Thursday 10th of December 2020

Be Excellent to Each Other. ... PAY ON, DUDES!

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Reporters are already more interested in covering the fact that my temporary crown came loose during todays press conference than they ever were in reporting on Hunter Bidens laptop or the rampant election fraud in the 2020 race. Excellent priorities, as always.

Congrats Nelson ! From being an ardent fan and now getting to direct your idol is such a blessing bro :)) its gonna be an excellent expericne & a great film from you ! :) congrats nanba stay blessed.
It was an excellent call. Bravo.
[?]nulbAnother excellent btsport film as teamginola meets Jean-Marc Bosman. Well worth a watch.
Bravo! More excellent choices.
What a wonderful way to spend my morning! Chatting about my book and answering excellent questions from csschmitt1's engaged students in her course on Corruption, Collusion, and Commerce in Early America and the Caribbean. And what a neat course!

I don't always love Mother Jones, but this is an excellent article that will have me scratching my head and thinking all day. Read all of it.
Love that color!!! That would look excellent on my toes I live in flip flops here in hot South Texas.
*sigh* I see Flora trending, and my first thought is the little girl from Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. A click through the hashtag proved me wrong, but I still want to watch that show again. Might be showing my age a bit, but late 80s/early 90s cartoons were excellent.

Excellent! I'm in.
Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one starts off being excellent. Just follow your passion, work hard and never stop learning! Because life never stops teaching Full podcast.
Unnecessary! Dont get me wrong, I wasnt loving the Melendez/Browne story line, but killing him off like that (for lack of a better word) sucked. I almost considered giving up on the show. Youre an excellent actor, and I miss watching you! Good luck on your next endeavor!

Even though I'm in the UK, I was so happy when Sanditon finally aired in the USA. It meant we finally got excellent coverage and an interview and bts pics with Rose and Theo TOGETHER! Something the UK promo team should have given us...

Great content deserves to be seen. ChristinaMHager and other digital experts share how in this Forbes article.
What an excellent use of resources.
Oh, you missed an excellent pop at Ruth Davidson, with FM reading out her pledge to resign if NI was granted preferential treatment which is detrimental to Scottish interests. I can only imagine a seat in the Lords is very good for changing opinions.

Congratulations! An excellent example of a nurse's work in the community.
Excellent description of the America that leftists would build: Radical governors have banned commerce, provided no safety net. Schools teach critical race theory to the exclusion of math. Neo-libs destabilize secular Middle East govs. Lawlessness in presidential elections.

President-elect Biden has made an excellent choice for the Domestic Policy Council. Susan Rice is one of the most experienced, thoughtful, and tenacious people I know. She cares deeply about creating opportunity for the next generation of Americans.

Excellent SarahAhmad_PTI. Your commitment, dedication, devotion and involvement had raised the voice for.
What an excellent metaphor for brexit britain, going backwards in time You aced it there.
It was magical girl school story with a sprinkle of lost royalty. A Sailor Moon/Harry Potter fusion. Not that it was bad, what it did it did well and it was a solid story. But what brought me back to it was the excellent aesthetics.

"2020 has been a year of resilience on the ]African] continent. What we're worried about is 2021." says SongweVera on an excellent devfinance panel led by.
Excellent advice.
Excellent and its time that we pushed this back up the agenda ahgain.
Another excellent article in the Guardian. Brexit was never a grassroots movement, but an elitist political takeover Aditya Chakrabortty.
Excellent Look.
Go n check all the stories. It looks like. Saurabh is the director n he always keeps a story n dance both in his MV. His work is excellent. Palash has announced shaheer n Rashami as the lead n so has all the media houses Sana could be in the mv story or as dance teacher.

Truly excellent.
That's what is amazing me: i've seen ppl with the exact same specs run the game, and one person has an excellent time while the other's hardware bricks itself. absolutely baffling. i've only seen streams but the UI looks so busy and confusing it gives me a headache...

Excellent news.
The Susie arc is so epic so far! juliapott, excellent work!
Loyalty drive though me being fucking excellent at my job!
Excellent So sweet. Lovely Allah bless protect and give you long life. Aameen.
Excellent news folks.
Our country was doing an excellent job on economic recovery after OBumA and you screwed us for 8 years. This virus was used against the People so that they could be controlled by the Democrats. Fauci does not know what he is doing. He changes his mind like a kid at Christmas.

Wed like to do a massive THANK YOU to Goodyear_uk for supplying & donating the tyres for our transport vehicle after they were destroyed & to HiQAutocare & fitter Silver for fitting them today. We cannot express our gratitude for their kindness and excellent service.

As a trusted partner to hundreds of clients in both the private and public sectors, it is dedicated to creating excellent environments, aiming to be the best in the field. NG Bailey is amongst our resellers.

Excellent on thread on DOA Texas lawsuit. One thing Id add: this is an unprecedented effort to throw out millions of votes based on no actual evidence of pervasive misconduct. It is not a legitimate or democratic effort to pursue proper legal remedies.

Excellent. I'll be buying a case in your name.
Was waiting on him. Excellent submission. Im thinking strip club owner as well.
Maa shaa' Allah - An excellent khutbah from the beginning of the Pandemic by Shaykh Hassan Somali (may Allah bless him), very beneficial & just as relevant today, nine months later: "Key Lessons About the Coronavirus".

Excellent so creepy.
Since when he's made absurd comments about the Millwall booing, to which there have been numerous excellent responses!
An excellent book. Recently received my copy and have only dipped in so far.
462 runs 8 innings Avg 77 S/R 144.8 danushka_70 has been excellent for GalleGladiators in the LPLT20 38 (30) 30*(15) 82 (53) 56 (44) 78 (52) 38 (28) 46 (31) 94*(66) He has definitely put his hand up for selection when SL plays T20Is again.

