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Tuesday 30th of June 2020

Downer Inc A New Project From KellinQuinn!

Alexander Downer and John Howard will be the main beneficiaries of cporterwa's court-endorsed cover-up of ASIS's crimes in Timor-Leste. Bernard Collaery thus faces a trial in which he's not even allowed to see the documents used against him.

Why dont more people care about the disaster in Downing Street?
In the face of the global epidemic of diet related chronic disease, there is increased experimentation with the use of food is medicine interventions. Sarah Downer and colleagues review these efforts Tune in to today's Food4Thought20 event.

Oh, there's nothing quite like the born-to-rule arrogance of Alexander Downer tweeting to the colonies from the UK is there? I mean, seriously ."I'm going to advise the govt " Who the fuck do you think you are AlexanderDowner?

Retweeting for US patriots to follow what Alexander Downer is getting up to these days.
I could never understand how a non performer like you Downer was able to infest our political eco system. Nepotism, cronieism? You and LiberalAus are a joke , a costly and troublesome joke.
Wealthy and privilege amassed First Nations People's land theft, dispossession and massacre.
Hahaha Alexander Downer is sooking about it!
Zero credibility Mr Downer. And we have some questions about East Timor for you too.
Lord Downer how many Greens have been on QandA this year?
'Fishnets' Downer, who ordered our ASIS spies to bug the private conversations of Timor govt for financial gain, complains about fairness on ABC programming. ROFL.
This, folks, is why the govt want to get rid of the ABC. They don't like opposition, they don't like fair argument, they don't like democracy. They especially don't like their dimwit Libs to be shown up as dimwits I'm sure the RW commercial stations will accommodate u, Downer.

Someone call a waaambulance for Lord Downer. I didn't see you complaining about balance when IPA drones (including your daughter) appeared on QandA week after week. If Paul Fletcher had been better prepared, he would've been fine.

Remember Howards path. Minister in Fraser Governnnent, then leader of the lnp opposition , done in by Downer ( ) , then regained the position some years later then PM for too long. Why not resurrection of Bill.

So THAT'S what happened to Debbie Downer.
Sat looking back through snap memories and its put me in a Propper downer its the little things we took for granted.
Downer's logic: As govt ministers are rubbish at their job they should avoid qanda, yet they're already doing this. Downer conveniently ignores the fact that the audience is the source of questions!
What a downer.
You must feel some shame at your partys current corruption Alexander Downer, if not let me remind you.
Grow up Downer. Its a Democracy. Remember?
Downer should be in the dock over the East Timor bugging incident that he authorised. The arts Minister did himself and the LNP a disservice by just spouting the LNP lies about ABC financing.
Downer the perfect example of a pathetic white man failing up!
Id rather eat glass, seated on a packed airplane, in Debbie Downers Coronavirus infected state, than listen to her string of lies. The only transportation bill Id like to see approved right now, is one that will take Lesko & Trump on a highway to hell.

Who knew but Alexander Downer it the comms adviser to the Govt. Will he get LaTrioli sacked for standing up to the comms Min on qanda like TurnbullMalcolm had albericie sacked? LNP can't handle the truth. Well done billshortenmp No Greens there Alex dear.

And this from the person who was up to his armpits in bugging a friends cabinet room, but will never answer for it. Fletcher is well able to make a complete fool of himself, even in the face of relevant budget papers. So Downer... back in your box please.

Dee Dee is short for Debbie Downer.
Downer is the reason why Witness K is being tried in secret. He illegally traded wheat for oil in contravention of UN sanctions and then he bugged the Timorese. When he joined Woodside that was a massive conflict of interest. Hes the one who should be on trial.

Oh Mr Downer, I see you have become a comedian. Maybe try and control your loose lips, after all you sparked the Russia probe into Trump and distracted the USA down that path for 3 years. They did not focus on Trump policies and look at the world order now... time to shut up.

Mr Downer will you take any responsibility for this dangerous sentiment you irresponsibly pushed just months ago? Do you accept you were wrong? auspol vanOnselenP latingle This ought be called out.
Ah yes, of course, the first act of lying, cheating, thieving cowards is to hide from scrutiny. Theres going to be be a reckoning Downer. Your evil deeds will catch up with you, and it wont be a secret trial.

Okay Chad Downer. By the way, your the star in this honest government advert. Go you.
I am going to advise... Wow what a pompous entitled dude Downer isnulb Suffers from overinflated sense of self importance. OUCH 3/5 nulb.
Only you would see the negative side! You are such a Debbie downer!
Dear Mr Downer, Get Fucked. From Australian Tax Payer.
Yes, given Downer said it was a suggestion of a suggestion, why was it even worth writing it down.
Sometimes, Mr Downer will reply. He said to me that I was giving him a HUGE laugh over GeorgePapa19 claims, but, would never directly answer a question. Maybe one day?
Mr Downer seems to be implying the ABC should be subservient to the federal goverment because its tax payers money is allocated to keep the ABC afloat both Mr Downer & other politicians like him are now living the good life because they lived & still live of the Tax payer .

