Saturday 9th of May 2020


"The White House doesnt even have a working pandemic response at the White House.".
These forget that this highly contagious can be spread from younger, healthier people to older, sicker loved ones. In an ongoing with woefully inadequate testing and NO vaccine, the best way to save lives is to .

accounts for one third of total cases in India,with alone accounting for 11394+ cases Dead bodies are being kept next to patients,but &his inept ally ,are in PR overdrive And then ofcourse,we have like these.

This was TODAY. Do these idiots have a death wish? Or just not give a damn about the elderly and nurses in the UK? Absolutely selfish, thoughtless, brain dead scum bags.
Kits Beach 7pm this evening. This is insane. So much for physical distancing Photos by.
How can it be right that people are buried & cremated in solitude yet it is acceptable for others to get pissed up, do the conga etc. in large numbers? With a death toll exceeding the Blitz, Weve got our priorities wrong.

I predict another spike in 2-3 weeks. Prolonging the time I have to wait to see my family.
Thats great and all but Ive had me grandad at the other end of the phone for 7 weeks for this? Are you fucking kidding me? Selfish selfish bastards. Hope youre hanging your sore heads in shame today.
My street is having a BBQ, kids playing together,no social distancing &their families visiting from other parts of the m s the social etiquette here? Do I go out there & tell them about the number of deaths I certified this week?

please tell me this isnt true. If it is the Army, Police need to be involved. Baton charges, tasers,water cannon whatever it takes to teach these simple twats that if you flout the rules,be prepared to be punished Selfish f.

They are beyond a joke! Lockdown! What lockdown I ve never seen the streets so busy today as I went to get my pint of milk, local park is literally jumping with people we are heading for another peak because of these.

Report about action against Report of last 24hrs action & Cumulative action taken 9/5/20 22/3/2020 Report.
This is what happens when a lazy twot of a PM makes unguarded comments at PMQs and then cant be arsed correcting himself until the long weekend is over. Police fury as hundreds of people have pizzas, beers and wine in park.

I think we should rebrand the hashtag for all those braying commentators who have still not noticed the actual science they toot about but have never read, entirely fails to support their own panic memes, to say nothing of the .

Seems stupid got stupider yesterday, going by the videos on here. Non social distancing street parties and nostalgic singalongs, even a bloody conga! I wonder how many of these LAW-BREAKERS clapped for the NHS theyll be overwhelming in the next 2wks?

Daily press briefings will in future include a separate death toll for those killed by the fuckwits who did a conga.
Should we be concerned that history is repeating?
Attention all selfish (and cunts). Can you tell Ive had enough?
Spray with blue dye that lasts a month. The same colour blue in the NHS logo, so the nurses can identify them. Harsh I know.
I really miss the folks. Havent been able to see them in weeks. My daughter misses her Gran and Grandad. Really hard to explain that to a 4 year old when the neighbours have invited their family around for a BBQ. Im not going to grass, just gets right on my tits.

FOH I know what it is about I can see your faces. them Mock the week Little Richard ed up gone never was. Meme s for Thirtsty Grant Michael Green Shapps QUICHE The Windsors salty old BBC W1A Hugh Bonneville Louise Ford Hugh Skinner.

Did someone say ? This is 80 seconds of pure madness you can watch, while you re enjoying your Go viral with Virus Dodgers! New episodes every Friday, only on YouTube!
You can t fix stupid.
the actual f*ck.
For those demanding the freedom to not wear masks or socially distance in a time of a deadly pandemic, here you go. Be sure your loved ones will abide by your decision.
When you see the same people clapping on Thursday who were getting drunk and ignoring social distancing rules on VE.
Its safe to laugh at the stupidity of this because its in America. But the best bit is the sign in the window saying Best electric chair ever.
This is the road to the beach in my home town if sure how much essential work going on there ..
ITS TIME FOR BINGO IN !!! Choose a colour of clothing, as one of the people wearing your colour in the picture catches mark them off in green marker, if they die mark them in black marker. First to have 5 black marks on the pic wins!!!

