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Friday 24th of July 2020

Jacob DeGrom's Pitch Speeds to Start The Season: -99 Mph -99 Mph -99 Mph -99 Mph -100 Mph -99 Mph ( Mets).

I should be watching baseball but, hey MLB, if youre gonna make it political, Im out. All I want to do is watch the great deGrom, but if youre gonna make lefty political messaging the price tag, I can find other stuff to do. Ill miss you.

Jacob deGrom's first six pitches today: -99 mph -99 mph -99 mph -99 mph -100 mph -99 mph (strikeout, swinging).
2020 Predictions: playoff teams LAD, AZ, SD, CINC, CHIC, MIL, ATL, WASH, NYY, TB, MINN, CLE, CHIW, OAK, HOU, LAA. WS: LAD over NYY. MVPs: Trout, Justin Turner; CY: Gerrit Cole, deGrom; ROY: Robert, Hoerner.

Jacob deGrom may never get run support the rest of his career, and that's a terrible shame.
Honestly, being able to simply watch Jacob deGrom pitch every fifth day in the year 2020 even if its only 12 starts over 60 games is such a gift. No fans in the ballparks is weird and eerie, but deGroms stare from the mound is the same. How he dissects hitters is the same.

I would do unspeakable things to get Jacob deGrom in a Braves uniform.
Jacob deGrom has... ...six strikeouts through four innings. ...thrown a league-high 27 consecutive scoreless innings dating to last season. ...averaged 99 mph on his fastball and 93 mph on his slider today. ...thrown 62 pitches. Mets 0, Braves 0, mid-fourth.

Jacob DeGrom is so good at baseball its scary.
Fans are annoyed to see that deGrom is getting that Maddux/Glavine strike zone today.
Hey - can we not give deGrom an extra 4 inches off the plate? He doesnt need it.
He's not found the stroke zone consistently so far, but DeGrom's working through it anyway like only he can.
Degrom the greatest of all time.
I know right! Damn Degrom is so good.
DeGrom is so smiley today, we love it.
DeGrom still blowing baseballs passed batters. 2020 proof.
And as usual the bats are silent. Can we get rid of the DH? deGrom is usually the only one who provides any offense in his starts.
Fucking garbage umpire giving degrom the maddux strike zone.
Jacob deGrom pumping 99mph THREE TIMES past Ronald Acuna. Good morning, good afternoon, good night.
Mets not giving DeGrom any run support? Ahhh baseball really back!
Jesus, the Mets just cannot score for deGrom. Its insane how this lineup will score 8 for Syndergaard but none for him. The idiotic UniversalDH makes it that he can't help.
Because Degrom[?]nulbis Dealing today Gents.
How many times will Jacob deGrom strike out the Braves today?
How about the Mets? Alonso/Nimmo/McNeil/Conforto/ Rosario PLUS deGrom/Thor/Wheeler/Matz/ Gsellman (not even including Harvey) and still not even a playoff team? Just pumping out good young players all the time and theyre still meh.

I love deGrom, but can he never pitch against the Braves? I know you have a plan to make it happen.
Jacob deGrom, Constantly Smiling is a weird thing.
DEGROM pitching is litteral porn.
And now degrom looks like hes happy with his control ! Pitchers Duel !!! Im loving this ! Baseballs back ! I so happy !
Jacob deGrom just faced Freddie Freeman, Marcell Ozuna, and Matt Adams and ESPN couldn't care less as they reminisce.
Can we fucking score for DeGrom please.
Ok score some runs now (Evergreen DeGrom start tweet).
Dont you umpire select? Do you give a full on the corners? Degrom is getting a full ball on that outside corner. And to be fair its consistent.
If I was facing deGrom and he dropped a 93mph changeup on 3-0 I would just go home.
DeGrom sooooo cold bro!
Having "suffered" through the previous few years, we deserve to have a better bullpen in 2020. Please, just let us have this. Let deGrom have this.
How about a run or three for deGROM?
As a Yankee fan i can confidently say DeGrom is probably worth 40-50 mill a year hes automatic.
I don't think Jacob DeGrom's facial hair has ever looked so good.
Jacob DeGrom didnt forget how to pitch so thats good.
Degrom's changeup is 93mph, i'd vomit at the plate.
DeGrom makin it look easy. Might as well yawn out there...
New season, same run support for Degrom.
Thanks ESPN, I dont watch Mets games to see DeGrom Ks, Im here for that Mike Piazza FaceTime action...
DeGrom is DEALING Mets offense has no runs Yup, Baseballisback Lets get some runs Boys!
Can we please get Degrom on the fucking plate, Jesus he is unreal as it is. Let alone when he is getting 6-8 inches of the corner.
Death, taxes and the Mets not scoring runs for DeGrom.
DeGrom winning his 3rd straight Cy Young this year with only 3 wins.
DeGrom is throwing that sharp cheddar tonight.
Death, taxes, no deGrom run support...
Jacob deGrom has 6 strikeouts through 4 innings and Mike Soroka 2 through 3 innings. Zero runs and only two hits allowed combined. If you like pitching, this game should make you happy.
Jakkkkkkob DeGrom is too good.
Hey espn, these teams only play 60 games. deGrom might start 14 if were lucky. Can the broadcast actually show the game?! Thanks.
Aight lets get deGrom some run support.. cono.
Yo ump. DeGrom doesn't need help.
Jacob deGrom is the textbook definition of elite.
Its no wonder why DeGrom is back to back cy young award winner. I could win one with the strike zone hes getting today!
DeGrom, Trout, Acuna and Betts.
Mets gotta help deGrom. He's pitching a gem right now. This aint last season, dont screw him over.
We might need the bourbon club soon after watching degrom.
DeGrom painting the black with 98 just isnt fair.
Hey espn I love Mike Piazza, but Id rather watch Jacob Degrom strike guys out then the 240p video off his iPhone.
DeGrom has 6Ks through 4 innings.
Its not hating. Its the truth. You cant be a fan if youre delusional. Soroka and trae are great, but u cant compare them to degrom or lilliard.
Guys, this Jake deGrom fellow seems very good at the sport of base ball.
My hot take is that if Jacob deGrom is on the mound, then the focus should be on Jacob deGrom.
Especially this year we have to win deGrom's starts. It's so important.
Jacob deGrom's pitch speeds to start the season: -99 mph -99 mph -99 mph -99 mph -100 mph -99 mph ( Mets).
I love Jacob deGrom.
Jacob DeGrom receiving these strike outs from the ump.
When the ump is giving DeGrom pitches off the plate hes basically unhittable.
Degrom update: having a particularly fun game.
Is going deGrom. Looking good on this totally normal opening day of 2020. Soroka better Soroka if these Braves want a win to start the season.
DeGrom getting Acuna and Albies out but letting the white man reach base.
DeGrom getting some wild calls though.
This degrom guy is kinda good.

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Tommy john surgery on his way.

Everyone's so high on gerrit cole it's like this guy is getting forgotten about.

Remember when you hated on my pick of degrom. Listen to the champ.


Hes tuff.

I go to church on Sunday dont want to watch kneeling on Thursdays and Fridays.

Thank god for pitch count.

Bout to be a whole pitchers duel today.

Shouldve been a dodger smh.