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BREAKING: New Strzok doc "opening" spy op against shows Durham and Barr right to question "predicate" for spying on presidential campaign! This doc was finally declassified, thanks to .
Almost immediately after Mueller closed his investigation, Barr huddled with the prosecutor he assigned to re-examine the Russia probe in a series of meetings previously unknown. Barr met at least 6 times with John Durham over a 10-week period in 2019.

Obama isnt above the law. Durham should question him and Biden and Clinton and Brennan and Rice and Comey, etc on .
Daily Mail article on the 23rd April claiming Dominic Cummings was so ill with Coronavirus his wife had to nurse him in London for 10 days . We now know immediately prior to this Dominic Cummings travelled 250 miles to Durham city aware he had COVID ; spread it.

Word of warning to civil service press officers working in Number 10. Beware the Cummings crew getting you to trot out lines to take that turn out not to be true. They will throw you under the bus as fast as say fancy a drive to Durham.

27 of the most furious and hilarious reactions to Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown.
This is disgusting! They hounded Neil Ferguson out for the same! He has to be SACKED! Tories also made such a noise about the Scottish Chief Medical Officer, Catherine Calderwood so she was forced to resign.

Cummings drives to Durham. Govt spends seven weeks refusing to comment. Police confirm story. Story published. Cummings provides his version of events in anonymous, uninterrogable fashion. That version leads BBC News. Everyone s done their jobs, sure, but we ve all been gamed.

Its even worse than the others who resigned due to breaking lockdown because he actually had the virus, risking infecting his parents, child & all he came into contact with on route at comfort breaks etc + those they wd go on to.

If there was nothing wrong with the 250 mile dash to Durham, it is fascinating that Dominic Cummings wife chose to never even mention it in her description of their difficult isolation at home with the virus.

Following the news that Dominic Cummings travelled from London to Durham during lockdown and his behaviour was investigated by the Police, his position is completely untenable - he must resign or be sacked.

How odd, Prof Ferguson, Catherine Calderwood, Durham and Laura Kuenssberg are all trending but not Dominic Cummings ?
Few more details this morning - -small number of people in No 10 knew that Cummings had gone to Durham, not stayed in London -seems it was his sister who had offered to help with childcare when he and his wife fell ill -family stayed in separate house + had no contact in the end.

We ve got another 4 years of Blatantly ignored if you re well enough to drive to Durham you re well enough for childcare.
So Dominic Cummings, wife and child travel to Durham whilst symptomatic with Coronavirus. And then stay with his parents, both over 70.
Surely if said "I back the police here" and "I think he took the right decision to resign" when Prof Neil Ferguson had someone visit him at his home, Cummings MUST resign today for travelling to his parents in Durham from London during lockdown.

Phew! What a week that was! Feel like I m coming down with something as well. Thank goodness I filled up enough yesterday for a trip to County Durham to see my folks.
SNPs on Radio 4 says there appears to have been a "cover up" in No10 over Dominic Cummings trip to Country Durham. Meanwhile, in these articles theres no mention of driving.
When the Cummings family, Covid-19 positive, drove 280 miles to Durham, which service station did they put in danger of infection? Or did they piss in bottles?
So Neil Ferguson and Catherine Calderwood both broke lockdown rules to varying degrees, and were both asked to resign. Cummings travelled to Durham from London with Coronavirus ! And yet he s being defended? He needs to resign.

Mamma Mia! reveals that Dominic Cummings travelled to Durham to self isolate during the lockdown. Spotted by neighbours as he danced to ABBA in the garden.
Herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too mum! Dominic Cummings, in the car on the way to Durham.
Cummings, they drove to County Durham whilst unfit to drive, suffering from Corona Virus, taking medication. With their childish the car. Not really recommended.
Surely, he cant stay? Whilst sympathetic for childcare issues, he still broke the law. Someone should have collected their son. Could a 4 yr old could be transported from London to Durham without having to make a toilet stop? Thus exposing others at service stations.

Where in Co. Durham is Death s Door?
If Alistair Campbell and Tony Blair took Britain to war on a false prospectus, Dominic Cummings going to Durham seems less serious. (Campbell did not resign).
I hope for good, London to Durham you cant ignore, He did a bit of super spreading, And no hes not above the law. Indy 500 not for him, Durham 250 he prefers instead, Hardly what you call "stay safe", With 60,000 people dead!!!

Dominic Cummings was spotted by witnesses at his parents home in Durham, more than 250 miles from his London property, during lockdown . He was questioned by the police. I remember seeing this story on Twitter at the time, but wasn t able to verify.

The story is all over Twitter but not trending. Yeah right.
I cannot even begin to imagine how people who were not allowed to hold the hands of those they loved as they died must feel about this.
Hey , will you be urging the police to get involved as you did with Neil Ferguson? Or is it one rule for your enemies and another for your friends?
Science-based approach: Neil Ferguson resigns after being caught breaking lockdown rules. Fair cop. Do the right thing Post-truth approach: Break the rules, lie about it, claim it was someone elses fault, blame the lib metropolitan elite for not being from Durham.

It would STILL be wrong - as his child/ren were from an infected household and themselves should not leave AT ALL - but if he really wants to make this case, then it would have been better for his (well) sister to do the travelling to collect the kids and take them to Durham.

In Australia/6h: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
The government message was Stay at Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives. Whilst this happened Johnson convalesced at his 2nd home with his pregnant gf and Cummings travelled with his family to Durham to stay with his parents whilst supposedly infectious with Covid19.

