Thursday 27th of May 2021

Villarreal Goalkeeper Gero Rulli Denied Manchester United Goalkeeper David de Gea to Win The Europa League ( TUDNUSA).

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Heaton reached agreement re-join Manchester United, johncrossmirror. goalkeeper will sign contract next days. MUFC Also: contacts between David Roma despite rumours from Italy because Mourinho links.

will never forgive you. Goodnight.
Bruno Fernandes after game.
Herrrrrr Gea. He's dead United fans demma hands inside.
Geas penalty miss with Titanic music background.
When United players dressing room.
Villarreal: 11 - Utd: David misses final penalty, Spanish side have their first ever major trophy!
Penalties. MISSES. Villarreal: ManUtd: WE'VE EUROPA LEAGUE!!!!!! GOD.
hasnt saved since 2016. faced, conceded. save PKs? No Juju that?
still best goal keeper world. saves against Arsenal 2017 eeh.
SAPA nice one, Man.u reach final, them collect cup... OleOut Fernandes Gea.
Massive reactionary tweet here hadnt saved penalty since April 2016. that time Henderson saved with amount subs that Solksjaer didnt want would really have been terrible Henderson shootout like Krul World Cup?

never need Lindelof shirt again.
Rashford Bruno Fernandes watching David getting blame poor performance Manchester United
about taking
players dressing room.
Manchester United have been patient enough with Ole. They have accorded respect club legend deserves it's time leave!!! club move forward. Conte, Allegri Zidane free signed. OleOut Fergie gea.

Professor: United players score including Fred James. Rulli: that will make them Europa League winners Professor: Thats where comes
their luck. good keeper good scorer.
shit when taken penalties team came their league deserve lose.
miss better with Titanic music.
Anger worn aside), still love this manager. again next year man. More life than football.
that this Gea, mad.
Blame want. been scapegoat often enough these past years. Or... maybe look mins actual football before decided lottery penalty shoot-out want point fingers. Just thought.

after missing penalty.
Manchester United fans: will Europa League David Gea;.
Remember would have genuinely made final were gea. Remember that before slander him.
Here details written penalties. They weren't enough.
looked stands. Villarreal fans, fellow spaniards said, can't down amigos.
CONGRATULATIONS Villareal makes wins finals Spanish teams European competition OleOut Zidane Fernandes Amad 120mins fernandes Saturday Coach EuropaLeagueFinal Iheanacho conte Rashford Chukwueze Paul Scholes penalties MANVIL Mourinho.

walking into villareals changing room.
Remember when save Documents trend everywhere swallowed eleven corrupt files night.
What should have happened after penalty miss.
It's fact left that didn't use. Henderson staring face. analysts. know conceded last 25(36) pens since 2016. Then should. Henderson nearly save rate from pens ***.

Probably thinking another girl. Him didnt save penalties when turn saved, what ours.
told about years ago.
Leave alone. lost because werent good enough beat field against crap average team. Shouldnt have gea.
know must shaking
Bruno Fernandes: Abhi make carry run? Amad, OleOut,De Gea.
penalty Girl why? Because want miss you.
impressively ripping rule book there that keepers have nothing lose penalty shoot-outs. Fails save then misses decisive one.
Dean Henderson goal then Manchester comfortably this trophy with ease. know that David absolutely trash saving taking penalties, still picked him. what Congrats Villarreal.

guess Geas fault took minutes make sub, created fuck all, looked tactically inept from minute
catch penalty score penalty that's Equilibrium".
Dean Henderson saved penalties faced career David saved 64,surely manager biggest football clubs world ought know these stats nobody like Masaki knows them,ole this u.

fans we'll Win De gea.
actually don't blame missing penalty, Rashford scored that goal won't have been playing Penalty kick first place.
David useless penalties.
Professor: United players score Rulli: Professor theyd match Professor: Rulli, thats where comes
players when they catch locker room.
defend well like wall until forget score. Shouldnt blame folks.
Pls, know Manchester united give them call now. EgetY Nigeria Daniel James Chukwueze Zidane Amad Morinho OleOut Good ebening Fernandes Rashford Manchester United UELfinal Henderson Fergie penandes.

Still waiting similar tweet from gea.
that coming? Geronimo Rulli saved 22nd kick marathon shoot-out from fellow goalkeeper David give Villarreal their first major European trophy.
What's three word? African Nigeria OleOut Good Ebening Haram Zidane Amad Ndidi Mourinho
Apparently Paul Pogba caught more balls than tonight.
When referee says only take penalty shoot out. gea.
Fergie stands watching that penalty.
gea's last kick United kick them Europa League.
dont blame todays lost.
talking dressing room.
blame asamoah gyan again take note.
bless David years.
didnt close penalty really. Great goalkeeper penalties.
There point saying Solskjaer have courage take Rashford off, replacing with Henderson considered. saved last mufc pens excluding shootout that shootout could hardly have gone worse him. Feel him.

cruise catch, even catch
made save whole 130mins went ahead miss pen, shame Ole.

What You Really Think

Lets hope its Dean Henderson. You cant have a Spanish keeper in a final against a Spanish team.

Always rated Rulli.

Degea threw that shootout. I've never seen a keeper look that bad ever.

Geez it went to the 11th player?!

Thank God Villareal won because if not , we would be seeing these highlights every day for an entire year and more.

Degea??? no he was just hopping around like a goose between the goal post.

Everyone saw it no need to hide.

A goalkeeper is not supposed to score any kind of goal under any circumstances ,Man United failure is on the team in general for not being able to win the game during regular time .

I think youll find David de Gea denied David de Gea , by following 21 great penalties with one atrocious one.

The body language says it all, no confidence.

Its so hard being a Man U fan.

De Gea ***.

It should have been tuanzebe or lindelof or james but not de gea.. you had one job do one job.

He rolled it like he was trying to miss.

Ole at the wheel.

Donnarumma to Man U De Gea to Alcorcon.

Fuck Manchester United.

Ole most gooooo...

Bien rulli.