Thursday 16th of March 2023

Is David Johnston Too Close to These Leaders to be Able to Lead a Legitimate Probe into Chinese Election Meddling?

Social Media Says

David Johnston commissioner Leaders' Debates Commission decided True North Rebel from covering election debates 2019 (until Federal Court told Commission pound salt).

Trudeau Govt appointed Debate Commissioner, David Johnston appointed Charitys Keilburger debate commission allowed host from CBC, sued Conservative Party, moderate fair leaders debate. What odds concludes there doesnt need.

WORDS: Watch Justin Trudeau describes former Governor General newly announced special rapporteur, David Johnston family friend, friend fathers friendly neighbour prompting questions about objectivity appointment.

'His Excellency David Johnston lavished with much complimentary notice Chinas news media which been scrubbed reference Xiaobos agonies. Luis body removed from hospital Shenyang dead night.'.

Pierre PoiLIEvre slandered David Johnston sooner than thought!!! other hand Pierre PoiLIEvre defends admires Jordan Peterson!!!
Trudeau appointed David Johnston, close personal friend, Trudeau Foundation Member former Governor General Special Rapporteur look into foreign interference Canadian elections.
David Johnston been family friend Trudeau family decades -does anyone else conflict interest -Trudeau continues play games with parliamentary process.
With respect former David Johnston, Canadians dont want special rapporteur they want public inquiry. implicated this scandal should sole person deciding will preside over this investigation.

crying loud: March 2023: Former governor general David Johnston named special rapporteur foreign meddling Sept. 2017 Trudeau thanks close 'friend' David Johnston service Governor General.

Justin Trudeau waxed lyrical 2017 about days spent skiing Laurentians with Canada's independent special rapporteur close "family friend", David Johnston.
Justin Trudeau names long time family friend, former Trudeau foundation member David Johnston investigator look into election meddling.
David Johnston sure will totally impartial.
David Johnston handled Airbus inquiry?? made sure none right questions were asked?!?!
Trudeau picks David Johnston Rapporteur family friend sits board Trudeau Foundation. Chinese interference must really worst than thought.
misinformation! Article makes mention Johnston Board Trudeau Foundation. Thats definition misinformation.
think David Johnston most qualified we've since Hnatyshyn believe will fair honest job. That being said, because connections Trudeau foundation, there will over report that could have otherwise been avoided.

David Johnston listed members page Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. photo profile appear 10th person down website's Foundation Members page.
Trudeaus independent special rapporteur Chinese interference, David Johnston member Trudeau Foundation -Was friend Pierre Margaret, kids were playing with Justin brothers when both families were their adjacent cottages the.

David Johnston close these leaders able lead legitimate probe into Chinese election meddling?
Trudeau Appoints Former Governor General David Johnston Special Rapporteur Election Interference.
Trudeau thanks close 'friend' David Johnston service Governor General.
Justin Trudeau appointed former Governor General David Johnston Special Rapporteur investigate China's interference Canada's elections funding Liberal politicians. Johnston member Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation known Trudeau since a.

Johnston recommended post governor general former Conservative Stephen Harper, served that role from 2010 2017.
Depressing integrity displayed member federal government David Johnston accepting this especially connections background THERE GOVT THAT WILL SPEAK RIGHT THING CANADA?

David Johnston appointed special rapporteur Justin Trudeau. during time that role that (Johnston) became acquainted with Pierre Margaret Trudeau, Johnston children played with Trudeau children when families were their adjacent.

This does fill with enthusiasm. Former governor general David Johnston named special rapporteur foreign meddling.
Many said this "election interference investigation" going nothing more than cover-up. appointment Trudeau "family-friend" David Johnston special rapporteur confirmation.

very David Johnston stuffing face banquet with Jinping Beijing day, very moment, regime killed beloved dissident Xiaobo. very fucking moment.
Trudeau asking David Johnston Special Rapporteur like asking your boyfriend those pants make your look big.
Excellency Right Honourable David Johnston Governor General Canada Keynote Address Canada China Business Council 35th Banquet Luncheon Beijing Friday, October 2013 "Thank this invitation speak this important assembly. wonderful see.

Prime Minister JustinTrudeau appoints former Governor General David Johnston, Trudeau Foundation Member Independent Special Rapporteur look into foreign interference past Canada elections.

thoughts too. David Johnston should embarrassed FFS.
Foreign interference previous general Canadian elections goes Independent Special Rapporteur, former Governor General Canada appointed former Harper David Johnston. EXCELLENT.

