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Wednesday 13th of January 2021

Embiid Took Over For Philly in OT ]?]nulb Dropped a 45-piece Tonight.

Embiid took over for Philly in OT [?]nulb Dropped a 45-piece tonight.
Embiid forces OT He hit this jumper after the refs called a blocking foul.
Joel Embiid now up to 43 points, has all 11 Sixers points in overtime, and now this.
We lost our lead because the referees can't do their job. They missed a carry over a 6 foot player right in front of them and rewarded Embiid for it. That call goes the right way and we win.
Joel Embiid tonight: 45 PTS 16 REB 5 STL 16-23 FG Hes the first Sixer with a 45p/15r/5s game in the last 35 seasons.
Joel Embiid: 45 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 steals in a win against the Heat today... ... MVP front-runner?
FINAL SCORE THREAD Joel Embiid GOES OFF for 45 PTS on 16-23 shooting to power the sixers in OT. Embiid: 16 REB, 5 STL (career high) Danny Green: 29 PTS, 10 REB, 9 3PM (career high) Tyler Herro: 34 PTS (career high).

You put whoever and whatever around Embiid to elevate his greatness at this point. Hes taken the leap.
What does Embiid do in the playoffs?
Joel Embiid tonight: 45 points 16 rebounds 4 assists 5 steals 1 block 16-23 FG 11-11 FT He hit clutch shot after clutch shot all night long. Ive watched every game hes ever played. I unequivocally believe that was the single best performance of his career.

Sent it to OT Season-high 45 points Sixers win Joel Embiid had himself a night.
Embiid > Jokic. Not close. Any other take is wrong.
Sixers needed a career day by Embiid to beat Gabe Vincet and Chris Silva.
I'd still take Embiid over Jokic. He just saved the game, then took over in OT vs Heat (both teams short-handed). Definite clutch gene. 45 points, 16 rebounds. 13-13 free throws. Such touch for a 7-footer.

Im seeing a lot of leadership coming from Embiid this game with the young fellas.
Joel Embiid tonight 45 points 16 rebounds 4 assists 5 steals 16/23 FG 13/13 FT Playing like an MVP.
Joel embiid. thats it. thats the tweet.
Positive feed back about Embiid from sports center?!?!??! Wtf is going on.
Joel Embiid tonight 45 PTS 16 REBS 4 AST 5 STLS 16/23 FG 13/13 FT ( nba).
The duncan robinson foul occurred in ot, after the embiid non-carry. It wouldn't have mattered.
So: No player other than Joel Embiid has ever dropped 45 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 steals on > 69% from the field in NBA history. Not one person. BUT, these are the list of players that did it without the steals. (regular season).

Joel Embiid put up a dominant, MVP-level performance, including 45 points, to help lead the Sixers past the Heat in overtime. The good, bad and ugly.
Facts. I just like joker game a lil more than embiid tho.
Joel Embiid tonight: 45 PTS 16 REB 4 AST 5 STL 69 FG% CLUTCH.
Joel Embiid is just the 5th player in the last 40 seasons with 40 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals in a game alongside Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Vince Carter and Anthony Davis.
You cant say the entire loss is on him lmfao. Dude just had 34 in a game against a top 3 current nba team, he went toe to toe scoring with Embiid and because he was tightly guarded and missed a shot the whole loss is on him. He was the reason we were even in the game at all.

I watched the 76ers-Heat game. 3 things I have to say.1) Danny Green is the most inconsistent player in the NBA. 2) Joel Embiid is a top 3 MVP candidate. And 3) Why are the 76ers so dead set on not trading Simmons in a possible Harden trade. Harden is not the defensive player.

Embiid a God theres no way around that but if you gonna sit here and tell me its easier to guard embiid with 9 game in Precious Achuwia and Chris Silva then it is with Bam and Butler you are more delusional then the average philly fan and thats saying something.

