Sunday 11th of December 2022

The Sun Newspaper Has Bought a Billboard in Paris to Taunt France Fans Ahead of Tomorrows Game vs England. Classless as Ever.

Social Media Says

France-England best game this
Morocco World semi finalist! They will face winners England France game Qatar2022 Portugal World Cup.
Wonder Southgate brigade will realise totally inept, poor manager, poor subs. Always beat teams should beat always fall against half decent teams.
Saka deactivated Insta account because getting abuse. Englands best player. Rashford nearly scored yard free kick. World fucked
Prophecies_About_TheMessiah Prophecy England's astrologer, Cheiro about Sant Rampal Maharaj A Sant India would bring revolution knowledge whole world.
These England fans better have same energy Kane that they Saka, Sancho Rashford.
Prophecy England's astrologer, Cheiro about SaintRampalJiM A Sant India would bring revolution knowledge whole world.
Harry Kane equals Englands all-time goalscoring record!!!
Senegal Dixon ROHFinalBattle ITVCurse England itsnotcominghome World Champions ENGFRA Clickbank affiliate marketing sales funnel Clickbank marketing link advertising kindly contact link more.

Only england playing club more important than playing country, bunch twats.
Yeah England went.
Kanes Miss Will Another Ghost Haunt England.
Gareth Southgate deciding bring Trent when England desperately needed goal with mins left mins added time, least surprising thing seen from manager with managerial experience relegation sacked Middlesborough.

Heartbroken. desperately wanted this time time, wasnt meant Thank being there with every step way. Your support back home Qatar been incredible. V.

dont know like magi ended England according Golden Legend- just some Persian dude. many half Iranian people central British tradition.

England fans going back 1942 because they embarrassed themselves again inject
With penalties, think England blame themselves.
Barcelona World Diary France knock England FIFAWorldCup quarterfinals.
upset England didnt could cry.
They must very stupid their shallow minds, England doesnt deserve better all.. they will never make final.
England lost their queen World same year
Theres nobody feel more than Harry Kane tonight. They their best, ask. future bright. Proud boys.
will Griezmann getting praise from Media pages assists worldcup Quarterfinal against England. lack reason people underrate when timer footballer.
don't need feel ashamed Team England. strong performance against current World Champion, good defending against Mbappe Co., France very effective always. Great game from brother BukayoSaka87 future belongs V.

England never trophy Gareth Southgate remains their manager swear.
FIFAWorldCup campaign comes end, ThreeLions beaten France.
Queen Elizabeth after watching England lose.
England's astrologer Chiro, America's female prophet Jean Dixon, France's prophet Nostradamus, America's prophet Anderson etc. Many prophets already predicted incarnation come this time which fits perfectly Sant Rampal Maharaj.

Take care.
Damn. docu-parody-series interviewing England boarding school teachers gave Jersey much shit being Jets fan.
Good Evening England.
England lost? *Laughs Meghan Markle*.
Really? England first round.
Keep your head held high, skipper. We're proud of you V.
England needed Griezmann today. Loads ball didn't create enough. Shame didn't have .only Foden, Mount, Maddison, Grealish Gallagher.
Foden didnt show some lose some. Back Cape Town tomorrow last Cameroon money after amazing time Zambia Botswana. Then back England Christmas.
Check this amazing offer ENGFRA England Kane Francia Southgate Xiao [?][?].
Hendo immense tonight England. touches - progressive passes - chances created 1.32 xA - passes into final third.
Marcus Rashford leaves Qatar England's joint scorer despite starting just game playing minutes. Hopefully that last time that England's best winger endure blatant disrespect obvious illogical bias shown Gareth Southgate.

England fans media.
Harry Meghan enough, need Archie grow star footballer, choose national team score goal beat England World final 2040.
Fuck England, up the fucking Wolves.
Poor management decisions cost atleast trophy England. other half decent manager would have been current euro champions semi final World Cup.
England needed more aggressive together.. ThreeLions could have faced Morocco WorldCup final!
didn't same ago? First penalty practically perfect.
During Trump years, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, report that experience different.
Hugo Lloris saves against England. Captain stepped
Anyone but England.
French king tell about mesmerising dances that Aunt Juana performed during visit France. sounds like could soar high intense passionate performances. have also heard tales time England here when ~.

hurts. we're family we'll stick together
Henderson thought playing France utter toilet.
trending. While Elon hunting laptops they look into Princess Dianas death? mystery wondered about years. monster that murdered great King ended London England places?

well England Live game. Love game.
Don't worry England. The women have already brought it home for you.
after England lose Morocco win.
That's nonsense. What kept Foden quiet England's inability connect from midfield forwards left. barely noticed Kounde.
Prophecy England's astrologer, Final Avatar support Sant Rampal Maharaj, book written 1925- CHEIRO Only saint born latter half 20th century i.e. 2000 A.D. (after year 1950) would bring civilisation.

