Saturday 6th of March 2021

In Memory of Julia Gillard, Gillian Triggs, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Christine Holgate . All Subjected to Trial by Media. Yet Many in Media Rush to Defend to Defend Christian Porter From Same. Do You See What I See.

Social Media Says

Royal Family accused of 'double standards' by investigating Meghan but not Prince Andrew.
Before Harry Meghans Oprah interview, its worth noting how the narrative re: why they left royal life has been twisted by the (UK) media to They want privacy. But that isnt their issue w/ the press. Its double standards false/biased reporting.

The royal family is being accused of "double standards" for investigating Meghan Markle and not Prince Andrew.
DOJ needs over-hauled .. there is no equal justice .. please demos don't explain I have heard a lifetime of lies deceit injustice double standards to the point it's sickening to see them on TV. EVERY MOVE is calculated to advance POWER & GREED over folks that just want to live!

Then it's no big deal? Gtfoh. I see double standards here and I'm calling it.
A lot of feathers seem to have been ruffled by this post - This was a rhetorical question to make a point about double standards (not a cry for help to halt/ban short selling to pause my portfolio's drawdown).

Why do ItaButtrose & board, allow the normalisation of pedophilia, distortion of history, persecution of both our citizens tortured by the CCP & those who promote family values. Double standards are now the order of the day, the time has come for an independent enquiry into them.

Worry about double standards is no excuse to get rid of all standards.
I don't even stan this group, just wanted to point out the double standards and annoy you. I did it haha have fun calling out your own faves... muack besos en tu qk.
Now on the hot topic of sexual violence, another piece to end double standards in treatment of children by adults.
Last year I compared UK media coverage of Meghan Markle Prince Harry to that of Kate Middleton Prince William. Limited scope: only stories from the same news org written AFTER weddings only outlets in the royal rota. There were differences.

Unless you have been in the UK and experienced the extent of the press bullying shes received its really difficult to truly understand. Not to mention the double standards and smear campaign driven by the Royals.

The Royal Family has been accused of "double standards" in ordering an investigation into bullying claims against Meghan Markle and yet failing to investigate sexual abuse allegations against Prince Andrew.

"Why is there an investigation into this bullying but there's not been an investigation into Prince Andrew and the allegations surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and the women who have made allegations?".
How come this isn't trending, is it because, they are not black Africans. Wow South Africans and their double standards.
Double standards.
Ball has the same rating that LaVine had last year LMAO... Talk about double standards.
The full interview is not even out and Buckingham Palace opened investigations on Meghan's bullying allegations in less than a week while Prince Andrew has never been investigated years after he was linked with a child predator. The double standards!!!

Exclusive on inputmag that you should read: I spoke to former Nike employees about the recent sneaker reselling scandal, and some are frustrated by what they view as double standards after the brand said its former VP had no conflicts of interest.

Double standards in the kpop industry is really really terrible and that is even apparent in stan twt. some would shame women for wearing revealing clothing while fawning over a shirtless man. the topic of cutesy concepts too how cutesy is defined as something feminine or weak.

So much sympathy is raining when ayesha committed suicide. Where was such sympathy when actor SandeepNahar commit suicide after being tortured? . A society can never thrive with double standards and lack of empathy for half of the population, the males.

I use to live and breathe most sports and I am glad I went and a couple of grand finals when I did cos I wouldn't worry about it now. My passion as gone out of it now especially cos of the double standards in our communities by our politicians and sportsman & women I still goWCE.

Seriously... another bunch of fucking stone throwers... get your castle in order before you say another word. Royal Family Accused of "Double Standards" For Investigating Meghan Markle And Not Prince Andrew.

TONIGHT'S HANNITY MONOLOGUE: The lefts latest double standards and outright falsehoods, plus reaction from JudgeJeanine and GeraldoRivera.
40 degree heat teachers sending kids home who are not wearing shoes. In a hot classroom no fans this is uncomfortable. Those same teachers wearing thongs t shirts smoking and chewing. Are we setting a good example of double standards here???? Mipla baim school fee ya...

What gets me is everyone took a term that historically was used in a bad light like I dunno bitch or bastard or whore, and then let the word become normalized even change meaning and then get pissed but bitch bastard and whore are flung about without question, double standards.

Because if it weren't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all.
The state is hunting down UDAs Rashid Echesa but yet to arrest ANCs Cleophas Malala who was openly bribing voters and was caught in the act (and robbed Ksh 2m). Double standards in application of the law will lead to future consequences.

You are going no where, dont talk about systemic racism, double standards and oppression which current experienced by certain race in Malaysia if the simple thing as racial prejudice, stigma and insults towards other races are embedded in every races. It does not help at all.

Ebay is not selling certain Seuss books now, you know while Biden is President. Dems double standards.
The double standards of ppl regarding ji soo's issue i kennat.
On a fateful day of the year of our Lord 2020, we did all we could to postpone the ImpisRFC and Mongersrugby game to a favorable date and UgandaRugby jam. Why the double standards?? Union is a shithole Am in a bar come beat me.

