Tuesday 26th of May 2020


Alphonso davies is fast as f***.
Alphonso Davies just registered a speed of ( ) chasing back against Erling Haaland. Thats almost into the Top 10 recorded speeds in the all-time.
Live look at Alphonso Davies. 0-0 (35).
Alfonso Davies gets a yellow card for a clean tackle on the ball bad call by the ref.
You can t slide tackler cleaner than Davies did on Reyna. But still a yellow card & a free-kick in very dangerous position. Bayern-Bonus my ass.
Davies gets a yellow for winning the ball and Boetang blocked a goal bound ball with his arm and received nothing. Are these Prem refs in disguise?
Alphonso Davies was born in a refugee camp spending the first 5 years of his life there. As a young boy, he raised his siblings while his parents both worked long hours. Today, he s Canada s biggest star and one of the brightest talents in Europe.

Reyna wins a freekick. Davies booked. Referee crowded.
I wish anything in my life was as reliable as Alphonso Davies.
Wish I had Alphonso Davies pace.
Robertson is still better than Davies.
Alphonso Davies spent the first 5 years of his life living in a refugee camp. As a kid, he d have to raise his siblings as his parents worked very long hours. Today, he s Canada s next big thing and one of the brightest talents in Europe. Remember the name.

Alphonso Davies foul on Gio Reyna in Bayern-Dortmund clash. PEAK CONCACAF HAS BEEN ACHIEVED.
74 yellow card for davies after a tackle on reyna. he looks to have gotten the ball from the replay.
Some of you after almost three years can t accept that Salah is the best right winger in the league but say Davies is the best LB itw after watching 3 games of him.
Davies is fast AF. sheesh.
No Im referencing to Davies tackle, he got the ball but Referee has balls in eyes too.
Davies getting a yellow cuz he got the ball.
If Alphonso Davies continues to work really really really hard he will be close to Saka s level soon.
I love this Alphonso Davies.
Give me the option to choose between Alphonso Davies and Robertson and 9 times out of 10 Im choosing Alphonso Davies but thats just me.
So many football experts comparing Alphonso Davies and Kimmich (a midfielder btw) to Robertson and Trent again because they ve watched 3 games of Bundesliga this season.
5/7 Baton made from 18-carat Welsh gold. This was presented to Clara Novello Davies by William Pritchard Morgan (the "Welsh Gold King") in 1900, and used by her for 40 years.
Reyna dove for that. Poor Davies.
Understandable foul there. Davies was annoyed that he was no longer the only CONCACAF player on the field.
Listen to this National Day of Prayer Capitec Dortmund Sjava Kimmich Davies Ambitious National Day of Prayer Teddy.
Alphonso Davies is RAPID Hes barely in the picture when Erling Haaland goes through on goal!
do you think owen hargreaves likes Alphonso Davies?
Sports presenter meets the inspiring player Alphonso Davies, who is taking the football world by storm.
Ja! Watch the Bundesliga live on BT Sport ( ) Tweeted: Alphonso Davies is RAPID Hes barely in the picture when Erling Haaland goes through on goal!
Alphonso Davies clearly gets the ball and is booked.
Video: Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies shows INCREDIBLE recovery speed to deny a clear chance for Haaland.
People really compared this guy to Andy Robertson. Davies is special.
Alphonso Davies is tremendous.
Very true and also statistically speaking thats a small sample size to use for Davies and say his better than Trent and RObertson. Its so amazing how a high profile match is allowed to have such shallow commentators with such thinking.

If Dahoud gets a yellow winning that, then so should Davies.
THE key figure.
UPDATED: The 30 Tory MPs who publicly want DC out: Ross Baldwin Gale Vickers Bone Whittaker Goodwill Maynard Pawsey Syms Loughton JMcCartney Aldous Stevenson Nokes Collins Davies Sturdy Shelbrooke Harper Hammond Hoare Percy Warburton Garnier Wright Colburn Neill D-Price Robertson.

BREWERS K THE REDS The 10 Beermakers who ve struck out the most 120 Gallardo 106 Sheets 77 Capuano 71 Nelson 69 Peralta, W 64 Davis 54 Estrada 52 Bush 51 Hader K/9 51 Davies = Best K/9 on list.
Kimmich>Trent and Davies>Robertson on the timeline yet again.
Davies closes down H land to prevent a sure goal.
I am enjoying watching Alphonso Davies TikToks more than this game.
Davies fitness levels are unmatched on this pitch.
lol they just played loud "BOOs" when got booked but technically theyre in s stadium. Who are these imaginary away fans dominating the audio ??
Referee has been quite poor this evening, Davies clearly wins the ball from Reyna. Hes been very stop start Tobias Stieler, inconsistent .
Fair to say you hear this one a long time before (and after) you see Hope you give the RGT s their natural Belgian home in whatever Rally team does next ;).
Alphonso Davies after he dribbles past Hakimi for the 43rd time.
Alphonso Davies has to be the best left back in the world right now and what s funny is he s natural position isn t even that!
Alphonso Davies looks absolute so fast.
Alphonso Davies Is A Baller.
That s a rough yellow, Davies got ball. Did the same thing earlier tho so at least he s consistent.
We have learned ... Lewandowski is anonymous. Sancho is unfit. Gnabry wont protect Davies on left wing. Brandt not willing to fight. Coman ALWAYS passes sideways, And Davies, M ller and Kimmich will drag a team to victory!

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As fast as lightening.

Sooooo true.

All these ppl in here are plastic.

Hot offer.

He made Haaland his bitch.

Almost, but wrong jersey color.

Humels just took him down a.

I feel at this point he might be faster than (Sorry ).

Amou as cores do uniforme n.

He s all over those bumblebees today!!!

Finding it hard to find the net yet?