And me and I'm from England.
Yes, know that. what interest England France Russia.
team history been eliminated from more World quarterfinals than England (7).
Sir, another Mexican boxer gone into England and, underdog, taken another world title British champion. verga.
Congratulations England winning further than Wales cup. Superb achievement.
Come England Make proud.
He still won anyway ***.
Prophecy England's astrologer, support Sant Rampal Maharaj, book written 1925 WATCH SADHNA 7:30 PM(IST).
That t-shirt does nothing you, must have looked before posted it!! Think others change.
infantilising quote from 10-year plan certain South England diocese ... "...the ordination women beyond scope Diocese" So again, suck people, father bishp knows best, can't even talk about it.

American soccer writer Grant Wahl honoured with tribute from FIFA desk where work World quarter-final match between France England.
France Knocks England World After Harry Kanes Missed Penalty.
Macron thanks Sunak France support after keeps pre-match promise.
Better team said this blud.
Spode Christmas Tree Round Flued Medum Round Ceramic Dish, Fashion Christmas Tree, White Background, Green Rim, Made England.
Alexandra, Princess Wales, later became Queen Alexandra England after marrying Edward VII. 1870s.
Joke, only England after game, countrys shambles.
didnt forget about electorate. Theyre ones voted cold hungry.
England's astrologer, Chiero, predicted book written 1925 Only saint born latter half 20th century i.e. 2000 A.D. (after year 1950) would bring civilisation' world, which would spread entire world.

Because bet England??
England fans realising they cant racist after kane missed pen.

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Larrogance se paye.


They go on about Meghan and Harry being embarrassing !

You gotta love the fact that the actual translation of Il rentre chez nous & au revoir les gaulois means he is coming home & goodbye the Gallic . Failed trolling from the worst tabloid ever fitting.

Merci le sun, on prend votre argent.

And they Lost.

If the Sun were French...

The Sun is a serious source of embarrassment to anyone involved with it from reporters to printers to punters.

At least the Sun used to be funny (Swedes 2, Turnips 0 for eg) now its just embarrassing.


The sun is an abhorrent paper.

And fake news.

Lol wasted spend.

This definitely belongs here.

Classless? That's hilarious.

They were not wrong, team England is going home indeed.

That went well.

Absolutely pathetic, expect nothing less from The Sun.

Well ... you know what they say about celebrating too early ...

Well! That aged well.

Who remembers this from the DailyMirror? Such an embarrassment.

Maybe someone at TheSunFootball could look up the word 'Hubris' ***.

It's The Sun though. Owned by a scumbag, aimed at scumbags, bought by scumbags. Not to be taken seriously. Ever.

Lol losers.

This aged well.

Well that put the hex on it. Just great when a plan so badly backfires! lol.

Bet they feel like right bell ends now.

Cannot be real.

How did that go for you.

Well thats blown up in their faces hasnt it.

Ik ben een Oranje & USA supporter. Today: Vive la France: 2 -1.

The sun newspaper gets it wrong? Who could imagine that could happen.

So.. that aged well.

How did that work for them then.

England are a broken record.

Well done the sun keep up good work! Allez les Bleus!!!

Who still buys this rag? The fact It still sells amazes me.

Most British people hate the sun newspaper.

Shit paper. Not a surprise.

That is indeed, embarrasing.

Well that didnt age well.

The sun are scumbags. We hate them here.

Il rit de rire le plus longtemps.

Haha jeez how embarrassing, they really dont help themselves do they! Allez les bleus!

That's aged well... has travelled, won't be home for a long time.


Jingoistic Aggresive Racist, Pathetic, Myopic, Provocative, Insensitive, Inglorious Bastards.

Whats on the billboard now?

The very same King Harry Kane that missed a sitter?

Own goal!

Theyve always been a disgusting rag of a tabloid anyway.

The translation to its coming home is il rentre chez nous , when u translate it the way frenchmen are reading it, means hes returning home right next to Judes face, which tonight, makes it 100% accurate. Well done The Sun.

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