Tilley Endurables US

Thursday 19th of November 2020


Black water gang here.
Grey water over here.
Brown water here :/.

What You Really Think

Green water... ew.

Im nothing water.

White water gang.

Red Water gang ftw.

At least its not brown water like me.

I'm White Water. I guess it could work if I was in some sort of white supremacist gang.

Are you a sadistic doctor by any chance ?

Are you a poet by chance.

Black tea.

Green tea gang.

Pink tea.

Yo same here. I'm more of a black tea guy myself tho.


Black water...I have a SHITTY gangster name.

Nice. I got black tea.

Red blood Im lucky too.

Grey tea.

Hello Greet Tea, Im Purple Chai.

Grey basil.

Black black coffee.

Red Water.

Black Coffee represent. I will fuck you UP.

I got black tea.

What if I had green tea? Green Green Tea! or Green Green.

Are you my mother?

Im yellow tea. Much less appealing..

U/geraldine_ferrari, gray pepsi, nice to meet ya.

Red tea here!

Black spaghetti.

Lol, white tea (aka Whitey). Too on the nose?

Same haha.

Me too!

What color is your skin tho.

Why the actual fuck did my brain read that as Frank Sinatra.

That sounds like the most badass gang ever, no /s.

Opening side stage at Lollapalooza right?


Try gray blood.

Yum Yum.

Hands down.


I am black milk.

Lol same.

I'm yellow water. It could be either very good, or very bad.

Ayy, same here.

I'm brown water. Maybe my rapper name should just be Flint?

Black water is worse oh no.

I got Black Monster lol.

The post said about drinking not snorting. smh.

The End of Evangangsta.

Red water gang.

Sounds like kool-aid.


Isn't that a band or is it a song?

Ive seen Dutches gang around there.

Im yellow coke; at least you got the quality stuff - mines all stepped-on!

Red coke here.

I got black coke.

Me too! But i like the sound of Black OJ more ;).

Black OJ gang where you at?

Yo same.

AKA a first world problem.

Happy cake day.

Crimson tea.

Black Monster gang.

*Whos gonna tell him*.

The joke is she was wearing a red shirt. You can't wear red after labor day.

Red piss is the real problem.

Neither does arnold palmer.

Stay away from my cookies.

About some fucking time i found someone of my kind ,hello there good sir we are black milk gang , let's go and steal some milk from grandmas and white milk gangers.

Black milk here.

And I took that personally...

Are you alright?

Blue DP.

I just started laughing, pink leopard coke here.

Yellow water gang not sure if that means we drink piss or live in Flint.

Grey vodka.

I like your style.

Hulk smash!!!

How the fuck do you drink waffles? Holy fuck.

White OJ.