Ferguson and Calderwood both had to resign. Presume Cummings will follow suit. The Guardian.
Was Cummings Durham s Typhoid Mary? MT.
To be fair, Cummings was only following the Which he believed had gone to Durham for a break.
Wonder how many toblerones Dominic Cummings ate while driving to Durham in his bare feet.
Retired couple based in Durham available for childcare for London professionals.
Anyone there got a link to the nice little interview slot gave to Mrs Cummings about their lockdown. Trying to establish if Durham ever mentioned?
Interesting. Just trying to imagine the multiple orgasms flooding across Fleet St and Opposition MPs if I had done whatever the New Labour equivalent might have been of breaking a new law we had devised. Ps Neil Ferguson or Ex Scottish CMO on Marr please.

Dominic Cummings. He broke the lockdown while infected with coronavirus and drove to Durham. Rules are for other people. You couldn t make it up.
So 24 leading with breaking news that Cummings broke lockdown rules visiting Durham. In other news, hundreds of illegal migrants are breaking the law in the English channel - ZERO coverage by the BBC.
One rule for him, one for the rest of us. I am not chill about a man breaking the regulations during a grave national emea because it suits him. And neither are Durham Police.
I am shocked - SHOCKED - that Dominic Cummings, the man who oversaw the biggest electoral fraud in modern British history could be capable of this.
broke to drive from London to while he had 19 symptoms! Did he stop at a service station? Did he wear a mask? Why doesn t s chief advisor not have to follow the rules like the rest of us? Surely his position is untenable?

Dominic Cummings went to see his parents in Durham when he was feeling unwell. Meanwhile, around the same time, the immediate family of 13 year old Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab couldn t attend his funeral when his siblings developed symptoms.

If youre well enough to drive from London to Durham, youre well enough to look after your own kid.
Don t often tweet stories but keen to see if anyone can spot the word Durham in this moving account of Dominic Cummings lifting the lid on isolation with wife and young son when ill with coronavirus . Lying is their trade.

It doesnt stack up. Mary Wakefield wrote in Speccy she got Covid first, and Cummings 24 hrs later. When did they decide to travel to Durham? She says he "couldnt get out of bed" for ten days. So they must have travelled *before* he was ill - so before he needed childcare.

It will be double standards if Dominic Cummings does not now stand down, given what others did when they broke lockdown, and hypocritical if does not fire him,. 19.
Did break UK govt driving advice as well? The coronacar load of infected Cummings needed to take a 30 min break of rest and refreshment en route from London to Durham (unless they broke the speed limits). Did they infect a service stop on their trip?

he ran home on 27 March, according to this he collapsed on 28 March in bed, but then on around the 31 he got out of bed and drove everyone to Durham and everyone forgot to mention.
A witness said they were going past the Cummings family home on 5 April on their regular exercise route when they heard Abba s Dancing Queen playing loudly from the property.
Dominic Cummings travelled hundreds of miles from London to County Durham during the lockdown when he had virus symptoms, the BBC has been told.
If he was well enough to drive to Durham and dance around a garden, how was he too sick to look after a child?
Stanley Johnson travels to his second home in the south west, Boris is discharged and retreats to second home Chequers and now Cummings drives to Durham. We really are in this together, apart from the Johnson family, and their inner circle of advisers.

Dominic Cummings, PMs chief adviser, travelled to Durham from London in lockdown when he had coronavirus symptoms.
Hey how come , "Durham", , "Laura Kuenssberg", "Mary Wakefield", "driving 250", SpAd, "He MUST", and "Unelected" are all trending in top 30 in the UK, but "Dominic Cummings" or anything similar is not? Your algorithms gone a bit squiffy, eh?

Dear , The is awash with tweets regarding and his breaking of lockdown rules, that he set, please could you then clarify why his name isn t trending but everything else relating to this is, for example etc? Why is it suppressed?

Well done Mishal Husain for pointing out that the real villain in the Dominic Cummings/Durham story is of course Ian Blackford.
But he still broke the rules, he drove to Durham. He should either resign or be sacked.
Ah but what about travel restrictions to Durham?
If he was well enough to drive to Durham wasnt he well enough to look after child. Plus there was the article a while back from wife about how she looked after him.
Fortunately our excellent PR department has swung into action to robustly defend Dominic Cummings trip to . So many thanks to Laura Kuenssberg for her hard work.
Dominic Cummings has explained he was able to stay alert throughout his trip to County Durham while infected with Covid-19 and he managed to control the virus so everythings fine. Of course, if you did the same, you would receive a fine.

The conversation thats happening in No. 10 right now ...
Strange how the radio hides the words oh and then we drove 250 miles to Durham . Must be one of those technical glitches suffer from now and again. Hey ho. Move on. Nothing to see here 19.
All those Tories were so pissed off when the science advisor broke lockdown by having sex in his house, they re going to be fucking livid when they find out Dominic Cummings displayed symptoms the fucked off 200 miles to his parents house in Durham for a week.

How many fridges is it from London to Durham?
One would have thought some basic journalistic checks on a) the coronavirus regs, and b) with Durham police might have been in order before retailing this?
you think? NB As you will note, Harriess statement was made after he had driven to Durham with Mary and child. I am not aware of any prior statement that would have given comfort to Cummings that his journey was consistent with lockdown rules.

Catherine Calderwood - Visited second home. Didnt have coronavirus. Resigned. Prof Ferguson - Visited his mistress. Didnt have coronavirus. Resigned. Dominic Cummings - Drove to elderly parents home in Durham. Had coronavirus. Worse than both the above.

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