Wednesday 4th of November 2020

Election Day Protests Begin in Washington, D.C. People Chant "F*** Donald Trump" in Front of The White House.

If youre not registered to vote, you can do it ON Election Day in: California Colorado Connecticut D.C. Hawaii Idaho Illinois Iowa Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Montana Nambia Nevada New Hampshire R.I. Utah Vermont Washington Wisconsin Wyoming.

You can register to vote on Election Day in the following states: AK, CA, CO, CT, HI, ID, IL, IA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MT, NV, NH, RI, UT, VT, WA, WI, WY Washington, DC.
If you live in: California Colorado Connecticut DC Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Montana Nevada New Hampshire Vermont Washington Wyoming Your state has in-person Election Day registration. You can register and vote TODAY.

Wearing face masks and standing spaced apart, Americans waited at polling stations early on Tuesday to choose a president on an Election Day marked so far by orderliness and mostly short lines, even as major cities braced for potential unrest.

That's so old. You guys need new material! Happy Election Day!
Big stock market rally today, market up 2% 1984 election day there was a big market rally, market up 2% It was the day Ronald Reagan was reelected.
This Election Day, everything is on the line. Our jobs. Our health care. Whether or not we get this pandemic under control. But heres the good news: today, you can choose change. You can elect JoeBiden and KamalaHarris. Lets win this thing.

Election Day mood! IVnulb.
This Election Day is more stressful than usual. Our advice? Log off at exactly 4:30 p.m. and stay logged off until exactly 6:55 p.m.
Todays the day! Lets NOT repeat history. Go out and VOTE If you run into any issues at the polls, call the Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE.
TODAY IS ELECTION DAY! Polls are open from 7AM - 7PM Find your polling location nulb Tarrant: Ellis: Navarro: Vote for Ron Wright and let's win this to protect our Texas values!
One thing that does seem clear in the Election Day numbers is that the GOP vote came out early but the vote is becoming less Republican (and more indie) over the course of the day.
Although about 66% of Miami-Dade residents voted before election day, lines to vote at N. Miami Public Library were about 30 deep at 7 a.m., when polls opened (HaitianTimes_).
I used to look at other countries that have to board up their shops on election day and I'd be so grateful that we aren't like that here. But now we are like that, and it's exclusively thanks to the Left. This is 100 percent their doing.

News: two friends from my fiddle camp, champion multi-style violinist MariBlackMusic and Cape Breton fiddle/piano prodigy troymacg, just wrote me a tune in honor of Election Day: they've named it/me "Mini-Blitzer".

The highest law enforcement official in PA is promoting partisan campaign hotlines on Election Day instead of state resources.
Election Day should be a national holiday.
There was rarely a day when we didnt get a call related to the election. Seems as if we werent alone.
Cannot believe that Giuliani would go on the Russian state propaganda channel Russia Today on US Election Day. Shocking, blatant, unacceptable.
The election betting momentum is shifting big time now. "In the last four hours, 71% of money wagered on the 2020 US election has been placed on Donald Trump.".
This fall, we have worked to increase voter registration and election day turnout, while educating gogoldenknights student-athletes on the importance of always being active participants in the electoral process. EMBRACEyourVOTE.

I'll be offline working the polls all day- I understand election day can be very stressful. You can download 101 Self-Care Ideas when you sign up for the MissHeard Media newsletter: Take care of yourself! <3.

Let's be clear. This election won't be over when Trump says it's over. It will be over after every vote is counted. That includes mail-in ballots postmarked on Election Day, as well as military ballots. This is a democracy. Whether Trump likes it or not, we count every vote.

Why tf do I have tests and assignments on Election Day ?!??
Its Election Day. My 23-week pregnant wife (ER Doc) is at the hospital dealing w/ a runaway COVID19 pandemic. For the last 2 weeks Trump has accused heroes like her of profiting from this. Hes attacking soldiers in our war. Vote today for my wife and all our heroes.

Its Election Day. Make your voice heard. ]: cristinavanko].
Election Day protests begin in Washington, D.C. People chant "F*** Donald Trump" in front of the White House.
Latest update from senior CISAgov official, FBI is investigating robocalls urging voters to stay home on election day. Official said "this (is) more of a voter intimidation, voter suppression tactic" emphasized that it happens every election. Official would not.

