Saturday 28th of November 2020

Every Time.

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Can confirm..
Wait in my country it follows the beauty? How beautiful are your sheep fuckers?
"Lung cancer rates in New Zealand and Wales sky-rocket".

What You Really Think

Just because you havent fucked a sheep doesnt mean youre not a sheep fucker, you just havent had the opportunity yet. Some more wisdom.

In my country it's said that the smoke follows the gypsy.

I thought it was smoke follows the ugly lol.

I was told it's someone who pees on the street but sheep fucker is better.

How did old wisdom confirm that though... Hmmm.

In my country it follows the person who has taken a dump in the bushes.

What about a sheep fuckee.

In my country(Nepal) it is believed smoke follows who pee on the side of road or any open places.

Modern problems.

Sitting in front of campfire crates low pressure area. Coz you blocked the wind. Thats why it follow you.

Protip: go grab some wet river rocks and toss them in. Water will last longer.

Where to sushi.

As the primary pit master / bbq chef it would just get in the way. A nice large hat to keep the sun out of your face, a drink on the side to keep you cool and lots of table space and shade to place things as you smoke and grill things to perfection.

Yeah its a superstition. I was taught to say white rabbit 3x.

Very naive question but where in northern Canada has people?

Everyone thinks that its so funny to say that and look at me. Ruins 100% of bonfires. It got to the point I chose to study instead of go to fall parties in hs and college.

I remember that one growing up except we just said I hate rabbits.

Here in the French part of Canadia we say Lapin Lapin Lapin (Bunny,bunny bunny). I've also heard Lapin blanc x3 (White bunny). I've tried it a few times over the years and I can't say why or how but it'S like you control the wind with few words. I swear the smoke will go in someone else face.

The reason the smoke follows you is because standing in front of the fire youre blocking the air flow creating I believe a low pressure area and the smoke will always follow the low pressure ... correct me if Im wrong on this one.

This is the legend. I grew up around fires every weekend. Saying I hate white rabbits to get the smoke out of your face is the only superstition I believe in.

> northern Canadian you married into degens from upcountry lol.


We say white rabbit in Australia too.

American here, I've heard this too. "Smoke follows beauty.".

Szepekre szall a fust, tesa.

My girlfriends dad told me it always follows the ugly person :(.

Portuguese saying says the same.

We don't say anything in sweden. We just stare down the smoke, and assert our dominance.

Also warm/cooked balls as a bonus.

The upside to being a loner, just sit opposite of all the other people around the fire.

I wanted to write the same thing.

You must be beautiful then.

>It worked occasionally No it didn't.