Thursday 25th of May 2023

A Critical incident investigation is Underway After an Officer Fatally Shot a Man During an incident in North Willoughby Police Say he Was Carrying Knives And Threatening Residents.

Social Media Says

Negotiations commenced with Clare essentially drop knife. whatever reason, Clare that. critical incident investigation underway after 95-year-old Clare Nowland allegedly Tasered Cooma nursing home. 9News .

critical incident investigation underway after officer fatally shot during incident North Willoughby police carrying knives threatening residents.
Little Rock Police Department investigating shooting incident after call made about shots being fired.
Critical incident investigation underway following death Coffs Harbour reported missing. Investigation will subject independent review report will prepared Coroner. ]NSW Police News 24.05.23].

95-year- woman, armed otherwise, than taser her? option all? For answer's, will most likely have wait until entire incident examined. police yesterday said statement that critical incident investigation underway.

What You Really Think

Theres 95 reasons here why Police have been instructed to Shoot to Kill & NOT taser right.

Hope he wasnt 93 years old.

Was it a butter knife, and was he using a walking frame?

Really ? Probably a butter knife . Was he aged 99? Just askin.

So he was already dead when they shot him? Confusing headline bros!

Was he using a walking frame too?

Something is going terribly wrong in the Police Force. They should change bullets to RUBBER BULLETS.

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