Thursday 25th of May 2023

Ron DeSantis Dyes Hair, Gets Spray Tan In Preparation For 2024 Presidential Run.

Social Media Says

I'll take inspirational, intelligent Amanda Gorman over fascist DeSantis day. Shame Florida schools banning poem. DISGRACEFUL.
famous Hamburger Marys restaurant Orlando which features drag shows suing Florida DeSantis Federal Court! Drop retweet love hamburgers, support drag queens want DeSantis sued until bankrupt!

DeSantiswho should banned from White House groundsis announcing bound fail president tomorrow. DeSantis passed some most hateful, asinine ignorant laws country, losing battle with Mickey Mouse. DeSantis should.

Elon Musk DeSantis Twitter Spaces thing today that many calling DeSaster. Apparently glitchy crashed times. Luckily whole thing caught this video parts. Enjoy part (This PARODY w/AI assist).

.. Honest question... would love know much Bush's neocons, involved DeSantis campaign? ..
Please note: DeSantis fascist shitweasel absolutely committed knucklefucked version white supremacy, actually currently seat power where makes life unsafe miserable many folks, tech glitches aside, take seriously danger represents.

insult, f*%k yourself!" been thrown around years. Now, DeSantis figured actually
It's unbelievable listening these critiques about launch being "boring." We've enough circus shows over past several years. More than ever, need discussion with less posturing more simple straightforward answers. DeSantis provided this.

Desantis could NEVER have Jebs x-factor this
While DeSantis speaking announcement Twitter Space, Trump just released this savage video.
Elon: firing Twitter employees DeSantis: host announcement Twitter Elon: sure, nothing could wrong with that.
JUST Twitter event botched, DeSantis launches 2024 video pledging 'great American comeback'.
Trump just truthed this video mocking DeSantis 2024 launch event.
DeSantis 2024: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly.
sounds like chat version DeSantis, already sounds like robot.
Republican Primary: After listening DeSantis announcement, would support? replies tell change your mind anything?
lifelong Democrat just want message clear Republicans. Donald Trump chance getting votes, while DeSantis does have chance.
civil conversation which clarifying questions were asked each answered thoughtfully, honestly respectfully. thought great wish every candidate went Great elonmusk other co-hosts. Bravo.

Florida Gov. DeSantis presidential campaign announcement plans were derailed Wednesday evening massive technical glitches Twitter that temporarily kept from declaring candidacy. DeSaster Musk can't launch anything these days.

figured out. DeSantis public humiliation kink. Theres other explanation after Disney fight whatever fuck that announcement just was.
Twitter repeatedly crashed Florida Gov. DeSantis make presidential announcement over Twitter Spaces with sites owner Elon Musk. Over 300,000 people tuned struggling load crashing others.

POLL TIME: those listened DeSantis/Elon Spaces wouldn't know couldnt hear shit lol) feel stronger candidate? Leave your thoughts comments appreciated!

genuinely think DeSantis like 30-40 points Trump think Trump dead flat population average intellect). kind cognitive test, just lights out. Same goes knowledge history. think that's problem him, however.

DeSantis botched campaign announcement another example just ready job. stakes high, fight save America critical gamble first-timer clearly ready prime time. President Trump proven.

DeSantis team attacking today because just filed president were Twitters largest anti-DeSantis account with over 37,000 followers. Lets show DeSantis unpopular please follow reach 45,000 tonight?

From backing retrograde bills guns rights abortion, DeSantis would bring worst White House. Deadline: Legal Blog).
DESANTIS: "There been single book banned Florida." MUSK: thanks informing FACT: There hundreds books banned Florida schools hundreds thousands unavailable students pending review.

(after DeSantis campaign space) guys want like bowling something? around.
Questions asked. DeSantis then allowed answer without being interrupted. WHAT FELL MAGICKS THIS!
think DeSantis just asked about reports...
candidacy announcement finger looking good. Typical something involving egotistical, child space, experienced rapid unscheduled disassembly gifting this article, y'all should able access it.

Times: Desantis fumbling announcement shows common sensibilities. expert, thats something most Americans appreciate.
DeSantis just said "went against grain" during COVID. Beaches were legitimately closed locked down during COVID Florida.
TRUMP DeSANTIS want front this. What about will likely upset many fellow Florida residents patriots. feel necessary say. proudly voted first time 2022, cast that ballot DeSantis Governor.

Congratulations DeSantis's crack comms team, BryanDGriffin, ChristinaPushaw, JeremyRedfernFL, organizing totally effective non-humiliating campaign launch their boss with tech genius elonmusk. Bravo! Remember, their pitch 'Trump competent.' Lol.

Biggest takeaway from tonights Desantis Musk LIVE 1.Twitter needs immediately move California. Theres resident California named Gavin whos what Desantis twitter stands for. sure something happened ONLY PARANOID.

DeSantisappearance, hosted Elon Musk, minutes before able say, running president United States lead great American comeback." then, much audience given York Times reports.

DeSantis joins BreakTheInternet Hall Fame wrong reasons.
While media focuses Twitter glitches, DeSantis campaign raised million within first hour announcement.
DeSantis below fold news. passing goddess unbearably important.
Maybe elonmusk didnt fire many Twitter employees, product would better. Therefore, DeSantis signed that resulted lots books being banned. know that sequitur, know that term too, because grew without book bans.

