Friday 7th of August 2020

The Performance Victoria's Journalists Put on Yesterday Was Disgraceful, Partisan & Extremely Unprofessional, Particularly Rachel & Alex (as Always) If it is Not The Public Who Holds The Journalists to Account, Then Who HamishNews?

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Disgusting disgraceful LIAR!!!
Wait, so that's the NSW Minister for Health acting like that? But the Vic news outlets are attacking DanielAndrewsMP for being honest with them (& patient)? Where is their outrage at this disgraceful and disrespectful behaviour by a Health Minister? I'm so sorry NSW cousins! x.

These people just suck. They are disgraceful and should be ashamed of themselves. Theyre not though, this is red meat to the base.
The performance Victoria's journalists put on yesterday was disgraceful, partisan & extremely unprofessional, particularly Rachel & Alex (as always) If it is not the public who holds the journalists to account, then who hamishNews?

Tha ABCs disgraceful lack of support for one of Australias best journalists is indicative of its current spineless approach.
'Disgraceful' is trending this morning. A not-inconsiderable portion of those tweets are about SexistBradHazzard's attack on JodiMcKayMP yesterday. I wonder what GladysB and DebFrecklington have to say about his behaviour.

Abbott got away with disgraceful behaviour for years. Typical Liberal Party culture.

What You Really Think

Incredible that when a Labor politician is held to account out come the Left whingers Yet when its a Lib politician its ...what great journalism Hypocrites.

Kroger on SkyNewsAust rubbishing those who who tweet.


Seems that just like aged care facilities, journalists couldn't care less about quality.

The journalists shouldn't be the story.

This moron wants Pravda. Typical Victorian. Its a shame the economic devastation cant be compartmentalized to these insane Dan supporters.

Poor poor Dan. Its all about poor Dans wittle feewings. Don't worry about all the people in despair!

It's The journalists job to keep the politicians accountable? Why won't they release the genome and their own data modelling.

Victoria's Premiers performance this year.

Support of poor journalistic practice by its industry at large is as bad as encouraging poor politics .. oh hang on .

The performance yesterday is what Victorians have demanded for weeks!

Rubbish. It was beautiful to watch Andrews squirm. Hes a grub you know Bee. Cheers.

She's not allowed to ask questions as a reporter now cause it doesn't fit the person's agenda ? Maybe she should of made cup cakes for him.

No bias here.

Possible to lodge a complaint with the relative authority? Poor journo standards? They're all bad, but this was disgraceful.

So spot on. I only followed a couple of journalists but Hamish has lost me. So disappointed.

Reality check DanielAndrewsMP was voted in by the people for the people consequently people want answers? The only way we can get those answers is reporters so pull your head in lady!

A lot of the problem is because Dan Andrews cannot give straight answers about questions that he knows. Just because he says he takes responsibility doesnt mean he should be part of the current response. He has to step aside and appoint a competent minister dedicated to covid.

I'm in Qld, no particular political leaning, but even I could see Dan answered several times. Reporters trying to outdo each other with point scoring same question asked repeatedly. Was not journalism, was pre school he said she said argument.

Those so called journalists in that presser yesterday were nothing more than a pack of hyenas with a fixed agenda.

How dare journalists ask questions to a state government thats poor decisions will have a dramatic effect on so many Australian people and families. Andrews needs to stop being so arrogant and man up and start answering questions and take accountability where he has failed.

According to your LOGIC (NONE) you would not have allowed the media to ask questions from Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, or Mao????????????? Logic / reason / facts keep democracy alive and it seems you are intent on destroying freedom.

The focus on journalists obfuscates the issues. I am staggered that Aus, with one of the lowest death & case no. in the world has Vic imposing worlds toughest lockdown. There is no crisis now, that comes soon with suicides, job loss, homelessness, kids on the street & deaths.

We should give him another 11% pay rise!!! Whos with me?

Love is blind. Dear Dan can do no wrong.

Journalists are only accountable to their masters and their agendas.

So many federal government scandals that fail to get properly scruintised by our media. Recently, Kate Carnell giving a contract without tender process to an ex Liberal staffer, 10 million to Murdoch taken from the Covid-19 relief budget.

And that smirking sniveling little rat from Channel 10 SimoLove (he who has the forethought and thinking capacity of a gnat) I expect him to surface within the Murdochracy one day.

Interesting that the tabloid hack in question is buddies with that feral covidiot Timmay Smith.

, do people trust Journalists to be independent? (and could a get a retweet to get the sample size up).