Thursday 6th of May 2021

Facebook Upholds Trump's Suspension. I Wonder if DonaldJTrumpJr Has Anything to Say About That on Today's Show...

Social Media Says

It's pretty quick deactivate your account, little harder remove yourself from Facebook completely. more than once. This worth read want DeleteFacebook (and, believe totally absolutely 100% worth it).

opened first Facebook account early 2006--back when invited have .edu email. writing status that format would read: Lindsey happy with decision deleteFacebook.

radical left wants DeleteFacebook because hasnt de-platformed Donald Trump yet. idea freedom speech only one-way street these fanatics pretending advocates tolerance. Leftists everything that they claim fighting.

already DeleteFacebook,I've another authoritarian one-sided discussion. My only reason temporarily staying Twitter,is protect my"Likes":1,000 pages proof ElectionFraud Youtube deleted before could archive,so wait transfer to.

Is trending.
Facebook allows back...everyone needs DeleteFacebook IMMEDIATELY!
Facebook upholds Trump's suspension. wonder DonaldJTrumpJr anything about that today's show...
DeleteFacebook trending?
This what with Facebook years ago.
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DeleteFacebook trending from Murican left, surprise. Seem like left right agree something. Reasonings being polar oppoites still, it's something...
Because every two-person private conversation actually 3-way.
miss freedom...
Because like fascist Nazi Germany, people disagree with shouldnt able speak.
The world needs more Zoidberg and less Zuckerberg.
these people still alive? (London 24th 2021)
What's Facebook? - People will secretly Facebook.
don't know oversight board facebook them consider reinstating Trump after years disinformation lies culminating traitorous that resulted violence death completely unacceptable.

Instagram Deletes Signal Because Facebook Doesnt Want Signal Show Invasive Facebook Truly Are. Should Really.
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this 2016. advice...
Technology isn't problem. Colonization Ever since Romans made their cities cats tasted richness. We've been treated less than human, don't value each other, over populated essential living skills illegal only wealthy.

This worth read want DeleteFacebook (and, believe totally absolutely 100% worth it).
Is trending on Twitter, WTF Worry about this trash site first.
Facebook getting cancelled 9999th time this year.
bright side Facebook telling tRump fuck off. many don't have DeleteFacebook now!! expecting we'll entertainment right take over hashtag now!!
People thinking that DeleteFacebook will actually convince people delete Facebook.
Ahem Facebook's "indefinite suspension" TraitorTrump permanent ban, meant time while they figure allow two-ton, lying back into place.
hope that guys enjoy drawing gardevoir from Pokemon, remember that always comment want draw something PokemonNsfw PokemonGoRaids PokemonSnap furry PokemonGo pokemonfanart ArtistOnTwitter hentaii DeleteFacebook furryart ;).

Happy Wednesday babes youtube music DeleteFacebook Facebook Instagram will reinstate President Trump's accounts today Happy Cinco Mayo wednesdaythought WednesdayMotivation RevengeOfTheFifth Hump Day Oversight Board.

fact that facebook even considering reinstating Assfaces accounts tells need know about what worthless, right-wing, evil platform much weak, cowardly shitbag Marc Zuckerberg is.

Fine with that, think millions that search that inspirational quote that says exactly what's their mind? What will they then?
broken their terms service multiple times. allowed back, going
Is trending. Me .
cant deletefacebook marketplace.
BuyDogecoin dogecoin Doge $DOGE $FB.
Lets sellFB trending with DeleteFacebook just thought.
love that DeleteFacebook trending, when Twitter just equally insane. social media with INTENT, folks. stop fucking raising your hands begging followers.
Trump still thinks he's rightful president Trump poised incite extreme outrage acts chaos insurrection against this Country again Brace yourselves, kids If Trump gets Facebook privileges back things will really bad --really fast.

international corporations, such Twitter, actively trying interfere elections must charged with federal crimes. It's time. DeleteFacebook CincoDeMayo WednesdayThought Oversight Board House GOP.

don't know Earth anyone still that hellsite Facebook, are, they former back tomorrow, sure hope y'all will your foot down delete your accounts. not, you're supporting deliberate destruction democracy.

Did that 9 years ago...never looked back either.
Unless stated explicit purpose disseminating anti-fascist agit prop friends family otherwise would exclusively exposed pro-fascist normalization lies.
These teachers have inspired give these children raise. longer will they held hour. Today going forward will hour. Congratulations this!
loving DeleteFacebook trend. bunch people because their dear leader Donald Trump remains banned.
Which One is your favourite App 1/3 for Facebook Like for the Twitter.
dont know DeleteFacebook trending never win.
sure DeleteFacebook trending
Facebook is deleting democracy. The Cambridge Analytica scandal helped decide elections. Without your data, your profile, Zu kerbing has no power.
This suspension must turn into permanent ban. former returns, hell drag Facebook down with him. DeleteFacebook Oversight Board upholds Trump's Facebook suspension Axios.
People it's work organization keep touch with people. Work harder fuckers!
Facebook is the National Enquirer of all Social Media platforms.
Everyone should read and comprehend this Re: Facebook. Re: DeleteFacebook.
Facebook upheld the ban.
Me who didn't Is trending - use Facebook for past few Months .
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Yeah Imma DeleteFacebook I'll stay here now.
deleted Facebook months ago. Never going back. Twitter next.
trend after Facebooks Oversight Boards decision Trump.
case haven't already done because their serious privacy issues, welcoming Trump back today would great reason DeleteFacebook!
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What You Really Think

Facebook is a private party Steven, they can kick out who they want. Leave Facebook for privacy reasons, not political.

How much coke are yall going to do?

I'm sure he does. And it'll show he doesn't understand the free market.

Bet you he says "my father" at least 40 times.

Well, there's always Parler.

Are you guys going to sit and cry together. Gonna cry about another mean Santa or the big scary dr Seuss company? Gonna whine about how you couldnt win anything? Gonna cry about how the whole worlds against you. Lol. Crybaby Cowards.

But they allow the racists Black Hammer. Funny how that works.

You'd wanna drug test him first .becouse there is gonna be alot of bs coming out of his twisted mouth you'd think he's chewing wasps.


Upheld by an "independent" group of non-independent leftists no doubt.

At this point, it is a human rights issue.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No one cares.

Is worse at comedy than you are. And that is really saying something.

Qanon worship is back on!

This is fucking hilarious!!! They're trying to tell me that a blog had great technology and that it's a social media platform. IDIOTS!!!

$SQBG vol spike to 25.

Facebook allows the promotion of illegal drugs that causes addiction, hallucinations, and mental illness like psychosis.

Lol not delete facebook but ur on twiiter who also DE platformed him.

Put Your Dress On And Trump Jr Might Shag You.

Im sure he will be very reasonable and blame the SCOTUS ruling on a gay wedding cake in CO for facebooks legal right to ban him.

Can give a masterclass in Victimhood. I suspect it will be a full segment of him and scrowder bitching and whining about that damn 1st amendment companies are entitled to.

He will be incoherent because of all the alcohol and cocaine he actively uses to slink through the trauma that his dad can't love anyone.

Yet they allow photos like this. This photo doesn't go against community guidelines on Facebook.

A spoiled, rotten narcissist, delusional would top the list The inner turmoil that he felt, if only mom and dad had dealt An angry childs balled up fist Will often leave a nasty welt.

Like-minded people (and you) can always sign up for his new social media site. Oh, wait. ONLY HE IS ALLOWED TO COMMENT. Your condemnation?

"Hey guys!" in a Kermit voice maybe.

Begging for content I see.

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