Wednesday 30th of September 2020

Dana Bash Just Summed up The Debates Nicely.

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Dana Bash just summed up the debates nicely.
"The whole thing was disgraceful." -- Dana Bash, just now on CNN.
Dana Bash bringing some truth: That was a sh**-show.
Dana Bash just called the debate a shitshow on CNN and I couldnt be more proud.
This debate was hilarious!! I was tickled when Dana Bash of CNN called the debate a shitshow. That's the same word I've used to describe the election season for weeks. It is not disappointing me at all!!

That was a hot mess inside.a dumpster fire inside a train wreck, Jake Tapper says on CNN minutes after the debate concludes. The American people lost tonight. Because that was horrific. That was a shitshow, Dana Bash adds.

Here's the solution: put Trump and Biden in sound proof booths (with a sound feed of the debate into each). If Trump won't shut up, cut off his mic, let Biden finish, and then turn Trump's mic back on when it's his turn. Shitshow Trump2020 BidenHarris2020 Dana Bash Christie.

Dana Bash just said shitshow on tv and she couldnt be more right.
Dana Bash on CNN: That was a shitshow. Correct.
That was a shit show - Dana Bash.
Dana Bash just now on CNN, That was a shit show.
A comment from a friend- That was like a toddler fight over the best train in the toy box. Andrea Mitchell This was a hot mess disgrace. Jack Tapper - That was a hot mess inside in a trash bin fire inside a train wreck. Dana Bash: Im just gonna call it. That was a shit show.

Jake Tapper just said this was the worst debate ever and said it was a 'disgrace' because of Trump. Dana Bash called it a "shitshow" !!!
Dana Bash MSNBC: That was a shit show!
Dana Bash: That was a shitshow.
"The American people lost tonight because that was horrific." - Jake Tapper "That was a shitshow." - Dana Bash "It was a complete disaster on all fronts." - Abby Phillip.
That was a shitshow, says Dana Bash, correctly, of this absolutely disastrous debate. And the shit was being stirred - constantly - by Trump. It was his shitshow.
Dana Bash calls the debate a shitshow and then apologizes for cursing lololo this is so goddam funny. What a catastrophe for America.
"That was a shitshow." Dana Bash.
CNN reactions are quite somthing: Santorum: "I think the president overplayed his hand tonight." Axelrod: "I think Donald Trump may have ended his presidency tonight." Dana Bash: "I'm just going to say it like it is: That was a shit show, and we're on cable we can say that.".

Kudos to Dana Bash of CNN for saying live on-air that this was a "shitshow".
When youve lost Dana Bash youve lost the country.
Jake Tapper: "That was horrific" Dana Bash: "That was a shit show".
Thats a terrific and important point by Dana Bash on CNN. That debate being so toxic could push people not to vote. Thats a huge problem.
Dana Bash really summed that one riiiiiiight up.
NOW: Dana Bash on CNN calls tonights debate a shitshow.
And fwiw Dana Bash characterized accurately what kind of show this was.
That was a shitshow, -Dana Bash , CNN.
Jake Tapper - That was hot mess, inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck Dana Bash - That was a shit show. I am on cable so I can say that.
So disappointed! As Dana Bash, CNN, said, "It was a shit show.".
Thanks for being Honest, Dana Bash. It WAS in deed, a Shit Show.
WATCH: CNN's Dana Bash calls the first presidential debate a "shitshow".

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If youre watching her, we know youre on the wrong side of things. Biden lied his ass off constantly, but luckily was almost gaffe free. Trump was his normal bully self, but still is the best president ever elected. TRUMP 2020.

The debate was a shitshow exclusively because of Donald Trump.

Nailed it.

How professional I guess she has a limited vocabulary.

She told no lies.

True story.

Vermin Supreme 2020.

It was.

No cap.