Wednesday 5th of May 2021

Every $DOGE Has its Day. Dogecoin Broke Over $0.50 Today And isn't Looking Like it's Slowing Down. What Price Are we Going to See by The End of May? Stay up to Date Here .

Social Media Says

beautiful year Shih Stella deserves face cans over. work. time officially gets recognition deserves! dogecoin doge family vouch please? This will make happiest world.

Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives, $DOGE! Dogecoin
When will Dogecoin rise time high?
imagine elonmusk reacted Dogecoin reaching today
going Tesla only with dogecoin fair trade elonmusk?
Waking up just now to check on doge.
Some quick insights everyone since dogecoin taking feel free leave your comments about $DOGE too.
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Hits what
this celestial sign that mean Dogecoinarmy) should more Doge today?
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Elon Musk Mark Cuban Ellen Degeneres Guy fieri Houston Rockets Dallas Mavericks Oakland A's Patrick Mahomes Who's next?
1 $DOGE = $0.50.
Doge Vader ready dollar destroyer.
current value DOGE $0.58204703.
Just wanted share this dogecoin message thought very important.
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Good morning everyone.
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decision list $DOGE testament coin's legitimacy, jasonklau recently told Benzinga. mcuban echoed this with "Yes, joke legit" tweet. What more proof need take dogecoin seriously?

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Robinhood employees every time dogecoin spike.
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with morning water checking dogecoin this morning.
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Happy Tuesday! *Here Top5ThingsToKnowToday: Stocks Lower Open - $PFE $CVS Earnings PM - $LYFT $ATVI $TMUS $SKLZ Earnings AH - Dogecoin Surges $0.49 Cents - Ethereum Tops $3,400 *May Trading Gods With $DIA $SPY $QQQ $IWM $VIX.

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Anyone ever doubted Dogecoin right now.
Lets it...
Same feeling.
Lets hit 1.00 this week.
Need that goes woof every time dogecoin starts rising.
My mood rn.
Do good everyday.
blood sport. It's sport that's bloodV.
dogecoin keeps going, long before bitmaintech releases scrypt ASIC? have gone through roof.
Those dogecoin haters being pretty quiet today. Let's lolz.
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> everything.
Someone just said, even if it dipped to 0.52, so what, it's up that much this month. It's only gonna rise! $10 by July! Would be sweet!
far, already bought items Newegg dallasmavs stadium with DOGE also booked weekend stay downtown dallas with dogecoin travalacom $DOGE much more value than even imho.

21.99 SanDisk - iXpand 32GB USB 3.0/Lightning Flash Drive - Black / Silver.
Will elonmusk dogecoin DogecoinToTheMoon trend?
past dogecoin the.
Happy StarWars Day! Perfect flashback chat with performance artist actress Misty Rosas. Misty brought Kuiil Froglady life TheMandalorian. Listen story here badbatch dogecoin podcast.

Wellso long bitches.
Never sell dogecoin before reaches 100$.
didn't just sell doge fear, right? Don't tell that. Don't tell ANYONE THAT. LoL.
REPO ACTUAL PRICE: 0.568$ VARIATIONS: Hour: 1.459% Day: 38.53% Week: 109.91% Month: 890.2%.
LIVE: Dogecoin Road Jerry Frometa.
estimate coinbase missed billions dollars revenue having DOGE listed. When will they learn?
Doge used cute it's just here jumping people...
Dogecoin goes $1.00 today will livestream myself doing naked victory around neighborhood.
After dogecoin moon need
After $0.50, we're coming for $0.69!
dogefather gonna break internet 8th. Retweet youre ready
Just woke 55C/ Dogecoin, this real life?

What You Really Think

Idk and Idc about it, but speaking of breakouts in prices... We gotta point out $AVAX rise will give to Avalanche a new ATH only to break it in days after, all this before May ends for sure fellas...

Binance (owns CMP) clearly has their own bags and is just pumping this garbage to $1 so they can sell at $.98.

Yo what the fuck is this.

Lmao, pretty damn sure AVAX will be up its ATH by the end of May.

With this fall, we will go up faster tronVV.

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