Monday 19th of December 2022

: Our Democracy is Under Threat From People Who Will Use Violence Against The Government And Minorities. This is What Makes Accountability so Necessary.

Social Media Says

democracy under threat from people will violence against government minorities. This what makes accountability necessary.
watch January6thCommitteeHearings reminded again realDonaldTrump's incitement violence threat democracy, remember this: DonaldTrump type person welcome elonmusk's Twitter. Good people like atrupar not. Stunning.

Ministry Interior suspects 23,000 people being part Reichsbuerger movement, with 2,100 ready violence. analysis .ForeignPolicy threat these extremists their conspiracy theories pose democracy.

really think this thing stopping from implementing mitigations. It's that people power don't recognize science, it's that they acutely aware underlying threat democracy-destroying scales political violence.

Says people have been assaulting DEMOCRACY last years since TrumpDerangementSyndrome became their illness Nonstop misinformation supporting violence 2020 against country interfering elections censoring Americans. Who's threat.

Lorenz spread hate incited violence. Everything people threat democracy. doxxed conservatives lied about she's your friend, need better friends. She's scum!
MAGA Republicans dont just threaten personal rights economic security. Theyre threat very democracy. They refuse accept will people. They embrace political violence. They dont believe democracy. Speaking Truth.

more than sad, reality. swear fear driving folks hold Wokeness threat. Education pillar democracy. Drink poison good you, dont these smart people make feel dumb. When illiteracy high, violence.

Fight good fight, valiant TeamGood People suddenly allowed post things disagree with this internet site. They're just speaking freely! literally violence threat very democracy This time that real heroes emerge. few, brave...

Youre just making stuff dont even need theoreticals. Trump lied about election encouraged people march capitol change result. Violence death resulted, well threat democracy. Banning account: prudent. inquiries: expected.

noteworthy that space weeks Elon Musk got people stop yelling that free speech threat democracy start yelling that censorship violence.
They just there keep corporate/wealth friendly policies place. They dont govern people, they sycophants wealthy/powerful. When democracy (elections) longer work well they swivel autocracy, w/help religion violence (threat violence).

They're just complaining. deal with complainers. These radicals were inciting violence harassment. Doxing ALWAYS endangers people's lives. doesn't matter victim happens public place. These people threat democracy!

Doxing nothing with whether it's public information not. intent doxing always some kind incitement violence, harassment, etc. It's always uncivilized deal with getting your way. These people should arrested! It's threat democracy.

bans people that make threats violence doxx people. want people banned questioning violent movements. threat democracy.
sudden it's "threat democracy" suspend people Twitter doxxing. Interesting that minutes bans suspensions were totally okay since "words violence" "ideas dangerous," etc. when shoe other foot, eh?

this were other around, lets people from right doxxing Fauci someone they idolize, they would call violence, right political violence, threat democracy, etc. doxxing fits into stalking category.

promote anti-heterosexual violence racism against people. Your constant attacks against President Trump family further proof your rabid antisemitism. threat democracy.

merely posting live location information people have called threat democracy." Same people like silence violence, hate speech violence, etc. seem have habit inciting homicidal rage directing physical locations.

Conservatives "threat democracy "inciting violence" ******calling Sorry, this happening your family elonmusk .East Tennessee Smokie Mountains great place live. good people there don't take kindly "woke".


feel like crucial juncture about occur. must three things. willing take people waking threats democracy were once ignorant cooperate good faith. Refuse accept political violence threat enforcement justice.

"Brilliant display Rep. NancyMace!People violent rhetoric social media threat democracy&then promote violent rhetoric themselves need held accountable&their hypocrisy displayed world see," Canary Eberhart tweeted.

wrong because that happens lot, those people claiming words literally violence threat democracy?
While funny deeply ironic, hate this whole "rhetoric causes violence threat democracy" back forth. People cause violence, mean words online.
People voicing opinions (unless youre actually inciting threatening violence) isnt threat democracy; necessary functioning democracy.
Actually real Nazis silly! Just look history. rest hate mongers real threat democracy, because believe have right insult, lie, break rules, call violence oppress people that dont agree with.Look mirror.

It's longer theoretical words incite acts violence this observable verifiable. direct present danger safety historically marginalized groups (BIPOC/LGBTQ democracy. threat people like me.

Need bigger boots wade through this sanctimonious bull$hit. Stop pearl clutching about coded speech inciting violence when were with world leaders calling slaughter people. motive wasnt save democracy shut down threat their power.

this logic, wouldn't other person magnitude stating MAGA people threat democracy nazis that need "die off" coded incitement violence? Just question. Otherwise both sides suck, it's screwed.

"Inciting violence" "threat democracy" have become facto excuse quelling free speech. Stop actual violence violations their precursors. can't control people react your words.

those that dont celebrate GFA, remember that established against wishes Irish people, under threat violence incompatible with concept democracy.***.
people don't believe Constitution, elections, voting, democracy. people follow lying, cheating, national security threat, fraud. support antisemitism, racism, fear, hate political violence.

Lindy attacking every conservative voice count. claims Elon attacks people. Give break! Youre threat democracy spread hate violence. should jail forever.

Endorsing deadly political violence just saying quiet part loud about MAGA House Sedition Caucus. isn't alone with that kind thinking. these people claim that they aren't real present threat Democracy.

people that stormed nations capital behest most corrupt President history claiming that incitement violence threat democracy.
People think that words violence actual violence peaceful protesting. People said people from twitter because private company, crying streets saying threat democracy. on&on&on wont understand.

What You Really Think

This clown show is making up tweets that what Trump said on J6. Don't they know Trump was reinstated and you can see the tweets for yourselves.

Fake News.

You don't know anything about accountability.

We do not live in a democracy.

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