more information and list of suburbs, please visit.

Going through a pop up testing site today that was run by the ADF, made me teary - not from the swab but from PRIDE! We are so blessed in this country & Im grateful for all the work everyone is doing to keep us safe. Theres no I in team.

Daniel Andrews' double standards have done more to cause Victoria's new corona crisis than any Eid dinner.
And I had thought we called ourselves the saviours of humanity!! Covid_19 COVID19Vic 'Can't Breathe Anymore': Hyderabad Man's Chilling Message to Father Before He Died of Covid-19.
We wasted 3 months being on tough lockdown now the case of infections are skyrocketing.
Hyderabad COVID patient sends heart-wrenching video before death COVID19Vic CoronavirusIndia Hyderabad KCRFailedTelangana GandhiHospital READanulb.
When catholic-church">catholic churches open after the lockdown.
India on Monday witnessed a spike of 19,459 cases in the last 24 hours, pushing the total tally to 5,48,318 SidnChips CoronaUpdates COVID19Vic COVIDIOT StayHomeStaySafe CoronavirusIndia ModiBetrayedIndia >>.

Locked up Broadmeadows a COVID19Vic hotspot. Not guilty of any crime. Innocent men locked up in MITA prison forever. How can you stay silent KKeneally AlboMP? Thanks for speaking out gedkearney and.
Im in Melbourne and have arranged to meet my friend for coffee. Upon arrival hes wearing a mask and its clear he is not well (respiratory symptoms). He reassures me hes had the test and its come back negative. What do I do?

If you are someone who thinks older people are expendable, do you think the same of younger people with ChronicIllness or Disability Are we worth taking the time to wash your hands, keep your distance and stay home if you are sick?

WI players to wear 'Black Lives Matter' emblem on shirts BlackLivesMattters BlackLivesMatter BlackIsKing Cricket sportsrorts PoliceBrutalityPandemic USAProtests COVID19Vic READanulb.
Today I got covid tested - those of you crying that its the worst experience havent given birth. Grow a pair. Its so straight forward & quick!
Geez I can't believe ppl still doubt about the contribution from previous protests to this spike in Victoria now... We were doing so great before that... Now all the efforts just gone and I guess the pray for saving actually is killing now... How sad...

Tightest lockdown won't do anything if the leader just covers up everything.
It is not just the risk of COVID19Vic spreading into NSW, there is a real possibility that ppl will infect COVID free communities throughout Victoria & the rest, as they say, will be history (or we will be) oh lockdown now.

Not at all! This is what success is in managing a crisis like Covid19Vic Thank you.
Is this the face of a man you trust?
Absolutely negligent GladysB We drove on the Pacific Highway, Midcoast NSW, to head into town to shop Forster & we passed dozens of Victorian Grey nomads & families heading nth with caravans & possible COVID19Vic infection.

As per astrological study, I predicted on 7 May 2020 Corona vaccine ll be based on animal study D prediction has turned true second times repeatedly One US based firm is already doing research based on monkeys.

Maybe we should saw Victoria off and let it float away like Bugs did with Texas.
Betoota nailing it again!
Hi Giddy, I was just wondering how you are going with scraping the egg off your face given your insane constant criticism of DanielAndrewsMP for not opening up soonernulb.
Victorians are being cautioned to limit travel through the state amid Melbournes second wave: Covid-19 could spread quickly throughout rural Australia if people arent careful in how and where to go - John Hall RuralDoctorsAus President.

What You Really Think

You haven't even put up the stats for today at 3.40pm. You're a fucking joke vicdhhs. No idea.

Hey VicGovDHHS are gyms permitted to open 24/7 (meaning not staffed during certain hours)? Thanks!

Hi, do you advise people isolate while a member of their household has symptoms and is waiting a test result? Seems to be difference between Federal and Victorian advice here, please confirm for Victoria. Thanks.

My house is a McMansion and bigger than some pubs, has plenty of floorspace and is my registered business address. Am I "entitled" to have more than 5 visitors?

How many new cases?

How does this relate to community choirs? I have emailed and asked multiple times, yet we are given no clear directions. Some groups are resuming, which Im unconvinced is right. Please give CLEAR guidance in this space.