MaximeBernier: Trudeaus independent special rapporteur Chinese interference, David Johnston member Trudeau Foundation -Was friend Pierre Margaret, kids were playing with Justin brothers when both families w.

Trudeaus pick.
Ladies gentlemen: special rapporteur charged with investigating Beijing interference former Governor General, David Johnston.
terrible choice Canada great choice Trudeau. Johnston kind diplomatic individual wholly unsuited political wetwork this kind investigation requires. Done properly, this would careers send message China.

Great Andrew Coyne column from 2010 David Johnston's appointment best Canada indeed.
David Johnston should have declined Trudeau's appointment 'special rapporteur'. democracy important scrutinize past record. Johnston still choose withdraw from what likely predetermined white wash Trudeau's behavior.

that David Johnston been named Rapporteur, Conservatives stretching find some sort conspiracy associated with this choice. I've seen this several times. They retweet stupid shit like this around Social media like it's some kind cryptocurreny. Idiots.

long will this page stay online.
David Johnston honourable person. last people should trying cast doubt someone's integrity.
would someone like David Johnston involved this kiss death your reputation Liberal Govt bail Trudeau's compromised ass!
seriously, anyone expect anything different? half expecting Trudeau appoint mom. This whole "Rapporteur" bullshit just smokescreen anyway. Just call damn inquiry.
Jinping appointed David Johnston "Special Rapporteur" bury election interference scandal.
Johnston uses talking points.
This Conservatives currently trashing being bought-and-paid-for, Trudeau Foundation, partisan" "elite insider", "can't trusted this issue".
David Johnston also sits member Trudeau Foundation.
David Johnston's chief talent strenuously never pissing anybody which isn't really your optimal candidate when potentially have case where some powerful people fucked rather seriously.

announcing David Johnston Special Rapporteur, looking into election interference China. David accepted while sipped brandy adjacent cottages Laurentians properties we've enjoyed since were kids. know he'll Trudeau Foundation proud!

guessed right. reason guessed right that could think more capable getting away with cover Justin Trudeau this situation than David Johnston.
JustinTrudeau appointed former David Johnston special rapporteur. appointed Harper 2010. Retired 2017. PierrePoilievre this should appease you.

What You Really Think

I'm hearing he's a man of integrity. That said his connections to the Trudeau family, the Trudeau Foundation & to China have the appearance of a whitewash. As per Andrew Coyne, this appointment must be free of even the appearance of conflict of interest. It's a slap in the face.

Yes, this is a clear setup.

Not at all PM Harper recommended him to the GG position.

More proof of dif wing same bird theory, these career politicians stick together no matter the colour they fly/flew.

At first I was just concerned about election meddling. But now, after seeing the lengths trudeau will go to, to control any investigation into the matter it's quite alarming. What is happening in this Country?

Thats one working theory that seems to be gaining a lot of traction.

It's very inappropriate but what did we expect.


This countrys waaay passed its best before date thanks to the majority of canadians that back this and the New Liberal Democrats formerly known as NDP and liberal_party.

Here we go again!!

Your supreme leader Harper appointed him GG. You'd only be happy if Brian Lilley, Tamara Leech, (spelled incorrectly on purpose) Theo Fleury, Jaime Sale, or the schmuck from Canada Proud led the charge. You're a miserable bunch.

Lmao Joe this stinks of desperation.. Justin Trudeau has once again outmanoeuvred every conservative! Lmao at u.

Johnston is a man of integrity. I trust him to do his job.

Yes .. PET was a member of club of Rome and David Johnson was Bilderberg .. Trudeau was WEF and Stephen Harper WEF and Bilderberg .. All globalist screwing Canada ..

He's too close to a lot of people.

Yes without a doubt.

Yes !!!

You mean the guy Harper appointed governor general?

Far too close. Why should he be allowed to pick who looks into his scandals ?

Just a smidge.

CBC News! Former Governor General David Johnston finds no evidence that the Chinese interfered with Canada's federal elections. You heard it here first folks!

Did anyone expect anything different really?

Why should the PM and his Party have ANY say in who chairs an investigation into it's goings ons??? This is the Height of Lunacy!

Lets see, didnt his kids play with PET kids?

Trudeau should never have been able to pick.

Police and RCMP shouldve doing the investigation not a globalist criminal pedo.

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