Absolutely, if by love you mean vacuous fuckwits cheerfully congo-ing along a road after a glass of gin while over 600 people a day die of a communicable disease in the middle of a global.
This seriously makes me think why I should risk my health going to work when there are dickheads like this in the world.
I am afraid that media and papers have to take responsibility for . They splashed their newspapers and websites with headlines that the lockdown was going to be lifted on Monday. It was absolute crap and they have now caused people to ignore.

I know people feel strongly about the doing the conga and the crowds singing "well meet again" ignoring social distancing on , but I didnt expect this from the Queen or the Daily Mail. !
This is an important message from the UK government about doing the conga during the coronavirus pandemic. Please watch this video and share it, particularly if you are based in the areas of Warrington and Cosham.

Sticking to the rules and making fun of it?? HAHAHAHA!! Tell that to the people who are genuinely sticking to the rules, the NHS workers working all hours under the sun, people who aren t able to leave their houses!! This video shows the definition of.

Lets be real, yes many members of the public are being absolutely ridiculous; but the true are the British government. If theyd implemented quick, clear and robust measures, we wouldnt be seeing these bonkers scenes.

Because stupid people read it on the internet , that or they are stocking up on Clorox Martinis cause Dr. (lol) Phil said it could help did they also hear you can protect yourself from murder hornets by drinking bug spray ??

Brexit instilled an insanity in the English hive mind. A fevered, rabid, headlong rush to self-harm. To the detriment of us all, this has carried through to dealing (or not) with C19, with an incompetent UKG & a jingoistic mob harming us all.

Absolute state of these last night!! Haven t hugged my mum in weeks whilst these pricks carry on flouting social distancing!! But it s ok because on Thursday they will Hypocritical C*NTS!!
I wont embarrass him by naming him but, in the face of some stiff competition, the undisputed king of the remains the guy who bragged about going around shaking everyones hand then spent three days in intensive care watching Home Alone.

The same people who were having crowded street parties yesterday are the same people whos Facebook timeline is full of videos of them crazily banging pans and screaming like a banshee every Thursday night.

How I felt watching big crowds of singing "well meet again" on .
City Life, no thanks.
You really wouldn t think there s a global pandemic going on at the moment with the amount of people going out this weekend.
...THIS. o gods this as they are never gonna get it, until they get it.
More who couldn t give a toss about the and .
This poor child, and not one of these officers thought for a second how their extreme draconian actions are effecting this little kid.
Rather than loosen lockdown on Sunday, Bumbling Boris should be tightening restrictions. * 6 weeks complete lockdown * All parks closed off * All beaches closed * Only major supermarkets open * 8pm curfew * Instant 1000 fines for any breaches.

2nd peak incoming, selfish, mindless.
Results: 1 out of 5 Americans is an idiot.
Time for this pic again due to reopening.
I watching cornhole the morning of. A Saturday. Not all sports are shut down.
there WILL be a sharp spike in cases in approx 13 days time resulting from your idiotic behaviour on.
you re fucking stupid if you attend this gathering.
Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself Franklin D. Roosevelt, March 4, 1933.
Look at these morons. 2 meters is a guide to maintain distance from someone in a shop for a second, or sit a safe distance at away work. Not to literally dance through droplets in the air exhaled by all those in front of you while they do do do the conga.

More rancid ignorant flagshaggers protesting the coronavirus lockdown.
I give it 2 weeks before were back at full lockdown. The UK must be one of the dumbest countries around.
Nothing to worry about, little princess. Your daddy says it s just a Democratic hoax and assured us three months ago it was all under control.
For MAGAts who don t understand what stay home means.
This is Jimmy Jimmy likes a joke Jimmy likes a laugh Know someone in ICU? Jimmy will use them for a chuckle Someone died A giggle Dont be offended Its because of youre politics And youre a snowflake Jimmy What a card What a.

Can anyone explain why we are considering relaxing the lockdown guidelines when still more people are dying daily, than when lockdown guidelines were introduced?
Enjoying a bottle of Corona while working on side projects. The cases were on offer in the supermarket because people are thickos.
The UK has its own . Protesting a lock-down the day after VE Day. Fucking idiots. Photo borrowed from FB.
Boomers after they came up with.
Some mullas claimed that Corona virus infects only K . They were very wrong. Will they finally wonder if it is also wrong that the invisible Creator of this vast universe throws K into eternal hellfire and allows only MuzIms into paradise?