Sunday 21st of February 2021


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Man for some reason this OP comment changed my life thinking dogs come from heaven to help.
Now I am sad thinking of all those poor doggos who are in need of a home.
But my Tommy Gun dont!

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Comment/dream is based off of this: ]]().

All Dogs Are Dead People.

My 26 Walmart fishes from 10 years ago would not be happy.

It's weird that I don't really know and usually feel pretty doubtful an afterlife / heaven exists for people. But a soft spot in me really feels like ]Rainbow Bridge]() exists.

I had a super visceral memory of holding my cat today. i've never wanted to believe in an afterlife so much.

My grandmother always called it the "Rainbow Road." Grew up around several (beautiful) cats as a kid, saw several die. My grandma would always reassure me that when I die too that all the cats would be waiting for us at the end of a "Rainbow Road." &x200B; I am no longer religious but even I can't deny the warmth the idea of seeing all my past pets again gives me. I guess I want there to be something better for all the amazing animals we meet. Someone should get that at least.

You don't have to be a theist to have a suspicion(personally, I prefer those over beliefs) that everything comes together at the end.

Im pretty sure that is what heaven is. The welcoming party would be thrown by your loved ones, your pets would be waiting by the gate and the food and drinks would be amazing. Considering all of the crap that people have to endure in life, its not too much to ask.

I wonder if the stray cat I tried to take care of for a few days before putting down would be there. That broke my little teenage heart, knowing nothing could be done for it.

I'm reminded of this incredible story by u/euthenios: The last thing I remember is My Person bringing my to the Sharp Place. I never understood why My Person would bring me to the Sharp Place. The smells were sharp, and they poked me with sharp things. That's why I called it the Sharp Place. It was a bad place. I didn't like it. I don't know why My Person brought me there, that day of all days. I already hadn't been feeling good. I'd been throwing up, and my hips hurt and my paws hurt. Even eating grass didn't help. And then My Person brought me to the Sharp Place. I tried to be mad at him, but he seemed so sad about something, so I tried to wag my tail to cheer him up. I didn't even really notice when the Sharp Man poked me. Then my eyes got heavy and that was the last thing I remember. **Buddy,** a voice said. **Buddy, wake up.** I opened my eyes and got to my feet, and I realized my paws didn't hurt anymore. I tried a wag, and that was fine, too. I sniffed the air. It smelled like the Play Park and like Our Home and the Car Window. I liked it a lot. **Welcome, Buddy,** came the voice again, from behind me. I turned around, and there was a person there. He wasn't My Person, but he was all safe and good smells, so I trusted him. *Where am I?* I said. **You're in the place that Good Boys go,** the person said. *I was a Good Boy?* I said. **You were a Very Good Boy,** he told me. That was good. I always tried to be a Good Boy. *Where's My Person?* I asked. **He's still down there,** the person said. And he waved his arm and all of a sudden we were in Our Home, and My Person was sitting on the Forbidden Chair and looking sad. Every so often, he'd look over at the Okay Couch, where I was allowed so sit, and his breath would catch because he was very sad. I tried to nuzzle him, but my nose just passed through his hand. *What's happening? I don't understand,* I said. The person sighed. **You can't be with him right now, Buddy. I'm sorry. It's the way of things.** I thought about this. *So it's like My Person is on the Person Bed, and I'm not allowed there?* I said. **Exactly like that,** the person said. **But he can be with you someday. If you choose to wait for him.** *Of course I want to wait for him!* I said. Not wait for My Person? Who did this person think he was talking to? **Hold on, Buddy,** the person said. He seemed sad about this for some reason. **It's not that simple. You have a choice.** He got down on one knee and he looked into my eyes. **There are bad things in this world, Buddy. Very bad things.** *Like Neighbor Cat?* **So much worse than her, Buddy.** He waved his hand, and I saw what he was talking about. He showed me dark things, that were like snakes and rats, only worse. Worse than the Sucking Machine. Worse than the Sharp Place. They smelled evil. **These are the things that want to hurt him, Buddy. They want to hurt everybody. So you can wait for him, or you can keep him safe. But if you choose to keep him safe, then you can't see him again.** *What, never?* I said. The person nodded. **Never, Buddy. I'm sorry. Those are the Rules. It's a terrible choice.** I looked at my paws. I didn't want to not see My Person ever again. But I wanted to keep him safe even more. *I know what I have to do,* I said, and the person waved his hand, and all of a sudden we were in a place with there were as many dogs as I have every seen before. More, even. **These are all the Good Boys who chose to keep Their People safe,** the person said. I looked at them all. I couldn't believe it, still. *But there's so many of us!* I said. *How many Good Boys are here?* The person looked down at me. He smiled, but I could tell he was also partly very sad. **All of you, Buddy. Every single one.**.

I had to say goodbye to my dog of 15 years just a few days before Christmas. I dont know if heaven exists, but if it does Id be so happy to see her again.

My dog believes I abandon him daily.

Those are some extremely high standards..

Chihuahuas made the choice to come back to Earth from Hell.

