Friday 28th of August 2020

VIDEO: Dana White Praises President Donald Trump During RNC Appearance, Fact Checkers Pounce on Speech.

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Dana White: "No one person, and no one place could have anticipated the challenges that COVID would bring." Joe Biden on Twitter, October 25, 2019: "We are not prepared for a pandemic.".
UFC President Dana White: This pandemic has also taught us to be very, very careful who you select as your next governor, senator, congressperson and mayor. It is so important to vote and dont think that your vote doesnt matter.

UFC president Dana White says that, before the pandemic, Trump built a great economy, the country was thriving, and "we werent facing the lawless destruction that now is occurring in a few of our great cities. But...Trump is also president now?

RNC saved the best for last! I laughed, I rolled my eyes, and even almost cried at Ann Dorn. Felt inspired by Dana White. This has been the greatest political convention of all time.
At the Republican National Convention, Dana White just said that no one could have anticipated the Covid pandemic.
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What does Dana White know about politics?
Therefore Dana white shouldnt be free to say what he thinks is encouraging for the country? Idk shit bro Im just a comedian, just asking questions and being devils advocate ***nulb.
He obviously took one too many UFC hits to his head.
Dana White was.
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Dana White is trash.
Dana White just KO'd the Democrats at the.
Dana White *wears Rage Against The Machine shirt* Dana White *speaks at the Republican National Convention* Dana White *doesnt understand the meaning of irony*.
Dana White pretending Trump has handled covid well is fucking pathetic. Endorse who you want but this is shameless lying.
Trump staging his convention speech at the White House is a flagrant violation of the Hatch Act. The Act is intended to maintain a clear wall of separation between partisan politics and nonpartisan government functions.

Dana White's lies about Trump's coronavirus response are outrageous. Trump claimed at least 31 times that the virus would just 'go away.' More than 180,000 people have died in the U.S. Dana White's RNC speech was just filled with lies.

UFC President Dana White Goes All In For Re-Electing Trump, Unloads On Those Demonizing Police.
Dana White and Dan Scavino both got twice as much speaking time at the Republican convention tonight than did Mitch McConnell, who is the majority leader of the United States Senate.
I think Dana White's teleprompter is in ALL CAPS.
Dana White's speech makes me want to practice karate in the basement while listening to metal.
Dana White just said "no one person" could have known how bad COVID-19 would be. I beg to differ.
Dana White's full speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention.
Man, Dana White should stick to sports.
Internet split over long-awaited speech by UFC Boss Dana White at.
GREAT job by Dana White pointing out the riots are because of Dem governors and mayors refusing President Trump's help VOTE THEM OUT.
I love Dana White for loving Trump.
Dana White's voice can barely escape his dumb roid neck.
During his RNCConvention2020 speech, Dana White hailed realDonaldTrump's handling of COVID-19 and took veiled shots at protests in support of BlackLivesMatter before calling it "critically important" to reelect the president this November.

I'd love to see him try too. I'm guessing your ass would be tapping out or unconscious in under a minute, lol. Learn who the fuck Dana White is before you speak next time.
Dana White, UFC President: "Let's re-elect President Trump. Let's figure out what the problems are and continue to find solutions.".
.DanaWhite stumps for realDonaldTrump at RNC2020: 'It's critically important to re-elect President Trump'.
Dana white -is a collosal Asshole & liar & a nazi enabler Fuck off Dana - ur a fake tough guy like trump: a coward , a fool - so proudly ignorant of all knowledge. He talking about Covid ? He must have been punched unconscious early & it must hurt to be so fucking dumb.

Fuck you Dana White! I didn't know you were so good at licking tRump's balls.
Dana White is telling a lot of lies about Trump's coronavirus response. Here's one fact check: From January to March, Trump publicly downplayed the COVID threat and predicted that the virus would disappear time that public health experts contend cost the U.S. greatly.

DANA WHITE His name says it all!
Ah yes, nothing will bring suburban moms on board quite like a red-faced Dana White screaming at them from the TV.
"It blows my mind how quickly some of the leadership in this country has forgotten the critical role first responders play in our society," UFC President Dana White says. "Come on, America! Defunding these vital positions is not the answer.".

Of course, this is laughably and provably false: "President Trump may be the only president in modern times who has done EVERYTHING he said would do during his campaign." - Dana White.
Dana White KOd the Democrats tonight!!

What You Really Think

Oh why would I be surprised that a Vox owned company would be this petty. It's pathetic really. Could you define what makes these fact checkers reputable and independent? Oh right you can't, it's just that they push the same fake narratives that your company supports. Disgusting.

Why is his devious stupidity surprising? He's a greasy promoter who happened to have rich friends.

Libatard fact checkers? These are hardly facts!

Dana wtf.

Dana kinda has to be in his corner regardless if he believes in him or not, without trump ufc wouldn't be around unfortunately.

MMAFighting once again proving that theyre the shit stain of MMA Journalism. Clearly run and operated by failed athletes, or humans in general.

Uncle dana drunkenly talkin bout politics at the dinner table.

Why does Dana always shout when he's giving a speech? It was worse 4 years ago but still pretty bad tonight.


Holy shit morons on both sides fact-checkers dosnt mean there was a lie. It means it was fact checked. Read the fooking article. Ffs.

Dana has to button one more button on top, looks sloppy.

Very proud of Dana White.

Guys if it werent for Trump UFC wouldnt exist MMA would be nothing u guys wouldnt have a job I dont like Trump either but with mma its different.

RNC = Rear Naked Choke Right??

"Fact checkers" lol you mean triggered Trump haters.

Fact checkers?!

STiCk To sPo S.