ATTENTION Election Day voters: For the first time in a presidential election, you dont have to vote in your home precinct tomorrow. You can vote at any location in Harris County, including BBVAStadium. With HoustonDynamo player Niko Hansen reminding everyone to vote tomorrow!

It's pretty much guaranteed that those of us who spend every day swirling around the political twitter bowl vastly underestimate just how many Americans absolutely do not give one single shit about this election or any other.

APPLE FRITTERS IT'S ELECTION DAY. Let's cook and take it easy today. DID YOU VOTE?
For the 5th day in a row, the USPS moved fewer ballots on-time in critical battleground states than it did in the previous day. Five of the states Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, New Hampshire and Maine do not allow ballots to arrive after Election Day.

Remember multiple states - including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin - dont start counting early, and mail in votes until Election Day. We will not know the final results for a couple of days - maybe even longer.

Not to be the boss of you, but be especially wary of viral anecdotes today! Mistakes and tech glitches happen every Election Day, and they usually arent a sign something nefarious has happened.
Trump starts Election Day by missing 7 am live hit on Fox & Friends, leaving hosts scrambling to fill time. Usual chaos. VERSUS Biden starts his Election Day by showing up right on time for morning mass at St. Joseph on the Brandywine. Usual dignity.

Election Day is here! Vote Remi Bald Eagle for South Dakota Public Utilities Commission! Vote for.
Election Day in person voters are voting 3 to 1 for Trump in FL. This is over. Trump will continue to be YOUR President.
Hannity:. Can you read? Minnesota law allows people to register to vote the *day of* the election. They aren't afraid of counting every ballot. Why are you?
Sure, make up new guidelines THE DAY of the biggest election in our countrys history, and pretend it isnt just so you can cheat! The people on this commission who approved this extension need PROSECUTED!

FLAG: There are signs of internal concerns about Trump's chances in Pennsylvania. "The team in Pennsylvania was not as prepared as it should be in a state that could decide the presidency," a person with direct knowledge of campaign operations said.

Biden started Election Day at church. Trump started it at Fox News.
The Philadelphia District Attorneys office debunked a separate tweet from Trumps director of election day operations, Mike Roman, who tweeted photos from separate polling places alongside the baseless claims that Bad things are happening in Philly.

Its Election Day. Go vote, America!
1/ The best way to protect your voting rights on ElectionDay is to be prepared with the correct information. Heres what you need to know about your rights at the polls, and what legal protections you have.

I voted in my first election today!! reminder some states allow you to register day of so if you still havent registered you can vote!! If you havent voted yet please do many peoples futures depend on it so please use your voice and.

Just a reminder that Halloween candy is 50% off right now in case anyone wants to have the same Election Day anxiety dinner as me.
Pence targets battleground states likely to decide the race outcome with Election Day media blitz.
More than 92% of all absentee ballots have been returned, according to JocelynBenson. More than 3.1 million Michiganders voted before Election Day.
Especially for U, WokeAnimal Happy Election Day, my friend.
People should be asking why no presidential campaign set up a political boiler room in the EEOB on election day before Henry Kerner led the US_OSC. Then, they should listen hard to the crickets coming out of Henry's office as this crisis unfolds.

NEW: A federal judge has issued an extraordinary Election Day order shortly after noon Tuesday, commanding the U.S. Postal Service to sweep mail processing facilities for undelivered ballots in a dozen postal districts nationwide, including South Florida.

Always have trouble sitting still on Election Day. Good thing there are plenty of places to be!
Need a ride to the polls? You can ride MetroLosAngeles and LADOTOfficial for free today to vote. And 19 Metro stations offer drop boxes to easily return your Vote by Mail ballot.
Its Election Day in America! Get out and VOTE for FOUR YEARS of President realDonaldTrump!
Its Election Day to vote Also heres the working cover of my thesis.
More than 100 million Americans cast early ballots this election cycle, doubling the total who did so in 2016.
Election "Day" Scenario Planning: Emerging Wisdom from The Field "We are so grateful for the ideas and resources these conversations generated, as well as the generosity of spirit with which folks shared their wisdom. Although none of us can plan for every outcome and.

