Tuesday 3rd of January 2023


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If true this is amazing.
That's fucking hilarious, OP should have included that.

What You Really Think

Why do people think it's a good idea to go up against comedians and teenage girls? Both groups give zero fucks, have sharpened their cruel senses of humor and their responses will cut you deeply.

This is the most Jim Carrey response ever. I read it in his voice.

Fascists - rewriting history since ~~1800s~~ ~~1900s~~ ~~2000s~~ 2023.

Ya ima go follow him, this is fantastic Edit: I already follow him and twitter is dumb.

Hey thats a smile, not an upside down frown!

I think that's an even bigger shot tbh.

A quick google search shows shes a classic extreme right wing projectionist. Publicly harped on chemical castration for paedophiles until her Husband admitted in court to buying child prostitutes His short jail sentence was suspended and he was fined 1800 euros Wtf Italy.

Shes a fascist.

To follow on with the Mussolini's granddaughter deciding her family should take another crack at politics, because it went so well the last time, she is the leader of the successor party to Mussolini's Fascist party, and Georgia Meloni's (current Italian prime minister) Brothers of Italy party are a break away group from them. So yes, things are going really well over there.

Its kind of like an extreme version of the whole I know my grandpa said and did a lot of racist things but he loved me so how bad could he have been? Thing Edit: To be clear I know shes a fascist and a piece of garbage. Im just positing on why she values and emulates her monster grandfather rather than rejecting him and all he stood for.

Not only that, but she's a member of the far-right.

Shes just playing her usual victim card. Shes a clown for that. Let alone the rest.

I want to think its because anyone seeing an image of their grandparents strung up like that would react that way, but she was born almost 20 years after the fact. The little I could find makes it seem she's weirdly ok with fascism, or at least just doesn't see it as bad.

She also did a city pop album in Japan in the 80s.

If I was Jim Carrey, this would endure as my proudest moment.

Giving mad Marcos vibes. Gross.

Thanks to the replies to your comment, I figured out she wasn't (just?) upset over the depiction of her grandparents' deaths but (also?) because she agreed with her grandparents' views.

She was just quoting Karl Tanner.

She also apparently forgot that grandpa killed her dad.

I think a lot of it as simple as modern fascists trying to rehab the image of facism and reminding people that historical fascists are bad undermines that effort. That is no *youre* a bad person for laughing at the grisly demise of a fascist despot. The fascist despot though is fine deflection and whataboutery.

She is also a fascist herself.

She's also far right. People love to bully her by sending upside down smiley emojis. Makes me wish Hitler had kids so we could bully them.

It's not uncommon look at how bongbong marcos the current president denies his father was responsible for countless atrocities during his dictatorship aka martial law period of the Philippines.

Dunno if you've been living under a rock but there are plenty of people in many western countries advocating for fascism again. Apparently it's cool to want to genocide people and have an ethnostate. It's not a secret anymore, they're just saying what they think directly now. The brain rot is real.

"Are we the baddies" moment.

Getting mad at *your fascist dictator grandfather* being mocked. Personally I'd have changed my name but I guess some people really learn into the "stand up for your family no matter what" thing.

Its nice to see a famous actor not go hardcore right wing for once, and just take the piss out of fascists.

"How do you sleep at night knowing that there are some ppl in the world that don't like you?" Jim Carrey: "With no underwear in case they want to kiss my ass.".

Sadly he gives zero fucks about science and vaccines. But hell, Ill take this side of him. Fuck her.

He also gives zero fucks about medical science.

Yeah but Carrey is also ]buddies with Putin's idiot friend]() who was alleged to help Trump election meddle. What does that say about him?

No kidding, and Italy government seems to be creeping in her direction. Their current prime minister did an interview about 20 years ago where she more or less praised Mussolini, she continues to be far right, and even houses her headquarters in the same building Mussolini did.

Significantly hurt my respect for Italy when they let a MUSSOLINI back into office.

In that case, Im pro-Jim Carrey. Go Lloyd Christmas!

I cannot fathom how that is even possible. It's like a granddaughter/grandson of Hitler joining the AfD in Germany. Completely fucked up shit.

> Conservative ...as the fascists call themselves nowadays.

]They cut off their genitals and shoved them in their mouths.]().

Fascism is fashionable again in many places. How quickly peoples' memories fade.

Fascist enablers Just like there were enablers (both brilliant scientists & common folks) of hitler.

And 64,000 liked Jim Careys post. 8:1 is about the ratio Id expect for people opening denouncing or supporting fascism.

8000 accounts, who knows if they're people.

Italy is a weird place politically. I've met real life communists and fascists there.

Conservatives do love ridged hierarchy..

The fact that you call it pop pop means youre not ready for fascism.

She looks just like her gramps! Thank you. I somehow didn't notice the resemblance before.

I read this in Jeff foxworthy timbre.

Made me remember time some people got mad at Wolfenstein, for "making it political", and "being SJW Antifa", with their Tweet about making America Nazi-free. Reddit post about it: ]]() Tweet itself: ]]().

Shes still married to her husband who was found guilty of child prostitution.

Dead before she was born too.

Punching Nazis is cool and ethical.

A train to the center of earth, where the core temperature is 5200degc (9392degF) I will personally sponsor the ticket.

She's aiming to copy it, actually.

"It's better to be a fascist than to be gay." Wow, she's a peach.

>Hitler Jr for congress? Fun fact: after WWII the various parts of the Hitler family all decided that they would never have children and that the family line would end with them.

See 'Trump family'.

Fun Fact! George H.W.s. father, Prescott Bush, was one of the ringleaders in a plotted coup (along with, I shit you not, J.P. fucking Morgan) that sought to overthrow the Roosevelt administration as it started to implement the New Deal and replace it with a fascist autocracy modeled on Mussolini's Italy. They were discovered because the General they tried to recruit to be the figurehead "leader" (who they expected to take orders from them) was a badass and a patriot (and also the most decorated Marine in the Corps' history), playing along just long enough to take down names before turning them in to the feds. It was known as "The Business Plot,".

Shes his granddaughter, but shes not the only Mussolini thats still in politics in Italy. unfortunately Mussolini doesnt have the same stigma against him in Italy that Hitler has in Germany, many people openly defend that piece of shit, especially his own family.

Ever heard of the Bush family?

She is. She was a member in various fascist parties, including the direct successor of Mussolini's party.

> unless of course you're trying to restart the family business I guess She would be A-OK with that. :-(.

Granddaughter is also a fascist.