Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Duncan Robinson Has 98 Career 3-pointers in The Playoffs, Passing Dwyane Wade For Third-most in Heat Postseason History.

Social Media Says

Duncan Robinson cool always say, thing about Victor Oladipo finds Duncan.
Duncan Robinson career 3-pointers playoffs, passing Dwyane Wade third-most Heat postseason history.
Duncan Robinson extends Heat lead ESPN Game Series tied 1-1.
Duncan Robinson doing what Nets needed Harris
Duncan Robinson from downtown Heat cruise control game
Duncan Robinson just bullied Jrue Holiday going basket. This wild.
Duncan Robinson redemption masterclass happening right before our eyes.
Heat players trying help Victor Oladipo floor Duncan Robinson just dropped head Oladipo spoke him.
Valuations on Duncan Robinson island!!!
Would trade pick this draft Duncan Robinson?
Duncan robinson doesnt play all year and does this.
Need to play Duncan Robinson more.
lived long enough duncan robinson take jrue holiday dribble.
love these Twitter trolls hating Duncan Robinson. dude hasnt played forever just dropped
Duncan Robinson having best birthday ever. been great bench player Miami tonight.
Duncan Robinson hope Victor good.
Duncan Robinson currently holds record best year history 100%.
yall know Duncan Robinsons 29th birthday?
M&BR: Duncan Robinson passes Heat legend record books.
only were Duncan Robinsons birthday every day. 10,585 years damn good.
Fell knees. Tears eyes. Elite Sniper Duncan Robinson.
THE DUNCAN ROBINSON GAME!! Happy mother fucking birthday dude!
They need to tell Duncan Robinson its his birthday before every game from here on out.
Welcome Back Duncan Robinson 20p 5/6 3pm.
Duncan Robinson older than Bobby Portis.
Duncan Robinsons birthday needs every hoop, apparently.
This playoff Duncan Robinson for.
Kudos Bucks reviving Duncan Robinsons career.
3:31 117 Duncan Robinson reached career three pointers Playoffs source: alerts.
Heat they could play Duncan Robinson this season, he's dropping Bucks. Unbelievably performance Milwaukee second time this week.
Duncan Robinson Jrue Holiday.
3:31 117 Duncan Robinson needs three pointers reach career three pointers Playoffs source: alerts.
Heat dusting Duncan Robinson tonight seeing points 7-of-8 shooting (5-of-6 from three) some heavy, heavy ZOMBIE HEAT stuff.
Americas Best Coach finally smart enough play Duncan Robinson.
Bulls could have Duncan Robinson waited long knew still this him..
least duncan robinson going during birthday thats pretty wholesome.
Duncan Robinson *literally* perfect night. from field...AND BIHDAY!
Duncan Robinson career game.
want bulls Duncan Robinson.
Bubble Duncan Robinson came out tonight.
Duncan Robinson game.
Duncan Robinson balling, we love to see it!
Duncan Robinson redemption game was not on my bingo card.
Duncan Robinson is back?
Duncan robinson masterclass.
Duncan robinson holding together
Duncan robinson after tyler herro injured.
Replay showed Oladipo saying something to Duncan Robinson, who immediately dropped his head upon hearing the words. Hoping for the best for Vic.
Duncan Robinson is 5-of-5 from three.
Duncan Robinson say buitdayyy.
Duncan Robinson taking Jrue Holiday dribble just about sums this game.
Duncan Robinson Miami.
Duncan Robinson cooking Jrue Holiday drive something list expectations. Lmao.
Duncan Robinson heard MichaelRyanRuiz call coward.
been roller coaster seasons Duncan Robinson, tonight passed Miami Heat legend record books.
Elite sniper Duncan Robinson is back.
Kinda crazy just years y'all were saying that Harris Duncan Robinson were better than Klay Don't play name.
Duncan Robinson just scored driving layup! (Sorry.).
Duncan Robinson reaction says it all.
Imaging losing series Duncan Robinson.
Who is Duncan Robinson?
Duncan Robinson comes off the screen and drills it from distance.
when duncan robinson.

What You Really Think

Wait. He just passed him? Lol.

Duncan Robinson in the first half.

Tim Duncan/ David Robinson = Duncan Robinson.



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