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Wednesday 27th of May 2020

.AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug before Crew Dragon flight.

.AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug before Crew Dragon flight.
Time to suit up! ?AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug suit up to LaunchAmerica in the same room as the first crewed Apollo mission, Apollo 7:.
As we prepare to launch two American Astronauts into space from NASAKennedy for the first time in nearly 10 years, we encourage every American to pray for AstroBehnken, Astro_Doug & the teams at NASA & SpaceX who have worked to make this Historic day possible.

?? No launch for today - safety for our crew members Astro_Doug and AstroBehnken is our top priority. We'll try, try again to LaunchAmerica on Saturday with liftoff at 3:22pm ET. NASA TV will begin coverage at 11 am. Join us again virtually:.

(1/2) Now that I've seen the Amphibia episodes "The Big Bugball Game," and the Doug episode "Doug: The Big Switch," I can say that they were each great! Now today, I'll be watching S1 E18 of Gravity Falls, "Land Before Swine,".

Thank you everyone for your support today for LaunchAmerica! ? We hope to see you Saturday, May 30 at 3:22 ET for our next launch attempt. Live coverage begins at 11 ET on In the meantime, get to know Astro_Doug and AstroBehnken!

As the egress team assists AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug out of the capsule, we are looking at a 50% chance of favorable weather for Saturday's launch.
Side by side for the ride! Astro_Doug and AstroBehnken walk out to depart to the historic Launch Complex 39A for LaunchAmerica.
Our NASA_Astronauts AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug are safely out of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft.
Retired USMC Col. Doug Hurley will become part of history today when Americans return to space from American soil. LaunchAmerica.
CLOntario CLToronto Todd, Lastly, CERB is a Federal fund under protection by the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). Don't be stupid, Todd! You & Doug both discriminated against ODSP and OW by depriving them of access and support during the COVID19 Pandemic. Do what, right! like BC, YK & NWT.

NASA Astro_Doug AstroBehnken Why you not say something for the meteor or something like this who fall in blacksea this night??????????? meteor.
Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken have departed pad 39A to head back to crew quarters at the Kennedy Space Center. There is a 60 percent chance of favorable weather for their next launch opportunity at 3:22:45pm EDT (1922:45 GMT) Saturday.

(??) Astro_Doug & AstroBehnken are due to lift off to the Space_Station in a few hours. Wonder if they've packed a copy of this? ? NASA SpaceX LaunchAmerica space.
John Magnum & Doug Acre ????
.AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug are inside Astronaut Crew Quarters getting suited up before heading to Launch Complex 39A for their historic mission to the space_station. WATCH LIVE:.
.NASA astronauts AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug arrive at Launch Complex 39A ahead of launch of Crew Dragon.
The egress team has successfully opened the hatch. AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug have a couple more steps before they can exit SpaceX Crew Dragon.
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The SpaceX astronauts were literally Bob and Doug.
In California?
Astro_Doug NASA It's an even bigger shame that you're trying to push an agenda on a picture of a guys.
DO NOT allow Ontario Premier Doug Ford to control the narrative on LongTermCare he can say how "horrifying" the report is, but HIS government made decisions that have contributed to those terrible conditions. My letter to his gov here: DougFord.

I love this picture of our President realdonaldtrump when Elon Musk walked in the briefing room. ?? (Picture credit Doug Mills Twitter).
I missed this. This is Doug Ford classic, right here. Brutal.
This is low key narcissistic sha. She thinks Rihanna and Nicki got stans by soliciting fighters on social media with no visible talent. Fix up abeg.
AstroBehnken Astro_Doug Rain in Florida in summer afternoon. What a surprise.
I cannot stop laughing about the fact that the LaunchAmerica astronauts are named Bob and Doug. I realize that means nothing to most of you. But to some of my fellow.
JimBridenstine DanielleGersh Astro_Doug AstroBehnken Thanks.
The White Room is the last place on Earth that Astro_Doug & AstroBehnken see before they get on board Crew Dragon to LaunchAmerica. Tune in:.
SpaceX & NASA Launch Astronauts To Space: Live Feed: Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are slated to be the first humans to leave earth from the United States since the space shuttle was retired in 2011. Will launch in about 22 minutes.

American CEO Doug Parker said carriers will not need bankruptcy protection to get through the current downturn. Do you agree? Will Airlines Survive The Pandemic Without A Single Bankruptcy? Cast your vote online.

These courageous Astronauts AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug are inspirations and role models for children all over the world ?? - maybe you can emphasize this a little more on AdAstra ?
Twitter Slaps 'False' Label on Trump's Warning About Mail-in Ballot Fraud, but Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, and Experts Lay out Facts politics feedly.
What's on board the Crew Dragon? AstroBehnken, Astro_Doug and a mosaic SpaceX assembled from 100,000 graduate portraits. Congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates! LaunchAmerica.
Storm clouds from the west are literally chasing Bob and Doug to the launchpad. And the local weather service just issued a tornado warning.
.Astro_Doug and AstroBehnken walk out and say farewell to their families before heading out to the launch pad and boarding the SpaceX CrewDragon. LaunchAmerica.
I have to wonder if Doug Ford, Jason Kenney and other Conservative premiers would be asking Prime Minister Andrew Scheer for all of this support money. I wonder what Scheer's answer would have been.
NASAKennedy WhiteHouse AstroBehnken Astro_Doug SpaceX Space_Station Commercial_Crew NASA However, I know others exist ?
and Doug, the best friends on historic SpaceX - NASA mission.
What a moment! Thanked AstroBehnken and Astro_Doug for their willingness to fly this LaunchAmerica mission today and wished them godspeed. ?
I hate when my flight gets postponed. Bob and Doug deserve a couple of drink vouchers in the lounge!
Start off Memorial Day with a few Tiger baseball Monday Memories from Doug Quinn at.
The same black women who put Doug Jones in the Senate. I appreciate the leadership. Ready to follow.
Did you reverse the cuts you made to LTC? How about the other health care cuts? Oh, don't forget the public health cuts you made. Will you be having a chat with Doug Ford from a year or two ago? I hope you really give him the gears.

Astronauts named Bob and Doug? Not going to be able to avoid thinking.
First it was denial till full blown "Plategate" and now it's same denial and we have "LTCgate" and both times Doug had full confidence in his minister so maybe we just get rid of Doug as he is obviously in way over his head.

Meet Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, 2 'badass' astronauts, engineers, and dads who are poised to make history for SpaceX, NASA and the world.
NASA NASA_Astronauts AstroBehnken Astro_Doug Uhuh, mind spotting them out on a flight tracker?
Doug Ducey is donalds puppet.
NASA NASA_Astronauts AstroBehnken Astro_Doug Sweetie I have flight trackers I live right next to NSA Pensacola Navel Air Most of the activity is "NEVER" on flight.
.ElonMusk and JimBridenstine pose for a portrait with astronauts Astro_Doug and AstroBehnken before their launch today aboard the SpaceX CrewDragon. LaunchAmerica.

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AstroBehnken Astro_Doug NASA Commercial_Crew Precursor trooper armor.

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