Friday 30th of September 2022


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First Elizabeth II must be dead, she won't die right ? /s.
Let's say class="u-nolinkc" href="">Chucky III manages to cling on for 15-20, class="u-nolinkc" href="">Willie will be in his late 50's. Assuming he doesn't abdicate, Georgie class="u-nolinkc" href="">boy will be the age most of us are praying for retirement. If someone said I'll get you back in 60 years, the dead-legs & swirlies would only intensify until morale/humility/seething resentment reached critical mass Can only imagine the bidding war by the time he's at Eton or wherever for f*g duty *mutters* Oh, I'll turn down your bed & polish your shoes alright, you.


What You Really Think

I think this is the wholesome thought. Hes afraid of abusing his own power but knows its ok if dad protects him. Hes not promising revenge, just justice. And faith in dad Edit: oh wait he just saw great grandma live to near 100 as queen. He just doesnt wait however long it would take him to be king lmao.

No one said he was bright.

You sir are a fucking genius.

Almost spilled my coffee through my nose.

Youll pay for that Malfoy.

You got me chucklin' here on this morning, cheers mate lol.

Charles picked Diana when she was like 16. He was like 20 something.

*sweats none-profusely*.

He forgor.

He didn't forget, he just knows that there's no way the Monarchy lasts for another 60 years.

I wonder if he is totally pampered and spoilt or if he really gets mocked all the day for being a royal. His facial expression rather points towards the spoiled brat part... but then isn't Kate Middleton always depicted as such a great mother? I guess more PR than reality.

My father will hear about this.

To make way for an Emperor and another King.

The English has executed kings too.

Imagine if his class had a Team Britain and a Team France, and they have territory in the class and the playground and stuff.

His great grandma lived to be 96 he probably doesn't think he's gonna be king till he's super old.

I love this joke.

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I would have been a great come back.

He's 9, you said equally stupid shit when you were that age.

Like none of us wouldn't do exactly the same in his situation.. he's 9.

Yea if he had said that when i was in school he would have had it much harder after that sentence. A King in a modern day western country is nothing more than a fancy zoo animal for the citizens, with no executive power whatsoever.

Sounds like a "my dad can beat up your dad" sort of like. He's 9. Not a brat.

"I can give fuck all" ...what?

Ten years tower, no trial.

Yea his face is starting to be quite punchable.

In every picture of him I've seen he always has a dirty look on his face.

But tv told me they are great warlords that defeat whole army of darkness by themselves with only a shield and a broadsword, while keeping perfect hairs.

People love to bootlick.

Strong Damien vibes.

Which part of person are you referring.