Monday 5th of April 2021

Cursed Profile.

Social Media Says

Very smart girl.
Interference off with his head!
The... Queen of Hearts?

What You Really Think

Her hairline is receding like the late soviet economy.




It should have been a Tyler Perry movie.

Why did you remind me of the abhorrent piece of doo doo.

Does everybody in this thread honestly not know basically everything in this picture is photoshopped?

Or the book. Don't forget the book. Good knows I can't. Oceans of whisky can't wash it away.

Is this financial advice?

Penelope Wise.

Still would fuck it tho.


Good bot.

This is the best bot ever made!

Pretty sad shit. Cuck to the most terrifying looking woman I've ever seen.

Original pic didnt have a watermark so hes gotta be trolling.

Your comment made me laugh my ass off.

And r/uselessredcircle material.

R/MurderedByWords is for politics now so itll just fit in rareinsults.

Maybe clever comebacks but not murdered by words. Before that sub went to crap murders were detailed deconstructions of the opponents argument that often made them look stupid. Not any insult, even if its funny.

Your comment has been posted before too.

The hairline is not IT.

That my friend, is the legendary and rare six head.

At this rate, it's a fivehead.

Looks like a repost. I've seen this image 8 times. First Seen ]Here]() on 2019-12-22 95.31% match. Last Seen ]Here]() on 2021-04-05 100.0% match *I'm not perfect, but you can help. Report ] ]False Positive]({"post_id": "mkalpu", "meme_template": null}) ]* ]View Search On]() --- **Scope:** Reddit **Meme Filter:** False **Target:** 92% **Check Title:** False **Max Age:** Unlimited **Searched Images:** 215,735,466 **Search Time:** 0.88365s.

Nah dude ]]() don't even work.

Ahhhhhh. Yeah you do that.

Comparing her to the murder clown Pennywise.


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