Tuesday 20th of September 2022

Actor _DanielRyan on The New Nail-biting BBC1 Drama Crossfire ]?] The New Series Shining a Light on The Work of Legal Professionals in The North East 9.15.

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holiday turns from heaven hell second. Keeley Hawes stars this nail-biting thriller about luxurious resort thrown unexpectedly into heart- chaos. Watch Crossfire tonight iPlayer.

Actor _DanielRyan nail-biting BBC1 drama crossfire [?] series shining light work legal professionals North East 9.15.
Actor _DanielRyan tells should watch nail-biting drama crossfire which begins tonight BBCOne!
Just back from weeks Tenerife, thought this would holiday blues, then realised stayed hotel filmed 2010!
Great these Five awesome actors series crossfire There were other brilliant folks course specifically Vikash Hugo, Pols others woman focused show these five were amazing.

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Will have watch last tomorrow!! I've finger nails left.
episode even more tense!
cant wait until next time watch episode Crossfire just going watch
cant help think scared sure would caught such horrific circumstances, they have bang many doors!!! They might well ringing frigging hell.
stuff anxiety dreams.
Everybody should follow DoughtyLouise this amazing writing. Even better than books.
there wondering Crossfire might good watch Crossfire review Keeley Hawes stars worlds most stupidly corridor-based thriller.
just Jason complete utter twat. He's gone from being really bothered about kids giving shit because wife slept with mate. only reason stayed there after affair control throw back.

Review: Keeley Hawes thriller unmissable
sure whether Canary Islands' tourist board will fully happy with this. though. Really excellent music score
When crossfire both edge!!
holiday arranged cheating couple could holiday together. love mixture emotions this annoyance, fear, sympathy then feeling angry with cheaters.
text messages incase missed
Same here!
Also watched: Crossfire which full come moments barely time actually take going watch again.
Wowwww Crossfire intense going holiday.
Thats plans rebook holiday Tenerife hold then. least like know that going shot that police would arrive before News 10!!
Seeing everyone twitter freaking makes realize absolutely desensitized violence anxious sure very different anxious running through mental checklist what they should doing others canceling holidays.

very confusing fans LineofDuty Lyndsey Denton married Huntleys hubby theyre holiday with Jatri. Lyndsey Dentons even telling them used copper. doesnt tell them bent!

When Keeley Hawes series, that's usually sign quality. concerned.
favourite series this year.
Spent looking winter holidays, decide just stay home.
That TENSE. dont know what expected from Crossfire exactly wasnt that! Wow.
KeeleyHawes save Crossfire?
1980s 1990s gave excellent Boys from Blackstuff Friends from North. 2022, offers ridiculous Crossfire. Surely they could find some dramatic inspiration from Cost Living crisis.

nerves shot, need counselling. crossfire bloody FANTASTIC. Well done keeleyhawes, _DanielRyan, entire cast crew, itss nail-biting production. Edge seat stuff. hope havent lost them kids love Dancing.

Centre Parcs doesn't look now.
Really sure liked Will watch episode 2?... Maybe... didn't engage though.
Didn't even hear voicemail...
What stupid sort death that!!!
When book holiday 2022.
can't wait show finished product.
knows what she's doing.
Screaming crying throwing
really empathise with Ben. quite often group holidays with friends with kids, when mum. aunt also know this situation they'd absolutely trust with their kids. However also stopped help woman.

Trainers, flip-flops.
Fabulously entertaining, Louise! what cast! Particular shout always brilliant _DanielRyan leeingleby, brothers arms. Can't wait next
She's done nothing wrong, she's just baby.
They giving anxiety!! They're noisy running round this hotel!!
calmed down after Crossfire.
Really gripping stuff. There absolutely resist watching next episodes iPlayer immediately. Thatll awake night then.
Well crossfire just brilliant. Very tense can't wait rest. Brilliant cast well.
Just adding holidays list things wont doing.
Intense must
Gripped crossfire tonight. Bloody stressful though.
Everything that keeleyhawes bloody good!
crossfire rather good shoulders still full stress position Roll tomorrow!
Just watched Crossfire stunning. Looking forward next episode.
crossfire fantastic drama! Can't wait next episode!
three episodes Crossfire available watch BBCiPlayer. also tune tomorrow episode
Cant believe anyone commissioned Crossfire thinking yes, that will ideal Autumn
Just watched crossfire absolutely amazing with amazing _DanielRyan other amazing actors cant wait next episode.
fence with this one!? Tense 1min, then wanting Keeley Hawes pathetic wimp husband dead next! don't people just stay where they are!!!!!!!!
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This gonna Center Parcs during Queen's funeral anyone left their lodge before they turn.
Errrrm when does police turn crossfire.
doesn't bode well, anyone gets involved with.. husband, dead lover..
cross between Benidorm Squid Game.
Choose your fighter.
Come surely your police training will have kicked you. Would have deleted your text history.
they have police this island?
seems women liked think tosh.
Guys crossfire number trending woooo.
I'll those actually have patience going watch next nights. Please block crossfire tweets there going spoilers from those have patience have headed Iplayer.

Some brilliant acting
Hold they celebrated 2019, they manage holiday Easter 2020?!?!
Crossfire good right into episode iPlayer 10/10 far.
Well first episode tense well scripted, second episode written some primary school kids throwing magnetic letters fridge door.
Phone going hour. crossfire with _DanielRyan BBCOne 9pm.
Keeley hawes crossfire fancam.
Well, that tense, wasnt everyone?
critical care make appointment fortnight Tuesday?
minutes ago GBBO Crossfire Garibaldi Bake Off TALKSWITHASH celebritymasterchef Carole Sandro Jay Spearing sbswinnershour Rebs Prue Paul Hollywood Jim Murphy Iorfa Janusz FPTP Dixon.
crossfire absolutely brilliant.
nobody ever thought call police all?!
It's absolutely brilliant. Can't wait tomorrow's episode.
Holy shit Crossfire amazing stressful watch.
feeling entertainment value Crossfire tonight.
Keeley Hawes, should illegal THAT talented THAT beautiful
Keeley Hawes ever been something thats great?

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After watching episode 1, I've found out my nails are all gone... and opened BBC iPlayer..

I'll be with you after work at 2.15ish.

Is that corn beef hash a joke? They do know how expensive corn beef is these days.

Just to say that I agree with the corned beef stew, I remember corned beef hash as potatoes and corned beef mashed together.

I didn't need a Crystal ball as I Knew it would happen, Kym Marsh allegedly exits and alleged Lady in waiting Sam Quek gets her job, the BBC used Public Funded Money moving to Manchester ?ADDED Three new presenters Cox,Walsh and Quek to Marsh and Jones De Funding the BBC Works.

Congratulations xandvt , thrilled to bits for you on your engagement.

Congratulations xandvt !