Sunday 4th of June 2023

F*ck it, it's David de Gea.

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F*ck it's David Gea.
anytime Gundogan hits ball.
Manchester United's last time they 2016. Only Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial David remain.
United really stood their ground against those machines.. just sell match Blud should fine that second goal.
Peter Schmeichel second goal: Personally think should save
Micah Richards: City fan, have admire Gea. should invited treble parade! ]laughs]. seriously mufc need him.
Omo, must team back Manchester.
Keane: need goalkeeper world class striker, sick saying keeper important striker midfielder, loveespect club legend while admitting it's time move above player.

Fair play eric getting these bums club never comes crosses.
Erik Hag: "When play against City don't give anything game, it's credit team, when concede goals like did] that, it's disappointing.".
glad world watching this disasterclass today that only positive take from this situation.
Marks saying Geas better than Ederson Ortega better than Gea! bethTmufc says even though like mufc players, good amount them proved theyre just very level today.

Keane Gea: expect your keeper save that ]Gundogans goal] didn't thats were seeing these ]Man City] celebrations. United, they need world class goalkeeper isn't.

Today's Worldwide Twitter Trends : 1. Gea 2. FACupFinal 3. Gundogan 4. Sancho 5. Eriksen 6. Garnacho 7. City 8. SixTONESANN 9. Manchester City 10. Hag.
Putting blame alone while Sancho's stinker swept under carpet isn't fair enough Second goal gea's view blocked defenders.
Blame nightmare have front goal.
geas premier league golden glove.
getting cooked looooool.
Peter Schmeichel: think even more useful than David Gea].
Thanks costing multitude trophies time good riddance David Gea.
Anyone calling selling rashford, Sancho, fred, them needs checkup.
this Elitebook 31000 Processor Intel core i7 Speed 2.8GHz with Intel graphics Storage Ram/256GB ssd CONTACT 0717040531/DM ECB001 Rashford Garnacho MUNMCI Gundogan Brownskin Manchester United MPESA.

drew this celebrate Manchester City WINNERS . . Man City Community Shield Hazard Garnacho UWCLfinal Trey Beckham Haaland Weghorst Rashford Rest Peace Inter Milan Bruyne Barcelona Guardiola Gundogan.

seriously need sell gea,sancho,mctominay,martial start also replace eriksen starting eleven. Mediocre players.
Beth always attack proof that abandoned father when little. She's lacking Love. Feminism destroying Beth, she'll definitely with guys like Rants Bantz.

Schmeichel, best goalkeepers ever wrong, game Keane, treble winner United - United need goalkeeper seriously believe youre correct over these two?

David Geas distribution: like this, right direction there issues game have improve, definitely, want make next step trophies.
Let's MarcusRashford contract sorted, class striker, more mobile midfielder then possible, another think awesome season, want play looks wants, then maybe another GK.

Peter Schmeichel Gea: should have done better. very surprised that went ]City second goal]. isnt following game.
David shoot same shit again!
truly United legend cared about club recognise that doing more harm than good leave when contract runs month. Rooney left soon realised could longer play level required player.

dont understand united fans isn't good with feet He never been Why forcing something he's not, then blame he's good
account asking what needs change, please open your eyes.
always laugh defend technical players. Dont think keeper also lack technical abilities unable help team keep possession? BHA, City, possession-based teams guess what they have common, keeper play.

days until Geas contract ends counting down minutes blud.
that gundogan goal.
Erik David Gea's kicking game: Let's this way, we're right track, there some issues game that need improve want step further some trophies.

Geas legacy this club: Gifted City treble Destroyed careers Countless game errors Cant kick ball Terrified physical contact Mentally weak.
Utd's decision David contract will reflect their long-term ambition.
Gundogan wouldnt have been left edge himself entire team didnt have camp yard protect cant command area save life.
'I'm sick saying Keane calls Manchester United 'world-class goalkeeper' after David woes.
Erickson happened.
costing united another trophy??
will thrown into complete meltdown when United announce Geas contract extension Monday morning.
Gea's performance definitely disappointing, let's forget incredible effort from Ajax keep clean sheet against team like City that's impressive! homepage plz.
final highlights.
been arrested yet.
What frustrates isn't that lost, it's manner which lost. Eriksen completely mistake again. Collective inability consistently string passes together. Toothless upfront. None this acceptable.

Gea Maguire Eriksen Fred Mctominay Weghorst Sabitzer Sancho Martial Thanks everything lads, best luck with your futures.
Rightly didn't even move. dived probably would have saved
Dont wrong problems span further than David Gea. addressing goalkeeper position *properly* hands down most impactful change make. Even more than number eyes.

thought gave good account ourselves made them work better against them than Arsenal Madrid. Some saying fault both goals, myself only second. We created some exciting chances second half.

Peter Schmeichel, Utds best ever says that shouldve saved Keane, Utds greatest ever captain, says that club need Mark Goldbridge, Forest fan, disagrees with both statements. decide want believe.

annoying neither team standout players really. just that heavy, what loser man.
Walking home from football everyone just looking weird wondering till realized wearing United jersey. nau.
also side.
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watching replay Final between Manchester united Manchester city,and making same mistakes.
kicking: "Say like this, right direction there issues game have improve, definitely, want make next step trophies." ]lauriewhitwell].

asked about Gea's problematic distribution: 'Say like this: right direction. there occasions game, issues game, have improve, definitely, want make next step trophies.'.

Were seeing this City celebration just because other players good enough decided mess
Listen don't like united club that actual humans with human feelings capacity grief fans deserves gea.

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Bruno fraudnandez.

The first one was special to be fair.


Man scored lucky goals.