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Saturday 4th of April 2020

Drag Race

Category is: Black Wedding Whose lewk was your favorite?.
Shes every woman, is here! Dont miss her on an all new TOMORROW at 8/7c on !.
The girls are feeling the JANTASY! Whose impression was your fave?.
That episode was too much.
did a different move for my the best ...and, I gotta say, Im a little shook by it!.
this look is so stunning. i cant stop thinking about it.
LMFAO JAIDA SAID: ill be aiden.
all the nonblack fans saying jan beat widow in the lip sync doesnt surprise me.
If any of you yt twinks and yt girls try to start any racist shit with and believe you will be dealt with..
If you didnt light a candle for the ancestors when Bob fucking put that busted ass Brittney in a ditch dead and rotting to THE Sylvester song, you are a shitty honkie..
SPOILER ALERT The Queens lip sync to s "This Is My Night" Whatd you think of tonights LSFYL?.
Thinking about bottomless chips and.
Latest version of the gamepad, do you feel very retro with childhood taste? I guess the answer must be "Yes" !.
this weeks.
this shouldve been a double chante. Im so annoyed.
When Ru told Chaka Khan to tell him something good and she said a lot of money and he that hit different..
Petition for to be the first drag Elphaba on broadway.
PSA: i know we all love jan but pls dont send widow hate, she ate that lipsync!!!! jan also did amazing. send love only not hate.
Black wedding? Why it gotta be black?.
well rpdr really has lost its sense how can u critique someone for giving too much when that is what they ask from everyone? and how come is it bad that someone wants to please the judges and hear their critiques?. I aint gonna watch any episodes from S12 now.
All the white twinks saying widow we watch the same lip sync?.
Wow just got so boring like we all know Gigi is gonna could this quarantine get any worse.
Chaka Khan is soo fucking beautiful its almost annoying!.
crystals look to everyone else.
Chaka Khan doesnt age. We stan a flawless humble queen.
heidi winning vs jan going home.
Where can I order some of Heidis Hydrating multipurpose moisturizer?!?! Yaaaassss!.
Whoever filmed Jan practicing the lip-sync in front of her beloved shade button deserves the Oscar for Best Cinematography..
Could she be ANY cuter?! So proud of you, !.
Jan in that lip sync.
Widow trying to keep her composure! Untuck about to be GOOD.
My phone to me when its 4 AM and Im still on TikTok.
Aint nobody, loves Ru better! Catch me as an extra special guest judge on TONIGHT at 8/7c on ! by.
the way she ate this entire runway.
Youll be feeling soft and supple in no time with s Heidis Hydrates lotion!.
Can I just say Heidi is a national treasure?.
Widow is about to light untucked tf up.
Category BLACK WEDDING Serving blacked-out bride: !.
I LOVE that just said HELLA FUNNY on.
rupaul now realising he could have put in the bottom two instead of jan.
God we really could have had in the bottom and we KNOW Widow would have sent her ass packing UGH.
Bottom 2 shouldve been Widow and Sherry, with Sherry going home! Jan was doing THE MOST in that lip sync (in a bad way), but she should still be there..
dont send hate to widow, we all know everything is rupauls fault.
Heidi sounds like the old perv from Family Guy when he whistles while talking.
Still cant believe that wasnt a double has been eliminated, Jan?!?! Anybody can get the boot the season.
Ma saw Heidis infomercial and said she stole my look!.
no tea no shade but won that lip sync so why are we even having that conversation.
The power that this moment has Thank you for being here, !.
This has killed me (open for the ultimate thread).
Congrats bitch you deserve the world XOXO.
Widow ATE this lipsync up. yall hate to see it.
I love her! was serving Billy Butcherson teas.
can we talk about these looks though.
You spoke, and they ignored you. You spoke louder, and they denied you. So, you yelled, then they blamed you for being loud. You didnt deserve that mess..
Over all Jan didnt do bad throughout the show. She was over looked a lot but overall did good..
all i want is their hand in marriage.
Now, before tonight even begins, I just wanna day that if I see ANY racist activity towards Widow at all, Im coming for you..
no maam JANSHOULDVESTAYEDdont @ me.
This is me rn.
This episode was so emotional for me.
anybody else.
Appropriate that the runway tonight was black dresses cause we are mourning the elimination of a crazy talented queen.
crystal hammering a wig,,,,,shes the only scientist that i know.
i honestly dont find the broccoli thing funny at all and i dont understand why theyre milking it so hard.
me sending an email to rupaul telling him he is always wrong and cant make decisions.
was easily and obviously top 4 of this season of , and its sad and embarrassing for Ru to allow such bad overproduction of narratives that ignores actual talent and.
im sobbing 4 real.
Rupaul shifting the blame on tonights elimination.
Chaka Kahn is on talking about "entities can enter you" and Im like, "OMG! That explains it! is possessed!".
Jackie Cox waiting for Bryce to bring the merkins.
This fucking season is packed to the brim of talented queens and we have to see their spot being filled by a certain !!! I know its too late to go back but its so fucking frustrating.
I think that Season 12 of is the first time where a majority of the cast is a huge threat, which is why tonight and onwards watching them go one by one is gonna be such a shock no matter who it is.
The judges when Jan was doing good and shouldve won a challenge vs when she does bad in one challenge.
To all and fans ! Mama Rus best song ever is ft. and if you dont agree with me ?!!! I say go try to buy some taste !.
Day ?? of social distancing mood..