Saturday 10th of July 2021

Wizkids Come Closer Feat Drake is Now Certified GOLD in The UK, For Sales of Over 400,000 Units! FC Eating Good Once Again.

Social Media Says

Nobody history music would beat Drake VERZUZ.
AISTS DROPPIN TONIGHT Vince Staples Bas, Cole Tjay Logic Laroi Justin Bieber IDK Yung Bleu Sean Post Malone Fredo Bang Polo G Babyface Ray Glasses Malone, Game Kurupt Nicki Minaj Drake (rumored) more.

Wizkids Come Closer feat Drake certified GOLD sales over 400,000 units! eating good once again.
Lol. Drake gonna have folk asking another stimulus check take their women date.
When drake said, some nights wish could back life, change shit, just feel couple things twice. felt that shit.
Drake lookin camera like what doin.
Travis Scott SICKO MODE (feat. Drake).
Drake Amari Bailey after games.
Lmaooo drake really taking niggas bitches.
fuck with Drake that just blasphemous.
Who's winning: Ye or Drake? 40 rounds, hits only.
Drake night ticket selling $65, other offers?
They caught Drake
Nobody: Drake.
Drake rented whole baseball stadium dinner make queen happy, your wont even unfollow bxch you.
Drake rented whole Dodger Stadium date. this camera there. think drone shot mind business.
Amari Bailey thought drake hanging with because next basketball world whole time wanted smash lmaoo drake sick man.
Drake really said.
Reminds aging Nathan Drake from Uncharted
Lets real Drake just that some material talk about song women will make seem like this biggest deal.
Amari baileys teammates when they see drake.
Drake really rented Dodger Stadium special date with table right front Dodgers dugout. RelationshipGoals abc7chriscristi).
Drake when potential Amari Bailey.
Drake going out.. rented stadium likkle date. like that.
Amari bailey when drake mom.
Friends Drake.
Drake whenever bumps into Amari Bailey after games.
Listening Drake boat sunset >>>>>>>> immaculate vibes! Wheres Prosecco??
Come Closer wizkidayo feat Drake certified GOLD selling over 400,000 units!
That time Drake Woods collabed together made Drama.
talk drake then.
Drake stans delusional ppl.
Drake really went that kids game just fuck mom.
Drake spotted date Dodger Stadium with Bronnys teammate, Amari Baileys mom.
"jealousy" Taylor other artists. wouldn't jealous...But every other artist when they release finds whether Drake, TaylorSwift13 Adele releasing, like 'what date they going, out'.".

songs produced will trump Drake features.
Drake spotted being certified lover with Amari Baileys mom.
Drake finna like "dodge with bullshit, it's hard date booked stadium it's hardly empty, camera lenses creepin daily, they don't playa play,shout Amari bailey" coming soon.

Drake soon sees Amari Bailey.
Amari Bailey when he founds out drakes picking him up after practice.
Make sure over around shell feel like star Drake.
Survival surpassed MILLION streams Spotify! This Drakes 146th song achieve this milestone!
Drake tone. $10,000 date minimums.
Marvins room.
people like Jay-Z, Beyonce what they have achieved, they still manage humble themselves. with Drake Houston, talking him, with success, humble. some success think want wild out? Davido.

Definitely Cee-lo obvious Lauryn, Drake usual suspects down Texas doe, know first hand much mean state.
Drake talking Amari Bailey after game like.
Man stfu.
Drake dont miss.
Amari Bailey:" Drake man, plenty fish ocean, thats mom, we're friends" Drake.
Drake getting trouble last night after texted Nicki Minaj that fine. Yall know dating Amari Baileys mother.
Drake wants breed hooper bad.
Childish Gambino freestyles over Drakes Pound Cake.
Drake spotted custom Chrome Hearts Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey.
Drake: Some nights wish could back life, change shit, just feel couple things twice. Friedrich Nietzsche: The advantage memory that enjoys several times same good things first time. Smoke weed drizzy..

Drake music like milk.
'COME CLOSER' Drake] certified GOLD sales over 400k units!
Niggas laugh later listed drake Yall reaching lmao.
Damn niggas dont extra drake night tickets
That's some Certified player shit, damn.
That girl dead wrong telling drake turn shit turn some ludacris.
Americans crazy. Drake rented whole stadium dinner with date, they used drones him.
drake washing this man. washing him.
Drake boring paparazzi dick this much eating dinner with bitch whats interesting about this.
Wayne could Kanye well. Drake deep only songs.
Drake said Meek trigger fingers turned Twitter fingers didnt tweet like years. power that that has.
Artists with most hits this decade: ArianaGrande 4 BTS_twt 4 Oli_Rodrigo 2 Drake 2 justinbieber 2 taylorswift13 2 iamcardib 2 theestallion 2 NICKIMINAJ 2 trvisXX 2 RoddyRicch 2 theweeknd 2.

DATE? Randomly just flew over this cozy couple enjoying private dinner along third base line empty Dodger Stadium from.
Drake here dicking down niggas moms.
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That Drake stadium definitely taken iPhone.
Drake fwu. made that very clear simp.
Yeah Drake probably beats well.

What You Really Think

Wizkid arguably the biggest artist in the world.

Artist of the year Album of the year Song of the year Best collaboration Viewer choice Agreed ? Or you guys will deny him award this year again like always?

We Eat and Drink everyday.

Winner's church we dey attend here.

Na to dey use wizkid chase clout una sabi,to give award now,una go still cheat am.

Wizkid's ESSENCE is currently challenging for Hot 100 debut this week. US FC keep buying Essence on Both ITunes and Amazon. Essence is the biggest song in the world right now. Let's go.

Eating good always!!!

Always eating good V.

As it should be.

Big wiz.

Machala celebration no dey finish.

Wizkid Wizkid Wizkid hmmmm.

They'll come with gumbody agenda again..

BIG wiz celebration no dey finish.




Our verified WizKid source.

Celebration no de finish for this side.

We eat good every hour.