Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Dez Bryant Tweets That he Tested Positive For COVID-19 After Being Pulled From Warmups Before Ravens-Cowboys.

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Run this like I'm LAMAR JACKSON 3/5 nulb TOUCHDOWN Lj_era8 3/5 nulb ProBowl Vote Tune in.
Dez Bryant tweets that he tested positive for COVID-19 after being pulled from warmups before Ravens-Cowboys.
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Nobody: my dad every time the cowboys play.
Its tough being a cowboys fan.
I thought the Cowboys for sure would. But when literally NOONE does. You know his rep is know and its passed his production.
Three years later, the NFL now says Cowboys' Dez Bryant did, in fact, catch it ...
Can the cowboys not stop anything strait up the gut what the hell not playing for draft pick her like the jets ...come on man.
Shit hes being nice. Wtf was Woods doing? Dont think well be hearing about how well he looked in camp next year.
The Cowboys defense.
Jimmy Johnson would have cut these guys. I'm almost sure of it.
NFL needa stop giving these hoe ass cowboys Monday or Thursday night games! Aint no one tryna see them play. Let em play on Sunday mornings when everyone is still sleepin.
Saint of Circumstance after Cowboys missed FG.
Cedrick Wilson is still on the Dallas Cowboys right? Havent heard his named mentioned at all. Like not even in the lineup in the beginning of the game.
Cowboys gotta get rid of its_hollyWOODS smh.
You misspelled honest.
Bad signing for cowboys to start.
Highlight of Cowboys 2020 was seeing Postys new bling. Made me happy.
That's what I'm saying!!! You can kill my Cowboys another time.
And he shouldnt be.
Cowboy safeties have not been kind to the Cowboys tonight.
If the Cowboys didnt have defensive resistance of a celery stick the Cowboys would be winning in a blowout.
How did we lose to the Cowboys again?
Earl Thomas lays the wood there and doesnt give up the first down.
Just imagine if Tony Romo had caught breaks like that gentle push out of bounds by the CowboysD!! Even gave LJ the 1st...WTF!!!?
Is it safe to say he never made the jump to the next level?
The Cowboys suck, I appreciate his candor. He's more upset than the players on the field.
Did anyone else see that holy shit xavier woods is the worst tackler in nfl history why the fuck are you scared of a qb trucking your stupid ass do your job and tackle him thai isn't two hand touch cowboys vs raven.

Its ok Washington. Yall took care of the Steelers for us, now we gonna take care of the Cowboys for yall.
(Insert Chandler Bing voice): Could the Cowboys BE any more trash?
Is he ever?
I feel like the cowboys and falcons are teams and players be looking to get good tape on.
Good game on FOX. 17-10 Ravens on Cowboys.
Dez would have lit the cowboys up if he didnt get COVID.
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I was gonna ask what team followed! Ouch Cowboys.
Cee Dee Lamb may not have caught that one, but hes a receiver that any NFL team would cheerfully take should the Cowboys cut him for this miss. That said should have caught that.
If the Cowboys dont cut Woods!!!!!
Cowboys kicker Greg Zuerlein has missed multiple field goals in a game for the first time since Nov. 6, 2016, vs. Panthers. Rams lost 13-10. Zuerlein tonight is wide right from 40, wide left from 53. Good from 31. Dallas down 17-10.

Dez Bryant announces hes tested positive for COVID-19 Bryant was pulled from warmups prior to the Ravens-Cowboys game.
Woods playing 2 hand touch.
He's been mostly right, but if Woods drills Jackson as if he's running back, Woods will probably get a flag. It's a horrible position to be in, but yea, bad play.
These defenders are scared to attack Lamar Jackson. I get it, but you got to do something.
This week we recognize this trio of Frogs that helped lead TCUFootball over the Cowboys!
Cowboys defense some fuckin trash lmfao.
For some reason, I get the sense as a former Cowboy, Aikman isnt enjoying the Cowboys defense.
Can the cowboys PLEASEEE win bro.
Have got to pressure the inside of the Cowboys defensive line because without Andrews, Boyle and Ricard, the edges are going to be very soft.
Im sure it was difficult to have that opportunity to play the Cowboys taken away last minute. Be safe, get well, and then go chase that ring!
Cowboys media has been tryna convince us for years lmao.
Hes never kind to us.
Cowboys cut Kai Forbath who was perfect for Greg? Cowboys doing cowboys things.
Ravens TE Mark Andrews, who remains on the Reserve/COVID list, is not expected to play Tuesday vs. the Cowboys, per sources.
I don't think this is how the Cowboys are supposed to fit the run.
Very inferior Cowboys safety , woods.
Cowboys defense is so atrocious bruh.
Whoever wins the ravens Cowboys game its a lose lose for me.
Cowboys lead by 6 with 49 seconds left. Crunch time.
The way the Cowboys dont cover Lamar Jackson brings back memories of the way our defense used to cover Gronk.
Troy Aikman questioning why the Cowboys safety didnt hit Lamar Jackson harder Probably because he wants to keep playing football. If he had hit Jackson anywhere between the head and toes, hed of been arrested.