If the Nets get a top 3 seed KD can still win it but if the Sixers get the 1 seed Embiid winnin it easy.
Daryl Morey said before the season that he wanted time to evaluate things, and this game told him just about everything he needs to know about Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.
Joel Hans "The Process" Embiid has been the MVP so far this season.
Bro it doesnt matter it shouldnt have been a call on mia it should have been on embiid the second he carried.
Take a bow, Embiid - 45 points - 16 rebounds - 11 points in OT Philly wins 137-134 but Miami ( 8.5) covers.
Twitter has put together a list of NBA players that are ahead of Joel Embiid in the MVP race.
Loaded up on Heat? -nulb Locked in Embiid? -nulb Lots of Joker -nulb and Durant? -nulb Played 13X Danny Green?nulb Bueller? Bueller?
It would be malpractice from the Sixers to not go after a legit 3 level scorer and a guy you can confidently go to late in games with Embiid at this level of play. You have young assets, you can get it done. This is the time.

Its time to move on. either ben simmons for harden straight up (who is offering more?) or ben picks for beal (doubt thats enough) ben has limitless talent and I hope he does put it all together some day but CANNOT waste any more time w/o a legit scorer for embiid.

KDs 60.25 fantasy points are good for only 3rd place rn. Embiid puts up 77.5 for over 100% returnnulb.
Sixers were missing all their Top scorers except Embiid. Currey, Tobias, shake, and korkmaz were all out. Both teams were depleted.
Joel Embiid is my early MVP.
JOEL EMBIID TONIGHT: 45 Points 16 Rebounds 4 Assists 5 Steals 70% FG% (16-23) 100% FT% (13-13) 8th double double this season. Ties career high in PTs. Career high in STLs. 2nd career 45/15 game. 1st player in NBA History with a 45/15/5 game on 70% shooting.

Fuck em we ball - Curtis Snow - Joel Embiid.
Joel Embiid gave his heart and soul to the city of Philadelphia tonight. Never slander that man again.
Ive never said that. Embiid has always been the franchise to me. Doesnt mean Embiid hasnt been frustrating at times, but hes easily shown the most over his career.
Embiid scored 45 on 23 shots. Thats KD level efficiency. And hes a 72 center. GIVE THAT MAN HIS DAMN RESPECT!
For the Sixers: Joel Embiid: 45 points and 16 rebounds Danny Green: 29 points and 10 rebounds Mike Scott: 16 points Tyrese Maxey: 16 points Isaiah Joe: 13 points Dwight Howard: 10 points.
Sixers didnt want it tonight. Proceed to win a game in overtime.
Embiid is doing it all tonight.
45 PTS 16 REB Career-high 5 STL Joel Embiid did work tonight.
Joel Embiid is one of the leagues best midrange shooters at 70, 280 pounds.
The refs took over. Embiid carried, flopped then lost the ball out of bound and still end up with the ball.
And were 10 up when he came back on before fouling out and our offence completely fucking sucked besides Embiid.
Would u dumb mfs still rather have simmons over embiid or harden? or u starting to realize now?
Doc Rivers vs Brett Brown (Turnovers).
Embiid thinks hes better than jokic lol.
Embiid 45-16-4-5 on the 2nd of a back to back. 13-13 from the foul line. Thats hard in the YMCA, let alone the NBA.
Embiid is def an MVP candidate this year.

What You Really Think

Great game Joel!

[?]nulb denotes a hot spring.

The refs deadass robbed Miami tho.

MVP and best center in the league.

The missed carry call was insanely clutch.


I [?] American currency...

Embiid and the refs went off to basically gift wrap the win for them with Jimmy, Bam , and Dragic out. Fraud win.

Post Dakta Mathias hitting the clutch 3 for the win.

He aint better then KAT tho.

And BenSimmons25 dropped -45.


W but fuck the sixers.

Best center in the NBA.

Come on we dressed 8 players.

Best center in the league btw.

Best big man in the league.

Where are the raf_tyler highlights?

With an assist from the refs.

Just say 45.

Best center in the League.

Big carry.

He got a lot of help from refs at the end of regulation.

I called LeFraud yesterday but it went straight to voicemail... very odd... because whenever I call MJ it usually has 6 rings to it. And he always comes up clutch answering my calls. Must be bc LeMickey has 0 real rings! As calculated, LeChoke lets us down again!

Sixers had all but two starters and still almost lost in overtime to the heats backups so sad.

What about Herro?

Why the NBA making everybody put the sponsors on the court?? The Philadelphia used to take up the whole thing.

Thats gotta hurt precious got Worked.

Joel just put the league on notice this is 90s basketball hes putting it in your chest.

Embiid couldnt miss tonight.

Jokic cannot do what embiid did today.

Refs vs heat.

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