Also, if teachers nationwide were paid better and valued more, we might have a better educated populace. Voters that wouldnt think DonaldTrump an excellent choice for President.
An excellent platformer! One of the best 2D platformers I've ever played!
Hearing Chance like this again has genuinely improved my mental wellbeing, I now have clear skin and an excellent credit score, its just what I needed.
Excellent -why did my mind voice just turn into a sinister mr Burns lol.
Wow!! Excellent!! Second Stimulus Check Update $1200 Stimulus Package ...
Thinking about buying GIL Professional Boxing Gloves w/ Velcro Only? Read our latest review of the product by Kyle M.
Excellent, highly detailled research on Syrian Shabiha in The Netherlands by nrc The ghosts of the Assad regime continue to haunt Syrian refugees in the Netherlands.
An excellent book that pulls you in and insists you finish it as soon as possible.
Using food as a weapon of war is a crime. Excellent read.
Hi LizKirchhoff, (again!) NealShustermans Unwind is the fantastic YA dystopian novel that kicked off a turbulent series known as the Unwind Dystology. Isnt that an excellent name?!
This is an excellent thread, by a Canadian epidemiologist, translating an Italian study of infection rates in school staff. Of interest is the effect of remote learning vs. face-to-face, when community transmission is high.

My next post will be a full review of the legendary Ken Williams (caboken) look at the rise and fall of Sierra. Its an excellent book of unfiltered business advice and computer gaming/industry history.

Excellent shots Im going back Monday try take pics great northern divers.
Some of yall dont need no root work, yall just need some excellent secks. A workout in the bedroom is a helluva road opener.
Excellent pieces. We all have a role to play in building bridges.
Hey! excellent point.
The continuous investment in a vacuous celebration of national identity is nothing but a slap in the face. I spoke to MigrantsCulture about the excellent campaign they've launched against 'Festival UK 22', along with the festival's director.

Excellent, the normies are outraged.
Excellent work by _nhrodgers, alison_berquez, and colleagues on solution-focused intervention! Check it out!
This is an excellent combo with Skye Bolt.
Hello norah! In return for excellent kitty pics, you get to know I finished my physics lab!!
EXCELLENT speech and discussion. His speech begins at 43:30.
BitLocker is an excellent option for encryption, yet it lacks a key component... an encryption key manager. Discover how StorMagic SvKMS integrates with BitLocker to easily and securely manage backup keys.

Excellent thread.
Agree would make an excellent Dean. He showed foresight and leadership in looking at the issue and developing a plan to address it, making the RCPsych the first Royal College to do so.
NHSBuryCCG TeamPrestwich burylco Excellent news, hope all goes well.
Excellent thread here from.
Our natural emulsifier dermofeel(r) NC MB provides stable emulsions even without using thickeners. Beside its excellent performance and formulation possibilities, dermofeel(r) NC MB offers moisturization properties. More.

It was excellent well done. Shame we didn't know we could have fed them the lamb story... "So you've got a heat pump, Dr Lowes, very good, but tell us... what do you put in that tagine?" ;-).
Thanks Dakota for your excellent customerservice with one of our new HVAC client! We understand how urgent broken heating, which is why our staff is on call if you're in need of emergency heating services this winter. Give us a call anytime so we can help: (540) 399-1300.

An excellent result. Congratulations. That's a very impressive score. I am proud of you.
St. Catherine Girls High School, Raikia has been committed on delivering excellent humanitarian work to girls who have lost one of their parents and require care. It is indeed a godly service to provide help orphans who have nobody but GOD.

The day is December 10th. I can go to a mall with my friends. I can sit in Ikea with my friends. I can attend church with my friends. I can go drink excellent craft beers on a patio with my friends, using maybe clean restrooms inside. I cannot see 1 friend in an open air park.

Ah yes an excellent case study in 2 things: 1) Large age bins which include young adults 2) Difficulties interpreting direction of transmission.
I have reported and blocked him. So sorry, Mehdi. You are an American working for an American company doing excellent journalism.
I hope trussliz is on performance related bonus. Been an excellent year so far.
My absolute favorite review I wrote this year was for Bully's excellent SUGAREGG.
Through a captivating story, Call of the Sea provides an excellent, poignant adventure filled with engaging logic puzzles. Our review.
ICYMI Loving this Review thanks to Reviewerlady on the BlissUncovered by TonyJForder BlogTour today and says, "Excellent characterisation and a well thought out story line with a side of humour all add up to a sparkling 5* read.".

Ive seen quite a bit of that in the past , excellent. Must watch it again .
Transformational Hypnotherapy an Excellent Resource - The Way To Transformation - Read about the Ultimate Confidence course, to help you move forwards with your life.
A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer. Proudly a lawyer per excellent.
With the release of BE in November, katxmoon and I shared the excellent task of the album down, track by track.
Not excellent. These imbeciles are the reason why republicans are still thumping for trump.
My thoughts on the excellent ChristchurchAttack report.
Excellent idea!
Is the key to catching the new buyer. Here's an excellent testimonial from Shaunna Hasset, the VP of Marketing at carousel_ind who took GoVengreso's Selling with LinkedIn for Teams course nulb.
Ah ah ah Excellent ! et yes yes WWG1 WGA god bless TRUMP.
Excellent sticking Eddy.

What You Really Think

Best movie ever. I still howl over Napoleon. Dude was hilarious!!

My favorite singing telegram lady.

Love this group!

The historical characters were all scenes stealers. They were perfectly cast... so funny and heartwarming.

Don't forget that San Dimas High School Football rules!

I love this picture.

AL Leong must die it's in the contract, he never lived till the end of a movie!!

This picture makes me very happy.

This is most non-heinous!

Why am I just now realizing that was you?!?!

I will, Maxine.

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