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Sunday 24th of May 2020


The whole country right now.
How the world used to view the UK vs now.
Simply not good enough. The rules apply to all, government advisers are not exempt.
Boris Johnson fooling the British people again!
A case of Dont do as I do, do as I say.
How different could have things been! If only people had seen through the lies and bull shit sooner!! the best PM the UK didn t have!
The only thing that Daily Briefing clarified The problem is not Cummings - Its Boris Johnson.
Heres the "comparison of deaths" graph thats been missing from the for a few days now, including the one lead by George Its a really odd coincidence that it was stripped out of the slide show at about the time we definitively passed Italy and Spain.

BBC report on the tweet from.
We d like to know what you think about Boris Johnson s actions regarding Dominic Cummings Please select who you vote for and whether you back Boris on this issue or not Please also RT to increase the sample size.

So the tweeted this (its a;ready deleted). Whoever did it is probably fired already but they are my bank holiday hero.
Cummings and wife are millionaires very rich, he had family in London and as a government adviser he was a key worker with the apparatus of state at his disposal. Its absolutely ludicrous to suggest that he couldnt get help in London. A mountain range of piffle.

My speech in summary: "If you follow the rules, you dont love your children as much as Dom".
The sign language guy got it right.
THREE things we can do: 1. EMAIL your MP ~ we need HUNDREDS of emails being sent 2. Find out where your MP lives and picket their house. With posters. 3. Write to your local paper Do IT!
this is all just noise now. I cant get this image out of my head of the 13yr old who died alone and was buried alone because his family were told to self-isolate, and all the families in the country who have been separated because of this. And this coward,

This person will most likely get sacked. Someone should start a crowdfund for this hero who speaks for the nation.
Boris Johnson Boris Johnson protecting the protecting elderly in care Dom Cummings homes.
I usually support boris but what he has just done is inexcusable and one big fuck you to those who are following the rules.
It s astonishing. PM came right out and doubled down. He trashed his own reputation to defend country s leading crook How can it be that nobody told him how utterly weak and dependent this makes him look He proved himself psychologically unable to.

Like causing a second wave of by trashing the validity of any government advice so that the public do whatever they like. The second wave is now not a case of "if" but "when". Same for a crash out .
Theresa May right now.
Make no mistake people, this is serious. Those whos job it is to enact government policy are calling the government arrogant, offensive, liars. This is a deafeningly loud SOS.
Me: ask me any question Husb: whats the time? Me: thank you for that question, its a really good one. We have put a lot of work into the clocks in the house, & without that work we wouldnt be where we are now. Stick at it, were winning. Next question.

It took Thatcher and Major 18 years to drive the Tories into the ditch where got them in a mere 18 weeks.
Is our tax money paying for Mr Cummings?
Boris Johnson speaking to all those who have followed the rules.
If Boris is having trouble shipping PPE around the country, why not just ask Dominic Cummings to drop it off?
That was the worst defence since Cicero stood up, shat his pants, and sat down again when defending Milo.
Boris Johnsons most embarrassing yet. Mortified to be a part of this country with such an ineptly corrupt government at the helm. Dont just , get all the fuckers out.
Two parents, one child. Top 1% of earners in the country. Hundreds of contacts in London including relatives. All adds up to severe childcare issues. How would he characterise the childcare issues of the rest of the population?

Ha! So Johnson is backing Cummings to the hilt. So, no surprises there.
Oh Boris is having none of it. Hes getting back to form. He treated the journos far too politely. Journos have abused the briefing privileges. NOW END THE Q&A sessions.
A man who can pick up the phone and get a case of Bollinger delivered to his door inside ten minutes had to drive 260 miles to get childcare because there was no alternative. Does the PM think we are all idiots?

Huge thanks to my team who had to sift through over 20,000 questions from members of the public before they found some that didnt mention Dominic Cummings.
An absolute car crash of a press conference, full of lies, deflection, and rambling nonsense, with no credible answers to any question. A massive up yours to a public which has made huge sacrifices by abiding by rules Dominic Cummings brazenly flouted.

Should cancel from today. The media have hijacked them to pursue their personal agendas. No one watching has learned anything these last two days other that the press dont like Dominic Cummings. These briefings were meant to educate the public, not cause division.

Ground control to Major Tom. Commencing meltdown engines on. Take your leftist tears and stick them up your bum.
These are horribly disorientating times. I find myself agreeing with Peter Bone. I find myself retweeting Piers Morgan - hes even retweeted me. All a consequence of having the worst Prime Minister of my possible the worst of all time.

Anyone else feeling pretty pissed off rn?
Oh Boris, give them hell and kick their butts! ANPR.
I ve a hunch there will be a pic of Dominic Cummings, at Barnard Castle, going up at about on Guardian and Mirror 19.
Even Tory shill, Robert , is exasperated by s bluff and bluster. Watch his reaction when he thinks he has been cut off.
I M TAKING ACTION! WILL YOU? 10 Downing Street, THIS THURSDAY 28th, social distance protest. Let s do it. Please RT.
The best bit about their The cabinet office twitter account does not have a blue tick.
Theresa May will be looking forward to Tory MPs lodging a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party If Tory MPs don t do that, they ll be as complicit as the PM & Dominic Cummings for undermining guidance.

This is a tribute - to the enduring friendship and devastating strike partnership of Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings.
Right now thinks he is Rene from when his wife Edith ( the British Public) caught him with one of his mistresses.
All of us that have followed guidelines and not seen our grandparents for the last 10 weeks have been made to look like idiots. We should have followed Boris advice and used our Dominic Cummings instincts Why did he not tell us this sooner ?

Oh Boris, even the sign language guy had difficulty with the lies you told today. Sorry Boris but youre spineless with no integrity at all.
Boris Johnson has just blatantly lied to the nation live on TV.

What You Really Think

Now we know what he looks like during those "private moments".

Sums up just how I feel. Betrayal.

Meanwhile some of us are maybe dancing a little.

you let him didnt answer the question.

Sums it up . I was a little more vocal with my annoyance though.

The whole nation during the briefing today.


Technical glitch carnival today & this was ace.

So that s what Mrs Peston sees?

this summed up the daily conference mate.

Yup this i commented on.

Why the f**k are the press so preoccupied with Dominic Cummings? Move on already and how about some balanced reporting instead of constantly trying to report as negatively as possible about everything?


you summed up how we all feel.


this was also my reaction.

Pestons face speaks for us all!

I m like that when robert peston comes on tv.

If Cummings didnt break the rules his wife did. Cummings could have taken his kid on his own. Wife sick, wife must isolate. Who cared forthe kid in Durham?

Such a drama queen!!!

Tv gold.