DeSantis basically going promise everything Trump during Presidency roll dice people will pick because he's younger "brings less drama". That's hook. problem with that doesn't have Trump's strength done. doesn't have "IT".

major 2024 presidential candidates (RFK DeSantis) both publicly Bitcoin Having Bitcoiner United States President inevitable.
Hundreds people outside Four Seasons hotel protest DeSantis event with wealthy donors launches presidential campaign.
President Bidens team trolling Elon Musk DeSantis lol.
Congrats Amerika. Youll finally have that true Nazi choice hand over power Heck, burns books, highlights non-aryans enemies, spends millions police force happy crack heads. Welcome fray Governor deSantis! Thank showing you.

Heaven borders, hell none: Debunking narrative that wants anti-immigrant legislation America Magazine.
like thank elonmusk hosting DeSantis Twitter Spaces After listening solidified reaffirmed primary vote Donald Trump.
Biden campaign mocks glitchy DeSantis campaign launch.
anticipated, DeSantis supporting actor presidential announcement.
The headline say it all.
DeSantis defenders will promote substance. just stilted political announcement. where most interesting person Elon Musk. That's what want you're launching campaign against media titan like Trump. Charisma matters, too.

York Times calls DeSantis announcement "fiasco." News calls 'melt down.' Washington Post calls "awkward." Politico calls "horrendous.".
In DeSantis' defense, that was back when the website actually worked.
Fascist Florida Gov. DeSantis officially announces president 2024.
richest person world, person wants most powerful person world, still make complete fools yourselves online. It's amateur hour over both Twitter DeSantis campaign their joint night, seems. Lol.

Biden just beat DeSantis with tweet.
Accurate, because DeSantis Hitler Brandon communist.
DeSantis announcement!
People CRYING having wait extra minutes HALF MILLION PEOPLE listen DeSantis. first they said would care. they many care. Such nonsense.
really don't DeSantis running. Pence's career destroyed just continuing procedure January What does DeSantis think going happen runs against Trump.
Steve Deace asks DeSantis accomplish things, DeSantis answers that studied Constitution knows 'push buttons'.
(THR) Turns Twitter Spaces isnt best place make major announcement.
Desantis needs finish with disney.
Look cant blame DeSantisapparently large anthropomorphic animated mouse into control room chewed feed wire.
Elon didnt have more than 200k concurrent listeners space with BBC, which around million listeners after recording went space with DeSantis 701k crashing long before that number. Thats highest even been.

DeSantis signed Florida's voter suppression SB7050. Stand news...
Rand Paul should president. Why? Because best COVID, like DeSantis, doesnt want bomb Iran, like DeSantis.
DuhSantis should take that sign... RESIGN. 'Failure launch': DeSantis Twitter announcement ends disaster mockery.
DeSantis giving invaluable gift regardless intentional not. smoking fake MAGA stars/influencers. Many these people made just money Trump, theyve made entire careers him. Make mistake, theyre turning because.

Trump dunking Twitter DeSantis, calling "Rob" bringing Jong some reason.
**GOP PRIMARY POLL** that Gov. DeSantis officially announced candidacy President, support?
DeSantis's campaign launch crashed burned faster than Tesla.
'Failure launch': DeSantis Twitter announcement ends disaster mockery.
Voting Trump like punching cop. will only with loosing side. DeSantis!
Shame DeSantis DIVIDING country.
DeSantis being outsmarted Mickey Mouse claims Black people high ranking positions unqualified. never fails. Mediocre white people claim Black people successful only because affirmative action Black people aren't successful they claim were lazy.

Don't fooled- DeSantis didn't "break internet" because he's popular. This happened because Elon Musk sucks job.
President Biden brutally mocks DeSantis' disastrous, glitchy presidential campaign announcement Twitter. page kept repeatedly crashing link failed work tons viewers. Biden shared link ActBlue donation page with simple yet.

CAMPAIGN LAUNCH SPACE TOTAL DISASTER LMAO. Hard have much better event than that humiliates Elon DeSantis.
long before announcement that DeSantis Twitter Spaces would have gone better people knew make work werent fired after takeover?
What break next?
would very hurtful DeSantis' feelings FailureToLaunch started trend.
Guys fucking read op-ed 150K people Twitter, instead going drawing audience millions. Forget DeSantis. It's over. Come home. It's time.
does DeSantis offend much?
DeSantis formally announces presidential Twitter "I'm DeSantis, running president lead Great American Comeback.".
Maybe DeSantis should have announced Truth Social?
Musk assists another memorable launch: this time DeSantis SpaceX.

What You Really Think

Love this.


Wow. Should be pointing all this negativity towards Biden and not fellow Republicans. Making fun and criticizing and acting like grade school kids shows Trumps true colors. Most rationale adults think he needs toncool the immature rhetoric.

But can he deliver mean tweats? Wanna keep my guv this time around.

All you need to know.

He looks more like Trump now!

Frickin DeSanty.

Ron DeSantis is not the man to take on the deep swamp in Washington. TRUMP is the only MAN for the job. Republicans need to get behind TRUMP and clean up Washington. Maybe some day in the future. Now we need TRUMP!

Capital H Also funny.

Desantis is to Trump what Stan was to Eminem.

I love it!! Only difference..Trump can pull it off!!

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