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Monday 1st of June 2020

Coronavirus: Protests A Mockery Of Covid-19 Restrictions Act Leader David Seymour.

David Seymour calls Auckland protest a 'slap in the face' for businesses closed during lockdown.
Act's David Seymour: Protest makes a mockery of level 2 rules.
Racism has killed more people than Covid has David Seymour.
David Seymour and Winston Peters make strange bed fellows. The only political party leaders to condemn the BLM protests across the country. A golden opportunity for toddmullerBoP to step up and make an authoritative statement. Instead? ???? crickets. Bloody hopeless.

Realised the preview image and the headline might make it look like that sentence is about David Seymour, to clarify, it was Mike Allen who threatened to destroy mosques and was condemned by the Holocaust centre, David Seymour just accepted a donation from him for ACT.

Dear me right after David Seymour bit saying as result of protest we should be at level one. Winston comes in supporting him. Jacinda you being out played and made to look like a fool, because you are to so weak. Level one or two? your move.

Racism has killed more people than constituents in David Seymour's electorate.
David Seymour really wants businesses back to normal but doesn't want people to protest racist police violence during lvl2 because he's a racist dog whistling libertarian.
Two legs good four legs bad.
Have you tried David Seymour?
Looks to me like ACT is the major party in opposition. Act's David Seymour: Protest makes a mockery of level 2 rules.
Quite a telling piece. Only Seymour & Peters have spoken out, Ardern is AWOL and Muller has blown an opportunity.
David Seymour has already sent out a stronger and more coherent message. I supported National in 2017, but my vote is moving to ACT this year. Please do better.
Selfish idiots ..I have supported jacindaardern call that we are a team of 5million and AllInThisTogether but this makes me question all of that support, gang funerals, protesters, illegal road blocks. This must end.

Level 2 is a farce, our businesses arent up and running properly yet but protests are in full force .
"Earlier she had warned that people coming together in large numbers and shouting or singing are the perfect combination for allowing Covid-19 to spread." Exactly. The one saving grace is that this was all outdoors.

If Jacinda Ardern stays silent on this, then level 2 just ended. Shocking to see the very sick leftist media condoning random & extreme violence, looting, arsen and destruction of whole communities organized and carried out by far left Antifa terrorists.

Just read a tweet from David Seymour. The tweet was a bit shit, no surprise there, but the great thing was that it got more red Xs nicely queued up in the replies, which made blocking a breeze. Marvellous.

David Seymour What a fucking piece of shit this man is I'll bet if it was a couple of racist Don brash types and their bunch of Tommy Robinson supporters, he would be railing against the level 2 rules No one, nobody should adhere to the falsities he represents.

No, David Seymour has already done that and called the govt on its hypocrisy.
This is also true. Only David Seymour.
So pleased the lockdown is over, looking forward to Level 1 tomorrow.
Much as I loathe David Seymour, he's not wrong. Even our Siouxsie is horrified.
David Seymour's organisation ability is such that level 3 would be no problem to ACT ...
My interest in David Seymour's opinion on any subject, particularly his opinion about the BlackLivesMatter protest, rates just below my desire to receive a full body massage from a gorilla armed with a cheese grater.

Remember Seymour's stunt on Waitangi Day copied straight off Trump MAGA.
Protests: David Seymour a mockery of people with actual human blood in their veins - Me.
Accurate quote. Also quoted as saying he support freedom of expression and that the rules should be removed, but this is the framing Newshub run with? David Seymour says Black Lives Matter protest 'a slap in the face' for businesses closed in lockdown.

What You Really Think

Kiwis pretending they matter.

Wonder if any media have enough integrity to challenge the PM about today's breach of level 2, and why anyone else should now bother to adhere to the rules on mass gatherings (<100 people)?

Seymour was happy to go into lockdown.

Simply put...yip.

We need to start a ifollowedtherules and also those template fb profile picks with the message "I followed the rules".

Lol this guy is either gonna be the head of the next pack, or completely ignored by everyone. for the "lesser of the two evils".

Seymour is 100% correct, allowing this to proceed means level 2 status no longer applies & Kiwis no longer need to follow Covid19 instructions??? The Green Party needs to sanction Gorliz for breaching Covid19 rules.

Which is good reason to endthelockdown NZ Govt is following guidelines from the WHO so it makes sense for us to listen to people who have deceived the public for a very long time. Right? Safety first? Sure thing.

Surely she can't extend the stupid lockdown rules after today's charade.

How many times do you need to post the same thing??

100% the charade needs to end tomorrow.....