Shops board windows to protect against Election Day fallout - Business Insider - Business Insider.
New Yorkers Start Election Day as They Are Likely to End It: On Edge.
]OUTREACH] Election day is in full mode across the state. Having trouble finding a voting center in your area? Use this resource to locate a polling place near you. LINK .
Can we move MLK holiday to Election Day? Ideal way to honor him.
Election Day Emma, looking for results.
Only 4 hours left to vote this Election Day. As long you're in line by 8pm, you will be allowed to vote! Let's do this!
Bitchute just got taken down on election day. A big alternative to YouTube is no more.
Peacemakers Election Day Plan: 1. Pray 2. Vote 3. Refuse to retweet, share or engage any partisan negativity 4. Pray 5. Take the L or W with grace and determination to advocate harder for Social Justice (&) Moral Order 6. Pray.

Its Election Day, so lets talk about why our eyes get puffy when we cry.
Trump, on 'Fox & Friends,' claims 'solid chance of winning,' won't 'play games' in declaring victory.
What are the key counties to watch tonight as results start coming in, if you want to know whether it'll be a good night for Joe Biden or Donald Trump? JoeTrippi tells MegynKelly... Listen below, and subscribe/download the FULL Election Day show here.

Today, Election Day, help correct the Senates failure.
E.g. in Broward County (the rare FL county where Democrats are winning the Election Day vote) From 7am to 1030am, the vote was D38/R34/I28 (D 4) From 1030 to 1230pm, it was D39/R31/I31 (D 8) From 1230 to 3pm, it was D37/R26/I37 (D 11).

In 44 years of voting, I have missed just one election. It was a city election only. I had to vote absentee because I was out of state. Because I miscalculated the days, my ballot was received one day too late. Totally my fault, and I had no excuse.

IA, MI, and NJ earlyvote updates posted. Nationally, at least 101 million people have voted prior to Election Day At some point tomorrow I'll transition the site to tracking total turnout and archive the early vote tracking.

I'm so happy to see incredible urban turn out on election day. I was afraid that we front loaded the vote, but this is reassuring.

What You Really Think

Why? Dont understand this happening now.

More love!!

It is a Tuesday so normal.



Biden supporters. Same ones that will be burning and looting.

You're just making more Trump supporters. Keep it up.



Someone left the doors to the looney bin open.

The looters are getting nervous.

Why are these people living in the USA? After all, their ideal is communism, so let them move to Cuba or Venezuela.

Real class acts!!!

But its the Republicans we have to worry about when it comes to the peaceful protests.

I'd say that the public school system has failed the United States because there isn't any usable information on their protest signs.

D E G E N E R A T E S.

Trump may never survive this.

Spoiled privileged white punks.

That dude is trying so hard.

These folks hate our Democratic Constitutional Republic.

Any context to why they don't like Trump?

Oh people dont do this. You make your party look really bad. Just dont.

They seem nice...

They don't understand in American they have the freedom to say this. Send them to another country to see they would end up in jail with no freedom of speech.

A primer on willful brats who never matured and educated themselves. At least there aren't at poles cheating.

Maybe not what I'd be doing, but he's definitely earned it.

Fake news.

...damn right wingers stirring up trouble already.

If you had any reservations about what a Biden administration would stand for and with, this should erase any doubt. Vote accordingly.

Nice social distancing.

All 12 of them.

"People chant "F*** Donald Trump" in front of the White House." this has been the left throughout Trump's presidency. hate inspired by left wing media.

Wow, 15 TDS psychopaths.


Construtive dialogue.

Why protest if they won?

This is why Trump must win.

I hope their parents see this.


Schools should once again send kids to detention for saying bad words.

You dont protest if you think youre the WINNING Team, right?

Theyd better conserve there energy. They will be having a big night when Trump wins.

They seem nice.

Yep. Organized to start at 4pm.

Seems like nice people dam ass clowns.

Hopefully these willfully unemployed wankers are too busy protesting to vote for failed Dem policies.

But did they vote?

Im sure they were all very popular in high school!