Saturday 20th of February 2021

Don't Forget!

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Important to note. **Texas receives more from the federal government than it gives to the federal government.** In 2019, Texas received $19,000,000,000 more than it gave to the federal government. The state that gave the most totally? New York, which gave $22,000,000,000 more than it received. (Connecticut gave the most per capita) The state with the highest per capita received? Mitch McConnells Kentucky. (Virginia is next highest, since both Virginia and Maryland have close proximity to DC which makes them hubs for federal government contracts and wages). Also worth noting, most states receive more than they give and that red states are more dependent than blue states on average.

This ... rural Texas doesn't care.
Theyre already to busy making excuses for Cruz to even realize other politicians did things to help them.

What You Really Think

Found my fellow Texan.

Exactly. Dont worry about them forgetting they didnt even know/care it was happening in the first place.

The only thing they can focus on is people making fun of them. Even though AOC, Beto, and Biden did *not* make fun of them, it doesnt matter... people on the internet mocking them is all they care about. Theyll give Cruz another term just for that.

Wait wait wait can we acknowledge that there's a 18 billion dollar FEMA budget? Maybe we didn't need to actually raise money that we have already paid for in our taxes. How about we do some actual democratic stuff and spend this money on education. We are using all of that budget, but raising money for something we have a surplus of.

This why senators skip out on important meetings because they don't want to be swayed by evidence.

Dem's raised 2million for our state, GOP saved us from government tyranny. Or something.

>Don't can't forget what you won't acknowledge Sadly, this is how I see them acting when the crisis is over. Never let them live it down. Every election and mid term election remind them "hey Texas remember when Ted Cruz abandoned you in your time of need so he could take a vacation?".

I scrolled through there for 5 mins and didnt see one thing about the Texas snows.

Just looked, the only thing I found that even mentioned Texas was that a grocery store there told people they could loot the place for free.

Wow, r/conservative is the the biggest echo chamber I've ever been to.

There you go and minding the comments it even had a "open" discussion for a short while until the mods put "flaired user only" filter on it.

That sub is actually mind blowing. no mention of one of the largest states with the most red electoral college votes for them. out of sight, out of mind.

Doesn't their credibility suffer when they don't even acknowledge the good too?

Holy fucking shit. That is the craziest sub I've ever seen. The amount of misinformation that is being spread there is alarming and scary.

That place should be banned. Its very thinly veiled white supremacy.

I finally found one. ]what aboooout]().

R/conservative is a bag of shit. They say it makes her look worse.

Don't you know that r/conservative WON'T ALLOW ANY COMMENTS FROM NON-CONSERVATIVES?! The only people they will allow posting from are hand picked and profile-flagged as politically far right conservative. I have never seen a more cowardly reddit group afraid of anyone disagreeing with them as r/conservative.

Theyre such snowflakes they put up flaired users only . And when you try to make a flair it doesn't give you an option. So im just assuming there's some fuckery going on there.

That place is a garbage factory full of russians.

I did look there earlier and found some posts about AOC and Beto and they were like I hate her but Im glad shes doing this. But I dont see them anymore so maybe they were taken down.

I did actually, and I was quite surprised. There were a lot of comments about AOC in there. They all claim to hate her policies, but respect her putting partisanship aside and being consistent. I even say someone say the same about Bernie! It was certainly unexpected.

There's a post there now, and most of the comments are reasonable.

Don't know what you're talking about. ]This]() was posted yesterday. The comments seem pretty "i don't like her but this was cool".

Lol that sub kills me, all their news is linked from the weirdest sites and most of it isn't even really news. So much of it is just "(insert random not really relevant person) disagrees with (insert left leaning policy)".

To be fair they do have post about AOC raising money. Still, fuck em though.

I've seen threads. Not on the front page but they're there. But the comments section is busy saying it's political grandstanding to make Ted Cruz look bad. Cause apparently all dems do is try to own the conservatives. Wait.

Actually i saw a post there a few days ago about AOC raising money and most of them were actually praising her for once.

Are there any stories about helping others in a time of crisis?

I got banned from their. That group of people is soft as baby shit.

There is a very highly upvoted article about AOC helping and a lot of people recognizing how wonderful that is.

Good lord the only thing Conservatism is good for apparently is opposing the left in the culture war. No posts about actual governance whatsoever. Just whining about cancel culture.


When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you. Red states don't care because they have been designed not to. Eliminate gerrymandering and see how the country and the world progresses.

Good God.. the gymnastics is infuriating.

How how is the wrong bed an excuse for that situation?

Hopefully your spouse has too.

Really bewildered that non-cons still think that hardcore conservatives can be swayed by any act of empathy or kindness. They are literally some of the dumbest and most spiteful and vindictive people to ever land on this planet. Wed have better luck convincing our houseplants to recognize acts of decency.

8 years from now. Plz.

Following election: -nulb Democrat Republican "nulb The future of Texas is blue, eventually.

>he biggest crisis(s) in our lifetime The biggest crisis so far. Plenty more on the horizon.

From the party that constantly talks about personal responsibility.


Damn antifa and their giant snow machine.

BTW I live in Texas. I literally do not even know any trumpanzees here. The only ones I know are related to me and live up north.

Isnt it so pathetic that they just downvote you and are too cowardly to actually comment and get into a debate... anyway I upvoted you back to neutral.

It is really difficult living here not being a religious conservative. I'm a native and I'm surrounded by these closed-minded people everywhere even in my "blue" city. It's disheartening and not as easy as just getting up and moving like everyone thinks it is.

Dude, I've been doing my best to convince everyone I know to vote blue for anything. At this point, I almost don't care what their policies are. I mean, could it seriously be worse than what the current elected morons are doing? I love my home state, I really do. But dear bujeezus, the greedy overlords make it hard to want to stay here.

The 21st century dislike of the need for social responsibility by many Republicans is the rage of Caliban at seeing his own face in the mirror.

This perfectly describes the rights view on racism.

Western Europeans: *Democrats* centre. Republicans *fell off a cliff at some point. I sure do hope they're ok*.

Right outta here to mexico.

Yall are misunderstanding him, hes saying that republicans have decided that on their own, not that its his opinion.

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