Sunday 2nd of May 2021

Don't Forget to Join us For a Celebration of DawnChorusDay LIVE Starting Right Now How Does The Dawn Chorus Sound Where You Are? Reply And Let us Know!

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Wake bright early tomorrow celebrate magic birdsong. Join DawnChorusDay LIVE from 5am, with ChrisGPackham MeganMcCubbin 8am! Don't miss out.
Don't forget join celebration DawnChorusDay LIVE starting right does dawn chorus sound where are? Reply know!
Start your with difference immerse yourself magic dawn chorus Join from Sunday DawnChorusDay LIVE, with ChrisGPackham MeganMcCubbin 8am!
DawnChorusDay lets celebrate amazing birdsong hear each morning moment with Ravilious wood-engraving from 1930s.
Happy DawnChorusDay! Birds song during mating season attract mates well using tool defend their territories. Take listen some most familiar songs!
Because it's DawnChorusDay, we're going to spend the day tweeting about tweeting! First up - that old world warbler, the Blackcap.
Sat on the doorstep listening to dawn chorus for the.
Pretty decent freezing cold.
Leanne headed to her local Nottswildlife nature reserve to listen to the dawn chorus sound up for some glorious bird song! Who else has been enjoying DawnChorusDay?
From RSPB The Oa reserve. Wren, Twite, Curlew, Raven, Hooded Crow, Common Sandpiper, Starling, Linnet, Oystercatcher, Chaffinch and many more!
Happy DawnChorusDay!
Join DawnChorusDay LIVE hear beautiful birdsong from across does dawn chorus sound where are? Reply know!
Happy DawnChorusDay from CotteridgePark in.
Sit back and listen to the sounds of nature Video taken by British farmer LinesMartin on his farm in Cambridgeshire.
HAPPY DAWN CHORUS DAY! People around world have jumped extra early this morning hear beautiful sounds birds singing creeps into can't beat nature's music! Just listen relax..

Happy dawn chorus day! plan getting early didnt quite make today. Birds still singing their through morning though
Just glorious.
woke early InternationalDawnChorusDay. Blackcaps were definitely highlight every single feathered alarm clocks were joy. Nice more records, including little egret great crested grebe, CityNatureChallenge too.

Morning! Sound this one! InternationalDawnChorusDay birds really putting their best vocal concert garden! Birdsong incredible gift nature gives ears every day, have listen Happy.

That just fantastic! DawnChorus DawnChorusDay Youve hard follow.
Thankyou Lovely video!
Wakey wakey ! We know it's early but we're about to go LIVE for International DawnChorusDay . Tune in now for two hours of solid live Dawn Chorus from across UK habitats - woodlands, wetlands and more...

Dawn from garden whilst taking Dawn Chorus today, (might need give click).
Happy Dawn Chorus Day! Take moment step outside, even just crack open window, listen some birdsong. What hear?
Happy InternationalDawnChorusDay Such beautiful morning here! Spectacular!
Up on the hills above Stockport.
Chilly, bright and very worthwhile early start for.
Holy Island. Tide cars.
Love seasons winter sometimes drags long love warm breeze bird song know DawnChorusDay Clive
Tomorrow DawnChorusDay inspired wake early with this beautiful watercolour painting, 'Blackbirds Dawn', Emma Price then paint what hear?
Where seabirds woodland birds collide. Fulmar chiffchaff celebrate DawnChorusDay with Ramsey (with jackdaw too!).
Oxford Island live! DawnChorusDay dawnchorus2021 from Armagh.
Getting into nature important just DrAmirKhanGP! have regular birds you're hearing this DawnChorusDay?
early post start DawnChorusDay It's bird breeding season, take care when exploring, watching nests sticking main pathways. spoilt choice with variety have gardens.

Good morning Mayo. absolutely stunning sunrise this morning.
What treat listening NatureE with inputs from across Celtic countries regions. Heres little from Paris late still dawn...).
Tweet! (Am late?).
Happy DawnChorusDay ! Birds song during mating season attract mates well using tool defend their territories. Take listen some most familiar songs!
Happy international dawn chorus from Wild Finca. misty start subdues orchestra little theyre still giving good
Apparently DawnChorusDay little early birds have until 6.20am...and still asleep pretty quiet chorus this morning! Heres repost poem wrote while ago. Thanks reading!

early birds singing their hearts DawnChorusDay 'Hidden crab apples' limited edition linocut print, details here>.
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Happy InternationalDawnChorusDay from Leonards-on-sea. Includes sparrow nesting eave, seagull, obviously.
Dawn chorus rte1 been simply fabulous. What beautiful world DawnChorusDay derekmooney Thank all.
Sunrise garden with singing wren, blackcap, willow warbler etc. Dont know ever sleep.
Near Leek.
Happy DawnChorusDay folks! Hope your magical early) start! live stream soundscapes inspiring your birdsong skills, heres video from Stephen help out.

Cant WhatsApp send recording ERadio1 heres DawnChorus video instead!
Many worms were caught. Birmingham, UK.

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Can anyone explain why all the lovely small birds have gone from my garden. Even had a nesting pair of robins that were a joy to watch. Our garden was alive with birds, now just a few blackbirds. Ive spotted sparrow hawks circling could this be the reason .

Rich and fruity! & there go the ducks.

Am listening since 5.30 and it has been beautiful. Fed them (walked out in t shirt and trainers and not much else... but no one about! ).

Noisy but wonderful.

Happy DawnChorusDay! Loving the live footage, accompanied by wrens, robins, blackbirds, bluetits & goldfinches to name a few from my garden.

What a racket! Happy.


POO Pigeon is first to arrive here every day and last to leave he has taken over my garden sits on the food or sits in the water bath so no one else can get a look in he used to tap on the roof at dawn for food but i had a new glass roof so he doesnt do it now.


In the Chilterns its a bit chilly 3.9 degrees weathertrending in our back garden.

Loud. Fantastic. Blackbird. My favourite V.

Beautiful dawn chorus.

Celebrate our birds and yesterday I saw so many birds in the garden feeding.

It's fantastic.xx.