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Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Few Actors Can Project Pure Good And Pure Evil On-screen Quite as Effectively as David Tennant.

Few actors can project pure good and pure evil on-screen quite as effectively as David Tennant.
David Tennant really is a SUPERB actor. And versatile too. Staged is by far one of my favourite new comedies of 2020... so different to his truly chilling performance now in Des. Oh and Deadwater Fell was great. As was There She Goes. And that was just this year.

Good starring David Tennant announces new West End venue and 2021 dates.
David Tennant voices support for Scottish independence.
David Tennant is one of the finest actors on the planet right now. He's just brilliant.
David tennants characters: david tennant: >nulb.
All of us watching David Tennant be superbly psychotic in.
David Tennant on Donald Trump is what you need to hear right now.
David Tennant truly is one of Britains finest actors. Blood curdling.
David Tennant with kittens? David Tennant with kittens.
FIRST LISTEN! Hear David Tennant and Alex Kingston team up in the trailer for DoctorWho: The Tenth Doctor and River Song. Pre-order it here.
The David Tennant one ?
: A year ago me and RobertViglasky had three minutes to shoot these shots with David Tennant as Dennis Nilsen in an tiny office. Inspiration for the shoot was these pictures of Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates from Psycho. Not bad for three minutes. Des starts tonight on ITV.

I work at full Sutton Prison for many years and I've got to say David Tennant is playing Dennis Nilsen to the letter he is an arrogant and elite little fucker surprised how long he have caught actions.

Des review David Tennant excels as a perfectly ordinary serial killer.
Dennis Nilsen, the focus of ITVs new three-part series Des starring David Tennant, is one of the UKs most notorious serial killers. But just who was he and how were his shocking crimes committed?
David Tennant as Dennis Nilsen is already giving me chills.
Only David Tennant could go from The Doctor, to Detective, to Marvel Villain, to Demon, to serial killer and carry them off flawlessly! Hes absolutely haunting as Dennis Nilsen, and the resemblance is uncanny. Hes so irritatingly talented, isnt he?

David Tennant has the same bizarre gift that the late great Rik Mayall had; they can both be as ugly or as handsome as they want to be at any given moment, without the use of make up effects. Trying to think who else if anyone can do this.

Ive said this so many times but David Tennant is one, if not the greatest British actor of all time. His range is absolutely unreal.
About to be all over this david tennant serial killer shit i jus know it.
Anyway stan this scottish detective played by david tennant.
David Tennant is so fucking talented oh my god I love that man.
The first episode of Des was very good, yet chilling!!! David Tennant is brilliant as creepy serial killer Dennis Nilsen.
Seeing David Tennant in Des reminds me of why i want to be an actor so bad.
So was anyone gonna tell me david tennant csnt parallel park.
David Tennant as The Doctor: "I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old, and I'm the man who's gonna save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below.".

AUSTRALIA: David Tennants True Crime Drama Des Is Streaming Now On Stan.
I am SO IN LOVE with David and Patrick's love story. Patrick just PROPOSED TO HIM, and I'm DYING. I listened to David Tennant's podcast interview with Dan Levy, and he's just such a funny, charming, talented person. He's the son of the famous Eugene Levy, who plays his dad...

David Tennant, take a bow.
It's genuinely freaking me out just how spot on David Tennant is portraying Dennis Nilsen. This is fucking fantastic.
Due to the sensitive topic of the drama and out of respect for the families of Nilsen's victims, we have made the decision not to post screencaps of David Tennant in Des as we feel it would be inappropriate.

Just watched first part of DES ITV its hard to watch knowing its true. Its intriguing and a tremendous cast. DanielMays9 is one of my favourite actors and brings an uncomfortably feel to the part. David_Tennant as Nilsen is just how he was. Jason__Watkins is magnificent Wow.

The way that david tennant got a low ranking in the david tennant sexiest character awards.
Compelling viewing .. David Tennant superb as per usual .. :).
Of course David Tennant is great in Des. My hope though is that this makes a star out of Ron Cook as the world-weary copper. Seen him on stage over many years. Always brilliant. Time he was recognised as the genius he is.

David tennant 2nd trending in the UK... I shed a tear.
Thank you!
David Tennant Does A Podcast With... CushJumbo tomorrow.
The first episode of Des was great. Across the board the performances were excellent, but have to say, David Tennant is really exceptional. Its a deeply chilling subject matter, well written and really well made.

I switched off after 10 minutes. I was disappointed. Shame - I really liked David Tennant as Casanova so I was really looking forward to this. Although it wasnt him - it was the format of the drama I wasnt keen on.

David Tennant, you were in incredible in Des, as were your colleagues.
Just i little reminder that i'm so proud of david tennant.
I know we all know this but David Tennant is bloody good isnt he?
"i cant wear a mask because i have breathing problems" mf ok david tennant carries the whole film industry on his back but he still wears a bag??
UK TV REMINDER David Tennant stars as Denis Nilsen in Des tonight at 9pm Continues tomorrow at the same time...
Starring David Tennant Me.
This is why he's always been my favorite Doctor! Along with being a great human being!! Alonze!
David Tennant was the best Doctor and I refuse to listen to arguments otherwise -nulb.
Like I know it was 15 something years ago but David Tennant please tell me what it was k thank you, you're super cool.
You were amazing, you have him to a tee, brilliant tv, Daniel hays is also great.

What You Really Think

Offers an absolute masterclass in acting in anything he is in!

Looks like Robert Peston.

He may have been a terrible Doctor, but I don't think he was evil.

God he's so handsome too! As the doc Not Neilson!

Competely agree, he's amazing in Des I think him at his most scary though was playing Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, I don't scare easily but he was truely nightmare inducing.

David Tennants evil in Jessica Jones was EPIC.

When will they cancel him? Didn't he say that he liked the Christmas Specials? Oh. What a monster.

Im the doctor.

I saw a mugshot pic of David Tennant as Dennis Nilsen side by side with the REAL Dennis Nilsen, Uncanny.

I can't say just how phenomenonal he was as Des. So versatile. Fantastic actor.