Totally untrue. There shouldn't be double standards between men and women. Neither should escape accountability for their bad choices.
In an interview with Sky News, the co-author of Harry and Meghan biography Finding Freedom questioned why the palace had ordered an investigation into the duchess but had not done so with Prince Andrew.

Why you blaming hyejin,when it was melon who had the lyrics and maybe you should include your fave too,or are working with the double standards.
: why the double standards.
Oh, I know I hit ya where it hurts and that's on armys double standards .
The double standards that i gotta face in this household.
I would believe so, but as usual, nothing will be done about it. Dims = Double Standards.
It's also about the double standards here. Oh you wanna expose me? Two can play at that game.
Asking boris to resign? He's broke laws, codes, fuck knows what else. That's what i hate about you politicians. No morals, no scruples, double standards. Fuckin hypocrites. Calling for the resignation of 1 politician but not for your own boss. Labour, the opposition say nothing.

Double standards are real.
It is horrific to read the downrate hate of her on British tabloid sites like the DailyMail. Not sure which is worse, the papers or the commenters. This article said it all.
I actually had to retype a work report because I double spaced. I was told it violated their corporate standards.
So now you're Keen on the fine details when it comes to Ramos but this logic was out the window when it comes to pique Apparently, the 8-2 was against a high flying Barcelona side... Talk about double standards.

Let's not forget the others as well. Here Are 20 Headlines Comparing Meghan Markle To Kate Middleton That May Show Why She And Prince Harry Are Cutting Off Royal Reporters.
They're really playing double standards under this thread.
Double standards again from the left.
They are ugly and cracked at 23 with no redeemable qualities. Sucks to suck <3 the double standards of treatment was so obvious to me but like I was fkn 12 years old...nobody should deal with tht type of bs.

Double standards bro, its crazy.
And its double standards . fooking hypocrites. Nze agasaja ago gantama.

What You Really Think

And Emma Husar.

Yep White Male Privilege bullshit.

Rampant hypocrisy.

Australia is a society with a strong streak of misogyny running through our institutions and many corporates. Our PM is condescending at best towards women "I talked to Jen" (ie "the little woman") and perpetuates a culture of disrespect towards women in parliament.

Berejiklian had the same media defence force. When you see the world through your lens, contrary evidence is invisible.

Many thanks for all the responses & reminding me of women I forgot eg Emma Husar & Christine Nixon. Cheers.

A paten?

I see what you see Vince.

For all the mentioned women above there was actual evidence.

Especially Liberal TV after dark wankers on.

We do!I am glad that all is in the open& Australian Law community is urging for the inquiry to the rape of 16 yrs old minor& her death!I support this move immensely!

Don't forget Carmen Lawrence. A big loss to politics.

Were they accused of rape too?

Big corrupt boys club held together by their bad boy secrets.

The women you list didn't actually do anything wrong. Can we say the same of Tudge, Taylor, Porter etc?

Murdoch's influenced bias is the over-riding difference.

Saw "in memory of" and thought Gillard fucking died tbh.

The Australian cash for comment newspaper has 7 articles Pro Porter. Not privy to facts, evidence, statements but he is innocent. The dead right advocating fairness for their tribe but a differing rule of law for others. When did having $$ equate to zero conscience. Murdoch!

Yes I do and its sickening . how easily women are sidelined and abused.

Wonderfully said Vince!


Typical lefty book burner stuff. YAM, gillard n triggs ripped and continue to rip off taxpayers. Demands have overwhelmingly been for investigation and trial, deservedly (what did Oz get for the $800m donated to Clintons?) All of them are not born Australians.

And those are nearly all middle ages males!

Oh I see what you did there, list the women who they tear down for no real crime.

Dont forget Reynolds now, Cash,Bishop and all the endless men and of course Lindy Chamberlain and any priest who raises his head. The media are a disgrace.

Add Christine Nixon, Emma Husar ... and the list goes on.

I can't muster any sympathy for Gillard the back stabber.

I saw no trial by media perhaps Porter is upset by how quickly Twitter decided it was him after all there are plenty of dodgy Cabinet Ministers to choose from...

Sure do!

Sharon Clark.

We see.

They didnt even hurt anyone: let alone be a ...

We live in a murdochracy.

I see Murdoch Muppets all in a line.

Lindy Chamberlain.

I see your double standards.

Excuse me left out Emma Husar the most recent and horrific case of slut shaming this country has ever seen ! Was that an accident or are you a lone one eyed labor lover ?

Were are they now. Why aren't we hearing their voices?

Yes, all those women were subjected to cruel & relentless attacks from the media, sometimes by women. It's rather frightening to see these characters jump to Porter's defence when there has been no investigation & inquiry. Doesn't say much about progress in treatment of women.

Thomson, Slipper.

Yep. I see sparkling misogyny.

George Pell had a fair bit of media support in a tweet entirely unrelated.

If you can't see the difference then you're naive at best.

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