Monday 1st of August 2022


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Person Woman Man Camera Tv ~~Yesterday~~.
Is class="u-nolinkc" href="">trump unblocked?
It's literally "point to the picture of an elephant.".

What You Really Think

Never forget, it was HIM saying how well he did, not the doctors. I doubt he would lie!

Ah yes. That time Literal President Trump wanted America to sign his report card.

"yesterday" is hard for me".

He literally took the MoCA test lol.

Same here.

If people from all sides and walks of life could and would do that type of self reflection this planet would be so wonderful. This over abundance of I GOT MINE we have instead blows. Anyway good on you.

Amen. I really strive to see all sides of an issue and educate myself. But I find I can't put myself in a conservative's shoes without needing a lobotomy first. Actually, that's unfair to lobotomy patients.

Same. I remember thinking to myself that he might actually turn out to be a good president the day after the 2016 election. That feeling only lasted for a minute.

For real. Sometimes I wonder if Im just like them, with my head so up my own ass I cant see the truth of the matter, and that Ive deluded myself into believing Im right. But then I see all these things he has said, all of the things these people have done, and it reminds me that at the end of the day, I dont worship politicians. Hell, there are very few I even like. And thats what separates me from the nut jobs who idolize a scummy businessman whos a traitor for whoever pays the most.

What do you mean? They had airports in the 1700s, George Washington famously loved flying planes to England.

I mean, Between Biden, Trump, and Bush, you could probably print a coffee table book of their gaffes large enough to sink a good sized boat.

Wait when did he say that??? I somehow missed that one.

Remember that time Trump looked directly at an eclipse after being told not to? So many proud moments for 45.

Remember that they had to stop him from putting on a literal superman shirt when he arrived back from hospital.

I was honestly hoping that was going to be his last ever public appearance.

People were saying, without irony, that it was his, Mussolini moment. ***nulb.

I remember the stare directly into the sun balcony bit...

Remeber when he got rushed via helicopter to his reserved executive suite at the hospital and then posed with some blank pages he was signing to pretend to work?

Remember when he stuck 3 secret service in a suburban and drove around the hospital to show everyone how invincible he was.

They've already revised the history to boil his vile personality down to "he sent mean tweets", and that everything would've been fine if he stayed off twitter.

It appalls me that (too many) people will look at Trump's 4 year presidency and think this petulant and cruel manchild is a good person who should be in leadership again.

Theyre already all in on him. He literally shouted out the Proud Boys, now a white supremacist terrorist group, on national TV and he still wound up with the second most votes in the history of our election process. And we wonder why everyone is crazy nowadays.

Also, "miraculously" is far too bigly a word for him.

Isnt he banned from twitter?

No randomly capitalized words.

I thought he was banned from Twitter??

It's also a different "style" than how he writes and speaks. Someone else definitely wrote this.

You think this shit is coherent? You have to know like 7 different contradicting conspiracy theories to even begin to understand what he is rambling about.

Some people call it the China virus no you dumb bitch nobody calls it that. This fat fuck is still stuck in the 50s. His brain is broken.

Its called dementia.

When youve lived it your whole life it probably seems normal by now.

Nice to see Im not the only person who thinks being Trump must be absolute torture. A content heart doesnt make such nakedly malignant statements.

I like when John Oliver described him as just a vindictive, bad man. Simple and accurate.

Narcissists can do no wrong in their own minds. He has a mental disorder and needs medication. Or to be locked up. I'd prefer the latter.

Dude buried his ex-wife on one of his golf courses so he wouldnt have to pay property tax on it. Nothing is beneath him.

I wish I had an award to give you.

He might as well be an alien for how non-human he acts. Like, was he dropped on his head as a kid a number of times? It's not that he's just dumb, he's a special kind of dumb that the world has truly never seen before. I hope scientists will someday get to study his brain and figure out what the hell his problem was.

Thats the most meliania did about bullying.


Biden has been intentionally avoided saying The Unnamed's name on-camera, instead referring to THEY as such as The Former Guy, or something similar. Only recently has he been using his real name a few times.

Its worrying that so many people like him because they see themselves in him or consider holding common ground with him. So that basically means there's an awful lot of uneducated, nasty people out there. Its crazy that someone so uneducated can get to be president.

He cant even *pretend* to be a decent human being for one second. The times that he did, he gets booed.

Heading to?

Thats what happens when one appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Well not too many, he did get a serious a-whoopin last election. I think his cult members are just really loud and obnoxious so the amount seems greater.

Yeah i thought so too. Is this that other stupid app he was trying to make?

He started his own social media platform, thats why the check next to his name is red. I think it has freedom or patriot or something in the name.

He is. This is from his Twitter clone app he had made. It's very blatantly copying thing to a stupid level I'm surprised he hasn't been sued.

The time between his being banned and screenshots of his new apps posts were a blissful period of relative silence.

The people supporting the god damn baby are worse.

One of the best insults i've heard recently. lol.

There's no way he wrote this. Punctuation is fine, spelling is fine, no randomly capitalized words, etc. This was done by a staffer.

Good time to drop a movie suggestion - ]ELECTION]() - what a great comedy. After watching it again recently and admiring the writing, directing and Reese - Matthew Broderick had me laughing to tears multiple times. Brilliant comedic performance by him!

I am seriously planning the party I will throw. I am worried about if I will wake the neighbors with the cheers I will let out when I hear the news. Then I remember most of them will be celebrating, too. It will be one of the happiest days of my life.

Lock them up! Seriously theyre all criminals.

I keep saying that to my husband. That I just want him to die. Like just not wake up so it looks like he died peacefully but actually it was some long, painful, silent heart attack where he shits his pants.

Can't wait for the memes!

I wonder if his death would be the end of this idiocy or just make it worse.

I look to see if hes dead like Im checking a winning lottery ticket. When Ivana died everyone in our office heard Trump and said OH?!ohhhhhhhh.

He's 76 and while normally I'd say it could happen at any moment due to his physique, the average age of death of US presidents is about 82.

Hopefully *his* grave will be somewhere I can easily piss on it.

&x200B; !]gif](giphyul19IpkJEoiXdESJ8s).

I wouldn't wish death on anyone but I will enjoy reading his obituary.

Hes a stutterer and hes definitely old as balls. But the dementia thing is rich coming from people who thought Trump farted in Shakespeare.

Remember, every single trump accusation is an admission.

Idk. I think that it was largely Pence and everyone else wrestling him for his phone so he would shut up.

A slight incline is enough to defeat him.

They literally bus nursing home residents to the polls.

Whenever I meet somebody who asks me if i really believe he lost, I go "buddy, he lost the popular vote in the previous race to *Hillary clinton*." That honestly seems to get through to them like 3/5 of the time.

No, you can not.

Maybe that sky dungeon in game of thrones with 3 walls and a sloped floor leading to the opening miles high.

Yeah but I am guessing that he will ditch the clips in the future.

To be fair his family is German. His grandfather ran to the US to dodge the German Draft.


Its his site. He can inflate his own numbers to soothe his ego as much as he wants.

Traitor trump or TT for short.

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