Tuesday 27th of September 2022

The Details of 10,000 Optus Customers Have Been Released Following a Massive Data Breach Which Affected Millions of Australians Last Week.

Social Media Says

sensitive details 10,000 Australian customers have reportedly been released hackers behind last week's massive Optus data breach.
details 10,000 Optus customers have been released following massive data breach which affected millions Australians last week.
Details 10000 optus customers released dark according article. Just great! Could please tell ASAP been affected!!
there threats more will released coming days.

What You Really Think

All Optus customers should receive the free credit protection, not just a select few. Pathetic from optus.

Optus owe the clients.

Al of a sudden.. your name could be a doing stuff you would NEVER EVER do . I would do dee pol .. and change your self before someone else does ! Massive threat to a person's self -- identity.

Who are you ! This breach will make people loose their identity And who ..will compensate for that .

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