I've had a few chihuahuas throughout my life. Grew up with one, had her since I was 2 or 3 and lost her when I was about 15 or 16. She was my closest friend I've ever had in my life. She was with me when I was being bullied in elementary school. She was there for me when my dad joined the military and was gone for what felt like years. She was there when he got back, and watched us become a family again. She got to travel the country with us. I grew up with her. She passed away when my family and I were on a vacation. The one time we couldn't bring her along. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I was devastated, and remembering it hurts to this day, a decade or so later. She was perfect; loyal, sweet, friendly to everyone, and loving. Not every chihuahua fits the stereotype, just like how not every pit fits its stereotype. The chihuahua that I have with me now reminds me of her. He's also very sweet and caring, although a bit shy. Unfortunately he came from an abusive household, so I spoil him a bit more than I probably should. But anyway, I'll always love the breed. I've yet to meet a chihuahua that fits the stereotype that people paint. In fact, I've met more terriers that act how people think chihuahuas act. I wish people would give the breed a chance, and not think they're just yippy little devils. They're incredibly loyal, energetic, but also cuddly and don't mind chilling with you all day.

I'd regret it too if I turn out to be a shaky little rat.

Too true.

When my mom and dad divorced, my mom moved away and took our chihuahua with her. I miss my lil ball of fur so much :(.

That is their burden to bear!

I remember my dog pooping cat shit. Just a clump of cat shit surrounded dog shit.

Fuck you for making me feel things.

IKR, I now would never look at dogs the same way again,but in a good way,There are a lot of Good Boys which means that there were a lot of nice people.

Egg by ]weir]().

Oh yeah just think about potty training your dead relatives because that makes more sense than them just being animals.

Our beagle passed right before COVID hit. We got a new one a few months back, and I swear our old dog found a way to come back to us.

What were the quirks?

Going through practically the same thing. never was a dog person because all dog encounters were bad. (future) wife wanted a dog and I pushed it off for 2 years until we were more stable. we had moved to be closer to her parents in rural. when we moved to very small town, at the time only 2 other people in the town. their dog came out the bushes to greet us. elderly couple with the husband terminally ill, dog was \~60 pounds, grape sized ticks all over her, never barked. she seemed sweet and we asked to keep her. they agreed as they knew they couldn't take care of her and we would treat her right. full normal weight was 90 pounds. she never lived inside of a house, but never once went to the bathroom inside. was the sweetest girl, i still tear up about her. she past dec 2019. it took us a long time to feel comfortable about getting another dog. finally started looking 2 months ago. found a rescue that met the criteria we wanted last month. She has 3 of the 5 quirks that our previous dog had, with the 2 she doesn't have previously being negative issues. I am not religious and have always thought consciousnesses is just a by product of evolution. I believe that this dog is either our previous dog or blessed by her for us. I don't care what anyone says, life is more fun / meaning full this way. I don't need a book or group to tell me what moral stance to take, it just seems a common sense thing where many people don't have that or critical thinking skills. I don't think too much into the reincarnation issue. I love sci fi and abstract stories like "the last unicorn". when it comes down to it no one will ever be able to explain existence over nothingness other than the fact nothingness would be boring. i will hopefully live this journey to as much as my potential as I can and leave this plane a better place than I started. I struggle with that aspect, but having this experience gives it more substance.

Highly recommend you read *Dog On It by Spencer Quinn* and *The Art of Driving In the Rain*. As a fellow dog person who has experienced moments of emotional coincidence... I can tell you they're absolutely life changing, beautiful and so much more.

From hell,doesnt need a lot of explanation.

Mine were nice. No fear, either. They'd chase a deer or bear off our property with 0 hesitation. I think the animals just ran off out of sheer confusion, but my chihuahuas came back all proud.

Theyre a naturally extremely anxious breed that protects itself in the only ways that it can (by being loud and biting what they can$ which describes a lot of people, tbh.

Rat demons from hell.

And pitbulls.

Karen, I appreciate the bacon but I need to see my kids.

Yeah that would suck for the person, being trapped and not able to communicate. Plus millions of dogs are killed every year in shelters. Horrible.

Kinda weird they eat their own shit though huh.

Exactly. Literally 3 million or more cats and dogs are euthanized every year.

Cause they arent directly exposed to it..ignorance is bliss.

Talk more about the last statement. I dont get that one. Thank you.

Why are you masturbating in front of your dog.

What post/subreddit is this from? I wanna upvote the original comment.

I was just going to say sounds like the plot of the movie Fluke.

Yep, based on the book by James Herbert.

One of your grandparents. And if all of your grandparents are alive, then one of your great grandparents /s.

Could be your one of your grandparents? Or what if it was someone who didn't have kids but still wanted to come back to earth to bring joy to someone?

Uh, brah that might be the least of your concerns right now.

Check out "Fluke".

Most places in Asia don't eat dogs, like only like 1 percent of Asia does that.

They werent allowed to have access to birth control while alive and no longer have human cognition and memory to understand why children fill them with distaste. Or dat-taste. (Bad pun is bad. You have my apology, but not my regret.).

Yeah same I was like thinking "woah what if my dog is the reincarnation of my dead grandma and that is why my dog loves my mom so much".

One imagines, the same way neglected and abused humans do?

Same as above, but only if you were an asshole in life.