He really is. I know many people that arent Cowboys fan who think hes anti-Cowboys. Hes not good. Buck carries him...
While you're shopping for the Cowboys a new Defensive coaching staff, Jerry, look for us a new kicker too.
Yall playing a dogshit cowboys defense lmao.
For the Cowboys terrible.
Baltimore scared to throw on the Cowboys no way this team can win in the playoffs.
As he shouldnt be...they are terrrible.
They had a line last year and were 8-8.
Yet another 2020 half of shoulda, coulda for the Dallas Cowboys.
Why should he***nulb.
Cowboys basketball Beeville 17 Edna 11 Halftime.
I have now spent *checks watch* this entire game debating whether Michael Gallup is more fitting to play for the Cowboys or the Broncos.
Cowboys defenders when they see Lamar Jackson start running.
Again, why is Xavier Woods playing on the.
That's because he sees how Jerry turned this franchise into trash. I never hear people criticizing Moose Johnston when he is as "anti-Cowboys" as you like to put it, when he calls their games.
Jimmy Johnson: Cowboys No. 1 priority has to be getting a long-term deal done with Dak Prescott. Having said that, I dont expect them to have this high of a pick in the draft in the future, so I would not bypass a franchise QB in the draft.

The Cowboys are on...drinking is a necessity!
Im starting to think the cowboys dont wanna win anymore...
Is averaging almost 6ypc, so why is he off the field on first and second down and only have 12 carries? Ill never understand this play calling.
Man I thought texans defense had problems, these cowboys are looking real bad.
For good reason.
Nah, just rooting for the cowboys to lose.
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team time!!!!!
I hate the Cowboys. But I hate the Ravens even more.
Cowboys dont wanna win.
Hey! To me, Cole Beasley, I'm proud of you. Former Cowboys Team, or not..! V.
The Cowboys released Kai Forbath to help get them to an 80-man count. COVID-19 pandemic ends a much-needed kicker battle in Dallas before it can start. Forbath was 10/10 on FGs and 10/10 on PATs in December. Take: They better hope Zuerlein finds his mojo again, because... .

The Steelers actually won last night just so you know. We are going to ask the Cowboys to demand the NFL find the missing offsides that will show the Steelers won in a landslide!!!!
Not a good day for Xavier Woods.
I say I have no patience for disappointing men, but here I am as a lifelong Cowboys fan.
The bandwagon fans will resurface if/when the cowboys are good again. They always do.
Ravens-Cowboys game kicks off after Dez Bryant tests positive for coronavirus.
Its like the Cowboys dont even care about the Patriots playoff chances.
Jerry Jones didnt take into account the amount of primetime games the Cowboys typically get when signing Dalton.
Hey TroyAikman the cowboys dont have their starting TE, Qb, or entire Oline. Stop making excuses for the Ravens...
Words don't explain how bad the Cowboys defence is.
The safety for the Cowboys, Xavier Woods, is completely trash...smh!

What You Really Think

Because your number is 88... symbolism bro.

This reeks of deep state setup. Donald Jesus trump administered the test himself and lied about the results to give the world's team the edge!!

Democrats may be behind this conspiracy?

Jerry jones paid for this! I know it! DezBryant keep ya had up!

Whats the rate of false positives? Of a test destroying millions of small businesses So interesting they never tell you.


Any other game/ teams it would have been canceled. NFL stop playing favorites.

Oh no. Dez caught it.

Dez who?

Anyone gonna mention it on the broadcast? Wouldnt most of these players be considered close contact?

My restaurant is closed down, my workers barely get unemployment benefits, but the NFL is allowed to play after a player tests positive 15 before a game. Rules for thee but not for me.

Dez caught it Covid that is.

We know the truth. He didnt want to face the old team which is a good decision.

Nobody's cares.

Dez softer than my stool after Taco Tuesdays. Back in my day, ball players played with broken legs and Polio, and the good Polio, not tha pvssy shet Salk said he cured.

Something sounds a little fishy with this story. I thinks there's more to this story.

Dez caught it.

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