Friday 19th of March 2021


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Just saw a post mentioning before 2019 ends.
Its my dads birthday he would have been 64 this year.
Omg guys... i finished violet evergarden a few days ago and i cant get over it. every episode made me cry at least once, and...
Sometimes when I cry, Holly (my dead hermit crab namesake cat) will put her paw around my wrist/arm all sweetly with just a tiny...
Why do I always end up crying on my birthday?
Can I request : Reacting to the other one crying about something For madison and...
I dont know how to cry.
I just want to be pretty.
Horimiya - Ep 8 Miyamura Izumi.
Guys i have so many things in my queued, what else should i add to it.
Sometimes i pretend im a worm and i lay on the floor and wiggle around and scream about living in dirt and being scared of...
My reason to cry this week: Bucky Barnes sleeps on his floor and has nightmares.
Stops Fucking Breathing He's Here me tfkjdkjvljdlgrfgmid i say something then i see the online ppl change and its. fucking Jeph.
*he coos softly, his hands wandering down to press against your lower stomach as he peppers kisses across your face* Let's head...
Listening to night moves.
Me seeing you slandering Mick again.
Dark academia is bad for the sole reason that it clogs the entire dorian gray tag and i just wanna see gifsets of ben barnes.
Maybe we should, like, treat each other well. Im practicing working faster V Watercolor and green ink with just a touch of...

What You Really Think

I need a loyal sugar baby I can trust and spoil with gift and also a weekly allowance of $1000.

It was fine until i got publicly humiliated for having listened to fucking. how bad can i be GKJHDFJGHDJF.

How old is he even though like. 33? Imagine ur looking at ppl a little over half ur age talk amongst themselves politely and chill-like. wouldnt u be so nonjudgmental too.

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