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Friday 26th of June 2020

Justice Not Served For Dafonte Miller as Verdict Finds Officer Guilty on Only One Charge.

There is no justice to be found in the criminal punishment system.
All my love and support to DafonteMiller, his family and community.
The system sucks. It failed DafonteMiller&continued to show people have no faith in the judicial system. The verdict is confusing. One brother is found guilty of assault as the next one is acquitted of assault, but both of them weren't found guilty with obstruction of justice.

A jail sentence for a simple assault is rare, but with the pipe as an aggravating factor, a Judge can sentence an offender to between 30-90 days intermittent or suspended sentence.
Kid loses an eye when it's 2 on 1 with a steel pipe & only a common assault conviction seriously??? Total miscarriage of Justice today. Not to mention the father of the accused allegedly running interference from within the Police Force. Disgusting.

A judge finds police officer Michael Theriault GUILTY on the lesser charge of assault and NOT GUILTY on obstruction of justice. His brother Christian Theriault is found NOT GUILTY on any charges and is "free to go". While DafonteMiller is left blind in one eye.

Criminal Code: "Every one commits an aggravated assault who wounds, maims, disfigures or endangers the life of the complainant." The kid lost an eye to a guy hitting him with a pipe. How is that not aggravated assault?

This guy has been sitting back with full pay for almost 3 years after beating DafonteMiller eye out. DefundThePolice I am sickened.
I am once again disappointed in the justice system of Canada. DafonteMiller and all Canadians deserved better, shame on TPS, SIU, and the Crown.
Humans, if this was your son would it be justice? Toronto police officer Michael Theriault convicted of assault in beating of DafonteMiller , but brother acquitted - The Globe and Mail.
Wow. One brother totally acquitted. and the other brother guilty of a lesser charge. DafonteMiller wow. Fucking wow.
Love to DafonteMiller and family today. Love to DafonteMiller and family today. Love to DafonteMiller and family today. Love to DafonteMiller and family today. Love to DafonteMiller and family today. Love to DafonteMiller and family today. Love to DafonteMiller and family.

"The events of that night raises questions about the entire approach of the Toronto Police Service and the Durham Police Service in attempting to shield the Theriault brothers from being held to account for their actions. DafonteMiller & lawyer stement.

Today, the Canadian justice system did exactly as it always does, what any justice system in North America was created to do: uphold the status quo of white supremacy by enabling violence against Black people. This is bullshit.

Many of us are so tired. We had hoped that justice would be the outcome of today's trial. A lot of us held out hope that Dafonte's suffering (incl. our collective suffering) would amount to something. We hoped that the value of his life would be affirmed.

Is blind in one eye. His life will never be the same. We are arguing whether "appropriate force" was used or not. There is a world where beating a human being to this extent is appropriate. Let that sink in. Now ask yourself - is that a world you want to co-sign?

Does the life of our CHILDREN mean nothing? Does the education of our CHILDREN mean nothing? Does JUSTICE for our community mean nothing? If you still think RACISM does not live here in Canada, mic-check, it lives HERE.

This whole time I thought it was the Theriaults that were on trial not Dafonte. I must have been mistaken.
Wait. The Theriault's father is a police officer? And this all started out front of his house?! I didn't know these that. What was his impact? Very good questions from Dafonte's attorney.
If you are Black and IN the JUSTICE system, the only outcome is INJUSTICE.
I hope that DafonteMiller appeals this BS decision & sues them in the civil system. This is EXACTLY why Black, Indigenous, & racialized folks don't trust the system for justice. 1. Get told to use the system 2. System finds oppressors oppressive 3. ???? 4. Slap on the wrist.

Still think that anti-black racism doesn't exist in Canada? check your privilege and think again.
Ima need you to step up my guy. Toronto is your city.
He permanently blinded a man, DafonteMiller DafonteMiller by beating him about the head & face so that his eye was destroyed and that is NOT considered "aggravated assault" ? HOW ? .

What You Really Think

Fuck the PoPos.

Horrific. Is it really alright to beat a teenage to within an inch of his life, take away his vision and go about your business feeling OK? What kind of society is this? Lock those cops up. This cannot be right.

Guess I can just beat anyone walking down my street then right? What a joke.

Here come the protests.

Cop should lose his job. Done.

Bias in the headline.

He will go break into more cars.

What an incredible disappointment. Canada failing at every turn to be better than its neighbour.

One LESSER charge.