Either The Nicest or The Meanest Thing Anyones Ever Said to Me.

Friday 22nd of October 2021

Either The Nicest or The Meanest Thing Anyones Ever Said to Me.

Social Media Says

Stop trying to make fetch happen.
Just one small favor .
But the ogre is my boyfriend! he just wants to make you some tea.

What You Really Think

She gives me more "my husband has committed adultery with my best friend and i know just what to do with the both of them. Will you heed my proposition? There's a generous reward in it for you ".

Hard agree re: side quests, gwent > saving ciri or whatever any day and yeah, might even be the best compliment ive ever received. i just thought it was too perfect not to share, the guys a genius.

I always hate when RPG stop offering sidequests towards the end of the game because things are getting "serious". I don't care if the fate of the nation is hanging in the balance. I want to help grandma find all the ingredients she needs to bake a cake.

Especially when they have ridiculous loot rewards.

Unless it's a shitty WoW style fetch quest.

Until you go down a procedurally generated dungeon rabbit hole for so long you forget what the entire point of the game was.

Depends, I guess. Like, Id much rather play Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern than having to scavenge for some fucking rock paintings for Francis Sinclair, but Id also rather hunt Bigfoot than have to spend half an hour playing Scouting the Port.

Thank you!!!! as long as hes talking Keira Metz-type witch and not like, wizard of oz, im taking it as one.

Especially if they matched with you first.

The drink being a vaguely unsettling green that also matches her shirt really sells the witch vibe.

Who cares, what about the loot is the question.

Gather the materials for the antidote for the poison you just drank when she offered tea to you. She also needs them to save a little girl's life, and to murder the evil landowner who was the cause of the little girl's illness with his high taxes and forced child labor. Your followup quests are delivering the cure to the girl, and after that the next one is to deliver the poison to the landowner. But you were told that you were delivering another medicine, making you an unwilling complicit of murder. The landowner dies right in front of you, and all the guards in the manor become hostile and you have to wipe them out. In the next chapter, if you return there the witch has moved into the manor and the little girl has become her apprentice. If you have learned alchemy recipes she doesn't know you can teach them to her and she gives you little rewards like 'spare ingredients' from training. After you have received all the ingredients she can give, she also gives you a secret recipe that you can use to craft permanent stat increases along rare ingredients. In the next game of the series, if you continue with a previous game save, you can return there and see the girl now as an adult, and recruit her to your party. She can do alchemy and hexes and unlocks several crafting recipes at your home base. Or something like that.

On tinder? Finding the clit.

A date?

A repeatable fetch quest for tampons.

It sure is! my best stinky boy Vnulb.

Then turns them into a toad.

American Aerith??

OP has to find her Zoidberg.

Bro if im giving out loot you better believe itll be top tier.

Low key wishing id cropped the picture but i felt like the comment needed context mistakes were made.

The man truly understands the assignment.

I was thinking of Keira Metz.

Pretty but ~~doesn't~~ pretends to not know it.

Giving me Drew Barrymore vibes.

This. Id be honored.

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