Thursday 30th of July 2020

Did You Feel it?

4.5 earthquake rattles the San Fernando Valley. Felt in West LA at the foxla studios too. Developing...
Lol at this earthquake in LA during a Mars launch. good thing we even rehearse for that contingency!
Well, LA is awake now.
Ummm everyone in their beds in LA rn.
Were out here in LA just minding our business then all of a sudden...
4:30 am... 4.5 earthquake like WAKE UP BITCH!
All of us laughing about the earthquake in LA and then remembering that the big one is coming soon.
Is it just me or did that LA earthquake right now feel exactly like this.
LA area just had a 4.2 earthquake. I hope all my friends in the area are okay...
Earthquake in LA woke me up, so yes!
Good Morning LA.
Earthquake at 4:30 in the morning. All of LA Twitter.
Twitter is the most efficient mechanism humanity has devised for finding out that there was an earthquake in LA.
I cant believe the earthquake was only a 4.3. It lasted so long, it felt stronger.
4.5 earthquake in LA. Woke me right up.
Every LA influencer tweeting about the earthquake rn.
State? Earth quakes are typically in California... where he lives, where I live. I dont live too far from LA where he felt this earthquake. Idky u gotta be a meanie sandwich face, all I was saying was I didnt feel it.

Okay LA I see you w the 4:30am earthquake.
What? a decent aftershock already? i hope these arent foreshocks.
Those who were in LA, how bad was it?
I wonder if the earthquake in LA had anything to do with katy giving birth.
Judging by my timeline, there has been an earthquake in LA - hope everyone is ok and safe!
I guess there was an earthquake in LA.
Wow ok casual 430am earthquake in LA.
Everyone moves to LA and then acts shocked when an earthquake comes.
Incoming LA earthquake tweets .
There was an earthquake in la??
Woah - havent been woken up by an earthquake in the four years Ive lived in LA.
I was just woken up apparently by a 4.5 earthquake in LA.
LA before the earthquake.
Big earthquake here in LA. Things fell over. Sharp jolt.
So there was an earthquake in LA. 2020 is just nonstop. Ugh.
Everybody tweeting about the earthquake nulb we get it u live in LA "nulb.
Earthquake in LA now we gotta deal with annoying celebrities talkin bout shaking their ass bitch shut the fuck up yall do this everytimenulbnulbnulb.
That one hit different - LA Earthquake Twitter that seemingly all got their seismology certifications in the last 4 minutes.
Stay safe LA friends.
Come on, 2020. An earthquake in LA? Like, literally EVERYONE has THAT on their Bingo cards.
Sources are saying that an Earthquake that just happened in the LA area was caused by ladygaga playing 911 in her house way too loud.

What You Really Think

One quick jolt then a small rumble at 431.

It woke me up!

Yes I did end me now.

In Sylmar, near the epicenter. Felt stronger than a 4.5.

Torrance felt the jolt.

Not in east Whittier. And I was awake.

Exactly the same time as Northridge quake in 1994. See Acts 4:29.

Mildly felt it in West LA.

That was big!!!

Sherman Oaks near Woodman & Riverside. First one woke me up. About 15 seconds. Another one just now. 3 seconds. Rattling windows. Noisy. Cats do not like it. Just hope it wasnt a foreshock for The Big One. Were due.

Yes, Woodland Hills.

Felt it in Pasadena.

Felt it on the Westside, kids and pet still sleeping.

Sure did in Pasadena.


Felt huge in Eagle Rock. Just felt a little Aftershock.

If they call it 4:29am that's exactly the same time as Northridge quake in 1994.

Mar Vista. Not TOO bad, but glad it wasn't worse.


In Brentwood adults woke up to shake, kids never budged.

Definitely in Westwood.

In Agua Dulce, a quick small jolt.

One me up.

Shook me awake in Pasadena. I thought it was a couple of explosions. Loud!

Burbank. Hard.

Yup yup.

Yes. Felt it in Altadena!


Yes, 2 jolts in Topanga.

Felt like a big Jolt in Granada Hills.

Felt it in Santa Monica.

Yes. Mandeville Canyon/Brentwood.

Heavy shaking in Sherman Oaks woke the house up.

Felt a little shake here in palmdale.

Yup in WLA, the usual California native reaction: is this it?

Woodland Hills here. Woke me up. Dogs too.

The earth is trembling.

Yes, in Hollywood.

Felt bigger than 4.5 in West Hills!

I'm in Koreatown.

Felt in studio city. Hard.

Woke me out of a deep sleep. Damn it.

Stay safe, Pacoima!

Yesssssss in.

Damn that felt like a 10.

Felt it in North Hollywood.

Felt in Santa Clarita.


Felt in Whittier.