It does not even occur to Lord Downer that with the Liberal government wilfully shedding peoples jobs at the height of a terrible economic crisis that maybe - just maybe - they deserve popular criticism.

Shut the fuck up and put on a mask.
With due respect Mr Downer, if the lnp wish to take useful counsel from a former leader, JohnRHewson should be their adviser.
Not to be a downer, but both YouTube or reddit. Should getting benefit from them banding white nationalists after 10 years of not taking care of them.
So Adv Muzi Skhakhane called Billy New Dawn the NPA prosecutor, journalists and all 702s excitable spin doctorshe further says Mr Downers reasons are shifting as he moves.
Glad we have Sam for Outlander. Needed Scot James Bond. Norton great as Vicar of Granchester before he became such downer and pouter. New storylines are working well and given new life to series. Robson Green now old poop. Norton as Bond not guy. NOT MADDEN! YUK!

Also the whole Trump/Russia thing. Much as a I despise Trump, looks like more dodgy Downer dealings.
All thats needed now is Italy (mifsud) and Australia (downer) and you have a full house for the ]D] party collusion impeachment game.
Love you guys. Always upbeat and never a downer!
So predictable "Georgina Downer has been a Research Fellow at the IPA for two years. At the IPA Georgina has been an outstanding and consistent advocate for smaller government, lower taxes, less red tape, and freedom of speech.".

Go to prison Downer, you brought disrepute on our country and you call foul when an Ill informed STOOGE makes a fool of himself on QandA.
Given Alexander Downer's history I'm surprised he has the hide to cast his opinion on anything involved with the public good.
Yea he has lived in Waterville for over 10 years. That's my Brother. He is in the Hospital in Augusta right now, doing physical therapy, left leg missing almost to the hip. And yesterday was his Birthday, so he kinda had a downer kind of day.

Well when you put it like that. Debbie downer.
Downer alert.
My SMH TheAge piece on the comedy pot-of-gold delivered by isolation: Trump whisperer sarahcpr; Olive Mabel's dad MrAndrewCotter; room-next-door adviser MrMichaelSpicer; singing stiletto RandyRainbow; and Instagram hunker-downer Leslie Jordan.

Instead of prosecuting Bernard Collaery and Witness K, the Govt should prosecute Howard and Downer, who ordered the bugging of East Timor cabinet room.
By all accounts Downer is in charge of making this happen.
And news of John Howard and Downer either fronting The Hague or just expiring.
Everyone is always like Janet, why do you hate games? No surprise Janet has something negative to say. Janet is such a downer. Now Ive found a modern game to love but its TLOU2 and its a game some of yall are pissed about. -nulb.

Sky News gets heavily criticised by the left for its bias and right-wing commentary yet, what the ABC did last night, in a similar vein, was equally offensive. Fletcher was attacked and Downer came to his defense. People seem to purposely lose their objectivity.

It's always the same anytime the going gets tough for conservatrives to explain their policies out comes culturewars and the proverbial us and them. WE are poorer politically while actors like Downer play.

It is an undeniable fact the ABC has been under attack by the federal government for 7 years. Appointments they have made. Funding cuts. Alexander Downer is on social media saying he's going to advise the government to boycott qanda. They all hate the ABC for Rupert Murdoch.

Micale you are a debby downer.
I don't mean to be a downer, but I've never seen Noah so blackpilled (but also correct). Nevertheless, the first step to solving one's problem is acceptance...
Geez what a downer all those voters' comments are for poor lil curly. Read the room Alex. What a tone deaf hypocrite he is - typical of the LNP.
If Alexander Downer had his way the aristocracy would have a voice and the mere serfs would do the bidding . And if they don't toe the line we'll have a secret trial upstairs whilst the serfs wait to learn their fate downstairs . The daughter can provide cheques and balances .

What a cry baby Downer is. I get the feeling Paul Fletcher hasnt had enough to do with the decision-making to be able to explain it.
Boot (or should I say stocking) on the other foot, Lord Downer?
Downer is upset that the government of the day must defend or justify its actions to the public, regardless of political affiliation. Incredible.
No wonder Downer's spitting the dummy.
Sorry, I don't see it the same way. I'm not a downer, actually an optimist, but mostly a realist that can identify sugar coated bullshit. Had the cop been pulling over EVERYONE, we wouldn't be having this conversation; but this an OLD video came after another police killing.

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